daft monk

anonymous asked:

Can u list all the people u ship Lúcio with?

Hahahaha, I know my ship list is a mile long and it gets confusing but I really do think that the astraphobia sketch dump was all of them??? Let’s see… hope I don’t miss anyone:

-Hardtbeat (ReinhardtxLu)
-Luciper (ReaperxLu)
-Boombox (JunkratxLu)
-BunnyRibRat (JunkxDvaxLu) poly ship
-Roadfrog (RoadhogxLu)
-Luyatta (aka Zencio and… Daft Monk? I kinda like that actually) (ZenyattaxLu)

I kinda ship Lu with just Dva? I dunno, I like Bunnyribbit but BunnyRibRat seems so complete to me tbh. Gencio is cute, but I don’t personally ship it. 
I’m…… starting….. to warm up to the idea of DoomfistxLu but……. must… not ship…. without enough…. character development!! I’m sweating…