Shelter Puts Dogs In A Photo Booth To Get Them Adopted!

Animal rescue and society organisation “Humane Society of Utah” came up with a very special way to help find a warm and loving home for their furry inhabitants.

The dogs were placed in a Photo booth to capture and showcase their winning personalities - all dogs were adopted!

10 Things You Just Have To Accept When Dating An Impatient Person

For impatient people, all they feel is the passage of time. It doesn’t matter how many distractions there are — nothing can make the wait better.

1. The point never comes fast enough for them. Whenever someone has something to say, they spend too much time focusing on the details. Tell them the end of the story first, and then they’ll decide if it’s worth hearing the rest.

2. When they get bored from waiting (which is always), their mind starts to wander. They lose focus. They stop paying attention and then suddenly realize that they’ve been sticking their tongue out for ten straight minutes.

3. They’re always fidgeting with something. Unfortunately, nothing makes time pass faster. They know this, but they keep trying to make it happen anyway. They can’t make anything interesting; all they can do is barely distract themselves from their own discomfort.

4. They always look like they’re about to snap. The more they have to wait for something, the more upsetting it becomes. They also always feel like they’re waiting for something, and how upset they are is completely visible in their facial expression. Everyone just assumes that they’re some kind of maniac.

5. They constantly feel like nothing is happening. Everyone is just shuffling along, and so are they. They have to numb themselves to keep from flipping out, and start to feel mindless.

6. Distractions never work. They think, I know what I’ll do while I wait: I’ll watch some TV! Oh wait, that doesn’t take their mind off of HOW LONG THIS IS TAKING! COME ON ALREADY!

7. No one understands just how uncomfortable they really are. People say “just be patient” like it’s some sort of choice. No one chooses to be impatient. What kind of maniac would do that?!

8. They can only take so much. Everyone has a breaking point. The problem is no one ever realizes how close they are to their breaking point. They think that because they themselves can handle the wait, so can the impatient person. They don’t understand that their fuse is WAY shorter.

9. Late people INFURIATE them. We all have those friends that are always late. The thing is, they’re never just late; they always claim to have some reason for being late. They always make impatient people wait around for them.

10. All they can do is wait out the frustration. There’s no cure for impatience; they just have to live with it for their entire lives. Their long, seemingly endless life full of waiting for people to just HURRY THE EFF UP.