daft punk rap


I got bored and I made these GIFs of Thomas in the music video for Fout la Merde. He’s so silly in here, the way he dances, omg. I can imagine that Thomas is pleased, though. Like, he’s doing a song in his native language, how cool! 

This is my first time ever making GIFs so I’m sorry if they’re kinda bad quality or weird. And seriously I wanna see Guy-Man with him too why is he not in here.

Enjoy,  my lovelies! Some rapping Thomas =D

sleepytime mix vol. IV. 

i made another sleepytime mix for the night owls. chock full of jamz meant to make u chillax. or, at the very least, vibe out. full tracklist below. and don’t forget: if u like it, repost + share it, loves :)


1. brand new, ‘jesus christ’
2. citizen cope, 'let the drummer kick’
3. tv on the radio, 'will do (xxxchange dancehall mix)
4. the weeknd, 'house of balloons/glass table girls’
5. daft punk, 'the game of love’
6. purity ring, 'begin again (crnkn edit)’
7. creep ft. nina sky, 'you (jimmy edgar remix)’
8. lindstrøm & christabelle, 'music in my mind’
9. action bronson, 'big league chew’
10. childish gambino, 'sober’
11. woolfy vs projections, 'ask’
12. puff daddy ft. mase, 'can’t nobody hold us down’
13. chris malinchak, 'so into you’
14. yacht, 'i’m in love with a ripper’
15. donna summer, 'love to love you baby’
16. lcd soundsystem, 'dance yrself clean’
17. drew bolduc, 'got a feeling’
18. the game ft. 50 cent, 'hate it or love it’
19. topo & roby, 'under the ice (rayko replicant edit)’
20. fat joe ft. nelly, 'get it poppin’
21. al green, 'call me’

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Auto-tune prehistory

In 2009, Jay Z predicted the death of auto-tune, upsetting its self-proclaimed king, the Floridian T-Pain. Almost 10 years after, T Pain’s career collapsed, but his creature conquered rap music.

The popularization of Auto-Tune will be remember in history of hip-hop as a major schism. Rarely an instrument divided the audience so completely. The audio processor popularized by Cher and Daft Punk helped merging rap and pop music (and therefore digging the grave of R&B singers), but will always be looked down upon as a murder weapon by some.

Apparently tired of sitting on his never-released collaboration with Lil Wayne, T-Pain followed the zeitgeist : he just dropped the thing for free on his SoundCloud. It comes straight from 2009, when both of them where at the top of their game. Archaeological.  

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