dafaq are they doing

TS4 Lagging Since Patch?

Things to do/check….

1.  Was your game reset to 32-bit?  To check:

  • Right click the TS4 icon in Origin
  • Navigate to game properties
  • Click on the “Advanced Launch Options”
  • (Well will you look at that, mine on my ASUS ROG! is set to 32-bit….DAFUQ?)
  • Put it back to what it should be!

2.  DRAG (do NOT DELETE) your tray file to your desktop.  You can copy/paste stuff back in once you fix the lag.  Your items in the online gallery will not be removed.

3.  Turn off Origin in game.  Disable the part where they gather information from you, it’s caused lag in MY game since day one.  “Share User Data”

4. After all that, drag your entire TS4 folder to your desktop and do a game repair.  Launch the game to generate a new TS4 folder.  Check to see if the lag continues.  If not, then start copy/pasting the contents of your saves, mods, screenshots, tray folder back in.  Obviously, if you hit that lag again then there is something wrong in one of those folders.

Good luck!

  • Tony: Finds out Bucky is responsible for the death of his parents
  • Tony: Does possibly the most human thing and gets angry
  • Y'all: OMG TONY IS SUCH A MONSTER!!!! how dARE HE!!!
living together with BTS (pt.3):

HEY my cute readers here you have part 3 ~ ENJOOOOY~ ♥

part 1  | part 2

You: *trying to diss Min Yoon Gi*

You: *actually success*

BTS: *everyone is shocked and waiting for Yoon Gi’s respond*

SG: Y/N you know you roasted me, I am impressed but f** you how dare you? *laughs and points his middle finger but is lowkey proud af*

You: Oppaaa~ Maknae line told me that you don’t love me *sulks*

JH: Mhhhmm why tf do they always lie? *yells* stop f**ing lyiiing you kids! *looks at you* “Of course I love you Y/N! “

You: *search her hamburger for lunch* *can’t find her hamburger*

You: Jin oppa`? Did you may- *rolls eyes* anyways…… *walks off*

Jin: *is clueless af and enjoys your hamburger*

You: Jimin? Dafaq you doing are you drunk?

JM: No Y/N Jungkook just said he loves me so come and share my happines with me. *continues dancing*

You: *whispers” Jikook is real!!!~ *fangirls*

You: So you 3 monkey like idiots against me? *being sarcastic af*

Maknae line: *looks at each other being confident af*

You: OK LET’S DO THIS. *grinnes*

Maknae line: *smirks evilish*

V: But let’s be quite we don’t want to get into trouble with hyungs do we?

part 4part 5 |

  • Xena: *stares at Subaru*....
  • Subaru: What?*annoyed*
  • Xena: You'll be working for me as a secretary permanently.
  • Subaru: DAFAQ WHY ÒAÓ
  • Xena: You need to do something and work, Maxine can't always cater to you and be working. Now let's go.*drags him away*We got shit to do.
  • Subaru: Ffffffffffuuuuuuuuck.
  • Xena: The payment is good.
  • Subaru: *more annoyed*Fine.
  • Xena: Good boy ≖‿≖

anonymous asked:

It's 2 am here, I have to wake up at 7 am and do a good 12h shift tomorrow, and all I can think about is how much I want to read the new chapter of Mr. Min. Dafaq am I even doing on Tumblr at this hour?! 😭

Go to bed, anon! Mr. Min and Tumblr will be here when you wake up!