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The Weeknd and Daft Punk Live at The 59th Annual Grammy Awards, 2017

Allow me to introduce the TRON Fandom

“What?” you may ask. “There’s a fandom besides Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Sherlock on Tumblr?” Yeah. Pay attention, the Avengers are pretty big here too, along with the rest of the MCU.

But I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to talk about TRON.

“Do you mean that hokey 80s Sci-Fi flick I’ve never watched because it just looks lame, or that two hour Daft Punk music video?”

Don’t you start with me. And stop interrupting.

We are the Tron fandom. We appreciate these movies. Know why? Because we actually sat and enjoyed the story.

Sure, we’re pretty small. Neither film did as well as Disney wanted in the box office. But you know what?

We’re powerful.

Yknow that game that came out, Disney Infinity? Yeah, the one with the figures. When it first came out we wanted TRON characters in it. So we asked. We pushed. And you know what?

We got em in the next version.

But they were DIGITAL ONLY????

We weren’t about to sit still for that. So you know what we did? We nagged again and we got our physical figures. Some of us don’t even play Disney Infinity and we bought the figures, both digitally and physically. Some of us have a little army of Quorra’s on our shelves.

We may be small. We may not have a lot of content out there. But we are PASSIONATE. We snap up whatever we get. Heck, we waited nearly thirty years for a sequel movie to the first movie, and got a FPS video game in between. And we ate it up. We are the ones who buy the comics, who watched every episode of Uprising, even when it was on at MIDNIGHT. Not to mention we own every episode of TRON: Uprising on iTunes, Amazon Digital, etc.

We’re the ones who sent Disney hundreds, possibly thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of glow sticks when we heard that our third movie was shelved, and boy do we refuse to say it’s cancelled.

We’re the ones who are going NUTS over every piece of beautiful concept art that was “leaked” from “TRON: Escape.”

We’re the ones who flipped out when we found out that ‘TRON: Escape’ actually was happening, only by a different name (TRON: RUN/r), and are buying it up on Steam EVEN THOUGH THE GAME ISN’T DONE YET.

We’re the ones who read, watch, play, and buy anything with TRON on it.

We’re the ones who have created intricate backstories and fan fictions and fan characters, some characters that are written so well they feel like they are canon.

We’re the ones who refuse to believe that the Tron franchise is dead.

Now, more than ever,




Near the end of this video (after the chorus) Daft Punk comes onto the stage via some stairs on their way to their consoles.


The full unmasked Arte interview from 1998, when Thomas and Guy-Man were in Switzerland to perform at the Festival de Champéry. The interview is interspersed with clips from their show.

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☆South Park
☆Gravity Falls
☆Steven Universe
☆Kagerou Project
☆School idol project: Love Live!
☆Daft Punk
☆Kid Icarus
☆Fire Emblem
☆Super Smash Bros
☆RPG indie games
♡ Creek (South Park)
♡ Style (South Park)
♡ K2(South Park)
♡ PineCest (Gravity Falls)
♡ Garnet x Pearl (Steven Universe)
♡ SetoKano (Kagerou Pro)
♡ Momo x Mary (Kagerou Pro)
♡ KotoUmi (Love Live!)
♡ NozoEli (Love Live!)
♡ GerIta (Hetalia)
♡ Usuk (Hetalia)
♡ GamKar (Homestuck)
♡ DaveCest (Homestuck)
♡ Gumi x IA (Vocaloid)
♡ Yukari x IA (Vocaloid)
♡ PitCest (Kid Icarus)
♡ ReiMari (Touhou)
♡ RemiFura (Touhou)

Alive 2015 (Remake Album) REWORKED + REMASTERED
Hello everyone! You might have noticed all of my previous Alive 2007 Remake videos were deleted. I had to to that because of the copyright issue. Plus, I did...

For all of you who don’t know, I’m the guy of the Alive 2007 Remakes… Here’s a reworked and remastered version of the whole project! Enjoy and share! Daft Punk for life!