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Don Boris rock (Rehersal Version) - Daft Box

Where Were You

Fandom: Doctor Who

Character(s): Reader, any two Doctors

Prompt: (not an existing imagine) The Doctor left you behind because he wanted you to be safe, but then returns after having regenerated.


You didn’t think you would ever see that daft blue box ever again.

You just stand there, on the sidewalk, staring at it. All the buried emotions come rushing back, all the confusion, the emptiness, the heartbreak. Conflicted, you are not sure whether to run to or away from the TARDIS.

After hovering undecided for a while, you gather together all your courage, and knock on the door.

“Doctor?” It comes out as a choked whisper at first, then you raise your voice. “Doctor, are you in there?”

This is stupid. You could be talking to an empty TARDIS. He might be off somewhere else, running about somewhere around the corner, saving the world without you. But you’ve come this far and you can’t stop now.

“I missed you,” you manage, blinking furiously as your eyes cloud up. No, not now.

“It’s been six months. I thought.” You choke. It might have all been a mistake, maybe he had steered the TARDIS a bit wrong, maybe he was just late. But if that was all, why didn’t he come out?

Maybe it was on purpose. Maybe he didn’t think you could handle yourself. Maybe he was right about that, you were slowing him down.

You start to breathe more rapidly, trying hard to hold yourself together. Perhaps to a passerby you would look fine, but someone who knew you would take one look and think that something was wrong.

“What did I do wrong?” You ask. “I’m sorry. I could have tried. Why didn’t you tell me?”

Suddenly you don’t care what you look like on the outside. You glare at the windows of the phone box, heavy tears streaming down your face. “Where were you?”

You lose your cool, lashing out and kicking the TARDIS hard. This does no good, aside from stubbing your toe and making you even angrier.

The TARDIS does not move. It stands tall and aloof above you. There isno sign that anyone had heard you.

Fine. You turn your back on it. If the Doctor doesn’t want you, that’s fine. You don’t need him either. You wipe the tears away roughly with a clenched fist, hug yourself tightly, and begin to walk away.

But then you hear the creek of the TARDIS door, and you instinctively turn. Because no matter how angry you are, no matter how much you tell yourself you don’t belong and you aren’t needed, everything you want is still behind those doors.

But the abashed face peeking out is not a face you know.

The man peeking out of the TARDIS gives you an apologetic, embarrassed smile.

“Hello, (Y/N),” he says. “I’ve… I’ve got some explaining to do.”

Daft box Official.

Welcome to our blog guys. We are Chilean and we speak chilean.

We are a electronic, polka, Andino, cueca duo from Pomaire. The members are “Tomá” who plays the bass, the acoustic guitar, and sings, i am “Shico Lópe” i play the bass, i edit and some other stuff.

We have some guests on our band that helps us to make our music, like “Asacross” who plays the keyboard and does some synthesizer work, and the “Jeronymous” hand who makes wonderful effects and bases.

Here is our facebook description, in span- i mean, chilean of course.

Get your dictionaries ready.

Género Electronico, Polka, Andino, Cueca Miembros El Tomá- Bajo, Guitarra Acustica, Voz.
El Shico Lópe- Bajo, Edición, Bases.

Invitado especial:
Asacross- Sintetizadores. Ciudad de origen Pomaire. Información Daft Box comenzó como una banda tributo al celebre duo electronico, Daft Punk, en la localidad de Pomaire, pero sin embargo luego de muchas decisiones duras, tomaron el rumbo de la música original.