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Artist: Daft Punk

Song: Make Love

Album: Human After All (2005)

I wanted to showcase my replacement for Track #23 (aka “the fuck music”).

I never was crazy about Track #23. I honestly felt like it was trying WAY too hard to be lovey-dovey. I especially hated the weird reverb on the music box keys because it made the song come off as creepy as opposed to romantic on a surreal and taboo level.

Daft Punk’s track Make Love provides the perfect balance between romantic, sensual, futuristic, and (fittingly) masculine.

The piano, the robotic voice echoing in the back, the synthesizer emulating instruments, everything.

It all conveys the futuristic/Cyberpunk atmosphere of the game without seeming forced.

I’m not entirely sure what everyone else’s stance is towards Track #23 but, I always thought it felt shoehorned into the game. I actually hate the track so much that I actually mute the in-game music for the love scenes and play something else in its place. I actually have quite a few possible alternate songs for the love scenes (one for almost every character and scene). Anything that’s relaxing but intimate works better than Track #23 in my book.

And most important of all, it can loop almost seamlessly. So if you wanted to mod it into the game, it could loop without sounding like it was obviously being replayed. The song opens and closes with a fade. Since the song is an repeating instrumental track, it could be easily stitched together for someone to mod it into the game.

If anyone figures out how to actually replace Track #23 with Make Love, please, let me know…

I originally wanted to post this on Valentine’s Day but, I was out the whole day so I’ll just post this now instead of waiting until next Valentine’s Day.

Just pretend I posted this on Valentine’s Day instead of observing “Singles Awareness Day” at an arcade ;__;