daft punk is back

work it                                    more than

                    HARDER                                  EVER

make it                                   hour

                    BETTER                                  AFTER

do it                                       our

                    FASTER                                  WORK IS

makes us                               never

                    STRONGER                            OVER

I feel it coming (Sirius Black x Reader)

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 2325 

Warnings: Swearing, alcohol and drug use, EXTREME FLUFF???

You and the Marauders decide to go camping in the Forbidden Forrest, where fluff ensues and unresolved sexual tension between you and Sirius gets…well…resolved…sort of…

A/N: I am so proud of this? I had such a great time writing this, there may or may not be a part 2. Lemme know what you think and I may include smut in that second part. Also, lets pretend Daft Punk and The Weeknd grabbed a time turner and went back in time to the seventies so this song could play in the background while you and Sirius Black make out *grins deviously* *slinks into cave*

“So it’s settled” said James Potter as he slid into the seat beside you, “Tonight at ten in the Forbidden Forest.”

You glanced at Peter, who you came down to the Great Hall for breakfast with, before blinking at your friend. 

James Potter had been a part of your life since you were six, when you moved into the mansion next door to the Potters. He had accidentally hexed your hair pink so you avenged your magenta locks by using the bat bogey hex. Since then, the two of you were inseparable. He could be intolerable, compassionate, dorky, amusing and loyal all at once yet he still managed to surprise you.

“God, Prongs,” you murmured, “you’re making it sound as though you’re going to kidnap someone,”

“Well, I am,” his grin broadened, “I’ll kidnap you if you don’t come with us…”

“I can’t decide if I should be worried or amused…or both” You smiled, shaking your head at James.

“How about petrified?” said a new voice, one you recognized as Remus Lupin, who stole the seat opposite you, “I know I am and I’m not the one Prongs will kidnap…”

Naturally, you were friends with whoever James was friends with, and that included the notorious Marauders. The five of you were like a family, stalking the hallways of Hogwarts with all sorts of pranks up your sleeves. You greeted Remus with a smile and he returned a weary one.

“Come on (Y/N),” James whined, “It’s not a party without you…”

“Party? What party?” said Sirius Black, taking a seat on the other side of you, “You’re not planning something without me, are you? Because we all know that would be a mistake…”

You rolled your eyes. “Sirius, it may come as a surprise to you that the whole world does not revolve around you,”

Sirius feigned shock. “Way to crush a person’s dream, (Y/N). You know, you should write poetry…”

You laughed and, at the sound, Sirius grinned. You missed the glitter in his eye that appeared whenever you laughed.

“We’re trying to convince Vixxey here to join us tonight in the Forbidden Forest,” Peter explained.

‘Vixxey’ was the nickname they gave you after you discovered that your animagus form was a vixen, or a female fox.

“And why exactly should I give up the luxury of a soft, warm bed to gallivant with you idiots in the Forbidden Forest?” You smirked.

“Because there will be fire whiskey,” said James, “and another illegal substance that you will thoroughly enjoy…”

“So we’ll be gallivanting in the Forbidden Forest which, I might add, is full of monsters and dangerously territorial centaurs, completely and utterly stoned?”

“I’m excited already,” said Sirius.

You shook your head. “I’m sorry boys but I’m going to have to decline.”

“Why?” Sirius whined, pouting.

“I think Vixxey made that quite clear already, Padfoot…” said Remus, dryly.

You smirked smugly. You liked teasing the boys. It just proved how much they adored you.

“What if we brought food along with us?” Peter propositioned.

“Food, you say?” You leaned forward, “Now I’m interested.”

“Well, yes. I mean, it wouldn’t be a party without food!”

“Peter Pettigrew, I like the way you think,” you said with a grin and Peter beamed.

“As if we’d go camping without food, Vix,” said James, defensively.

“You never said we would be going camping…” you said.

“Well, what did you expect us to do?”

“I really don’t know now do I?”

“So, are you coming?” Sirius interrupted, stealing your attention immediately.

You sighed. They were hard to resist. But the truth was, you had already made up your mind from the moment this conversation started. You smiled at your boys as they eagerly awaited your response and concluded that you could never say no to them. Ever.

“Well who am I to turn down free food?” you grinned, shoveling a mouthful of porridge into your mouth.

Sirius beamed.

“Ouch, Padfoot, you stepped on my foot!”

“Sorry Vix, you’re just so tiny…”

“Shut up!”

You shuffled across the grounds, moving slowly beneath James’s invisibility cloak. The boys were now too tall for the invisibility cloak to cover the four of them, so James had to cart you in pairs. You were sandwiched between James and Sirius as you held your wand out in front of you for light.

“For Merlins’ sake, are we nearly there yet?” you grumbled, “Sirius’ elbow is nearly poking my eye out!”

“Well aren’t you being fussy, little one,” chortled Sirius, “You do realize how many girls would kill to be this close to me…”

“Yeah, and half of them already have,” you snapped.

“You know, that actually really hurts my feelings,” Sirius retorted in mock offense, “Calling me a man-whore and expecting me to be offended…”

“Well, she has a point,” James smirked

“Shut up, Prongs, you’re just as bad.”

“No, he’s worse,” you piped up, “He sleeps around with every girl he sees and then wonders why Lily Evans still hates him…” James began to protest but Sirius snorted.

“This is true.”

“Evans doesn’t hate me, in fact, she’s still warming up to me…”

“Yeah, she seemed really keen the other day when she barked at you for bullying that fifth year…”

“He was ogling at you! He was practically undressing you with his eyes!”  

“I’m with Prongs on that one,” said Sirius, “that guy was just a creep. Someone needed to bite his face off before he got any ideas…”

“So what if he was ogling me?” you protested, shrilly, “I can take care of myself, thank you very much. Besides, he can look but he can’t touch.”

“We’re nearly there,” James interjected, squinting through the fabric of the cloak.

The three of you clambered across the forest floor for a few more minutes until James suddenly threw the invisibility cloak off you. You were greeted by the sight of Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin attempting to erect a tent.

“No, Moony, the stick thingy goes in here!”

“Out of the two of us, who has actually been camping before?”

“I’m afraid Moony has a point, Wormtail.” you grinned at the boys and Remus beamed while Peter’s expression contorted, disgruntled. “Anyway, what can I do?”

“Maybe collect some firewood?” suggested Remus as he poked the peg into the ground.

“Sir yes sir,” you mocked, grinning at your best friend. He rolled his eyes though a wry smile was playing on his lips.

“I’ll go with Vixxey” said Sirius and before you could say anything else, Sirius was dragging you further into the Forbidden Forest.

You both trudged your way through the forest in contented silence, listening to the distant argument between Remus, James and Peter.

“Merlin I shouldn’t have left those three on their own…” you murmured and Sirius chortled. Your cheeks warmed at the sound and you felt yourself wondering why his laugh affected you so.

“Hey, look at it from the bright side – if they kill each other, it means more food for us…”

You laughed, your heart fluttering like petals in a summer breeze. Sirius always had a way of bringing the humor out of life, and you truly valued him for doing so. When you were with him, you felt as though you could forget the world and all its problems.

“Why didn’t we think of this earlier then? Could you imagine all the food we could have saved by ditching James, Remus and Peter and running off into the forest?”

“I like the sound of that. Like a romantic escapade?”

Something warm bled through your ribcage and spread across your chest, trickling down your spine in a way you had never felt before. Heat rushed to your cheeks, blossoming like roses beneath your skin. You suddenly felt breathless.

“Yeah,” you smiled, avoiding eye contact with Sirius, “Though I don’t think Joanne would like the idea of that…”

“Kendall,” corrected Sirius, “though you were close…”

“Whatever. I still don’t like her…”

“You don’t like her or you like me?” Sirius asked, boldly staring into your eyes  

You raised an eyebrow. So, the player wants to play now, does he? You smirked. Shock value could knock Sirius’ engorged ego down a few levels. You chose your battles carefully, and this time you knew you had already won.

“Both,” you confessed loudly with a steady voice, “I don’t like Ashley and I fancy you,”

The look on Sirius’ face helped you decide that you quite enjoyed flirting with the devil.

“(Y/N), would you stop hogging all the blankets?” said Sirius, tugging on the third blanket you had wrapped around you, “You’re small! You don’t need that many!”

“I’m freezing,” you hissed, “This was a bad idea.”

“No it wasn’t,” James slurred, defensively. His disheveled hair and rosy cheeks made him look adorable in the flickering, amber light of the fire.

“Well, then, C’mhere little one,” Sirius murmured, pulling you onto his lap. You shrieked and laughed gleefully as he wrapped his arms around you and you settled into his lap.

It was Remus who told the first scary campfire story about the ghost of a wicked witch that haunted a muggle chapel. James, Peter and Sirius all took turns with their stories and you wondered how they managed to read these stories and sleep at night.

The horror stories mixed with the fire whiskey and the sheer fact that you were camping in the Forbidden Forest was a deadly concoction and you found yourself jumping at every little noise.

“Shh, little one, it’s okay. I’ll protect you,” murmured Sirius, pressing his cheek to your shoulder and holding you tighter. You ignored the heat that was tickling your cheeks.

James, however, never misses a moment, even if he’s completely drunk and stoned. A crooked grin split across his face. “Moony, look! Pads finally admitted his love for Vixxey!” 

He turned to you “Is that why you took so long to get ‘firewood?’ You’re even wearing his sweater!”

If drunk James was obnoxious, stoned James was downright pathetic. You rolled your eyes.

“Stop being childish and hand over the fire whiskey!”

“You didn’t answer my question…” James waggled his eyebrows, “So did you or did you not snag – ha, I just made up a new word!” He beamed proudly, “Shag crossed with snog! Snag!”

Remus pinched the bridge of his nose, shaking his head with an exasperated sigh. He seemed surprisingly composed for someone who had drank an entire bottle of fire whiskey. Sirius snorted and Peter laughed hysterically.

“That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!” Peter laughed, clutching his sides. He fell backward onto his back and, a moment later, loud snores erupted from his lips. Remus rolled his eyes.

“That idiot has no idea how to hold his liquor…”

“This is ridiculous.” You grumbled, standing up and snatching the marshmallows from James’s side. You tossed a bag to Remus and Sirius and marched back to your spot between the two of them.

“So, did you snag-?”

“No,” you snipped, “Sirius and I did not…snag…. (James giggled childishly), snag is already a word, you did not make it up, and this is your sweater!”

James stopped giggling and leaned in closer, squinting at the sweater in question. “Oh, right. Have we ever snagged?”

“No!” you scoffed. “and can we stop talking about this? It’s killing the mood.”

I’m killing the mood!” countered James, “wait….”

“I’ll let you think on that one.”

“You gotta admit though,” Sirius began, leaning in closer to you, “You like the idea of snagging with me, don’t you?”

“I like the idea,” you admitted, “But I don’t think I could ever have enough fire whiskey in my system to snag my best friend…”

Remus laughed and you started. For a moment, you had forgotten he was even there.

“You just got turned down by Vixxey!” Remus teased and Sirius scowled, “and on that glorious note, I am going to bed…”

Remus pecked the crown of your head before staggering into the tent and collapsing onto the mattress.

You’re killing the mood!” cried James, quite suddenly.

“Jackpot,” Sirius exclaimed, earning himself a chortle from you.

It was a full hour before James finally decided he was too drunk and high to participate in an adult conversation, and he scrambled to his feet, swayed dangerously toward the tent and crumpled in front of it.

“So close,” Sirius observed, staring at the now snoring James Potter.

“He’ll be right,” you noted, and Sirius turned back toward you.

“Were you being, y’know, serious before when you said you fancied me?”

You turned in his lap so you could face him. “Did you want me to be serious?”


“That’s my name. Don’t wear it out now…”

(Y/N) …”

All words escaped you. Sirius rarely said your name with such desperation. It almost sounded as though he wanted you to like him. You glanced down at his lips and then to his eyes. Oh how they shined for you… 

“How about I show you how serious I was being…” you whispered and before he could reply, you captured his soft lips with your own.

He tasted like fire whiskey and Honeyduke’s finest. He tasted like freedom and rebellion. He tasted like home, and you decided you couldn’t get enough of the way his lips moved against yours like nectar, the way he sucked the air out of your lungs as though he were a dying man, the way his hands relaxed on your hips as you straddled his lap. He tasted like sin and you decided that you’d gladly burn in hell if it was forbidden to kiss Sirius Black.

When you parted for air, Sirius pressed your foreheads together and sighed against your lips. He was perfect in this very moment; grey eyes blown wide with pure lust and desire, soft lips parted and swollen and begging to be kissed. He was simply beautiful, more beautiful than any constellation you had ever traced with your eyes.

“I’m not high, y’know,” he finally said, breathless, “I quite fancy you too, even if you’re tiny.”

DID YOU SPOT MY EASTER EGG???????? anyhoo, let me know if you’d like a smutty sequel or not or if you’d like to snag sirius black or if you’d like to over indulge on s’mores….