dafaq are they doing

  • Tony: Finds out Bucky is responsible for the death of his parents
  • Tony: Does possibly the most human thing and gets angry
  • Y'all: OMG TONY IS SUCH A MONSTER!!!! how dARE HE!!!

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What were you doing when you first realized you loved the other?

ROY: That’s a really tough question, at least it is for me, because every time our eyes meet, I just find myself falling in love with him all over again.


ROY: Did I do something?

ED: No, but how am I supposed to top that sappy crap?!

ROY: It’s not a competition, Ed…

ED: *grumbles*

ROY: So how about you? What’s your answer?

ED: Um… well… I first realized that I loved you when I came into your office to hand in a report.

ROY: Which one? Maybe I remember it…

ED: I don’t remember which one it was. All I remember is that I came into your office. And it was a sunny day, and you were sitting in your chair in a patch of sunlight that came in from that big window behind your desk. You were… you were chewing on the eraser of a pencil. You were reading something. And when I stopped in front of your desk, you looked up, and you smiled at me. And when you looked at me, it was like I was the only one in the room. And I knew it was love.

ROY: How sweet…

living together with BTS (pt.3):

HEY my cute readers here you have part 3 ~ ENJOOOOY~ ♥

part 1  | part 2

You: *trying to diss Min Yoon Gi*

You: *actually success*

BTS: *everyone is shocked and waiting for Yoon Gi’s respond*

SG: Y/N you know you roasted me, I am impressed but f** you how dare you? *laughs and points his middle finger but is lowkey proud af*

You: Oppaaa~ Maknae line told me that you don’t love me *sulks*

JH: Mhhhmm why tf do they always lie? *yells* stop f**ing lyiiing you kids! *looks at you* “Of course I love you Y/N! “

You: *search her hamburger for lunch* *can’t find her hamburger*

You: Jin oppa`? Did you may- *rolls eyes* anyways…… *walks off*

Jin: *is clueless af and enjoys your hamburger*

You: Jimin? Dafaq you doing are you drunk?

JM: No Y/N Jungkook just said he loves me so come and share my happines with me. *continues dancing*

You: *whispers” Jikook is real!!!~ *fangirls*

You: So you 3 monkey like idiots against me? *being sarcastic af*

Maknae line: *looks at each other being confident af*

You: OK LET’S DO THIS. *grinnes*

Maknae line: *smirks evilish*

V: But let’s be quite we don’t want to get into trouble with hyungs do we?

part 4part 5 |

Okay so sadly Ive seen this panel in the hidekane tag with the commantary along the lines “lol rip shippers” which is fyi damn rude.

So I wanted to give my two cents to it bc i really really love this panel and whats happening around it. And I gonna get into why i love it so much.

At the first thought its just Hide being ridiculous to lighten the mood bc lets be real - they’ve been friends for over a decade, were in the same classes (including gym class) for who knows how many years (you know locker rooms) and probably were at least once on an onsen trip somewhen (idk seems like a popular thing to do in japan?) - in short i bet you 5 bucks they’ve seen each other naked or particially naked often enough to not be weird abt nudity around each other.

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Ian/Mickey - Happily

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i dont understand why youre doing your make up? dafaq and people lying saying you look good. arent you straight? how would charlie feel looking at her dad like that online dafaq you are a dad act like one

How would your child feel knowing “dafaq” is something that comes out of your brain


SORRY IF IT SUCKS , i just had this idea…

What is special about tonight? Well, nothing. Today’s just a normal and boring night. You’re bored and lately that’s usual. Dan is always busy with YouTube and radio1 stuff, or sometimes he just gets too lost on Tumblr, you don’t blame him though, it’s his work and you know how Tumblr is addicting.

So, today it’s just you, your fuzzy blanket, the romantic crappy film, your pajamas pants and Dan’s university old hoodie and last but not least your Nutella ice cream.

You are 30 minutes into the film and you’re too busy calling bitch to the main character to notice your boyfriend or as you like to call him, Daniel the caveman, entered the lounge.

“Hiiiiiiiiiii Bab- (Y/n) what dafaq are you doing?” you turned to him pouted and turned to the TV again “LEAVE ME ALONE” you screamed like a child and continued to watch the film. Dan chuckled at your attitude and sat beside you. He stayed silence for some minutes, which surprised you.

“Wanna go outside?” He asked out of the blue. Wait did you seriously heard Dan Howell, the laziest person you know asking you to actually get out of your home at 11 p.m. to go outside?

“Pinch me, is this a dream? Dan is asking me to go outside?” You mocked him and giggled.

“C’monnn (Y/n) pleaseee” he whined at you.

“Hell no.”  

Dan wasn’t having any of this shit. He smiled and got up standing between you and the Tv. You met his gaze, he smirked at you and turned the tv off.

“DAN I WAS WATCHING THAT CRAP” you shouted on his face. He shrugged.

“Not anymore” He picked you up , laid you on his shoulder and dragged you outside.

He got out still carrying you and closed the flat door behind him.

“DANNNN ARE YOU JOKING?” you screamed feeling the blood rushing to your head.

“Nop” he giggled getting out of the apartment. You felt the cold breeze on your skin, he was seriously doing this!

“Dannn” you whined while Dan was carrying you down the street making people glancing weird and awkward glances at the two of you.

“What?” he said calmly.

You sighed “We look like two fucking weirdoes”

“Ohhhh , I love you” he said in a cute girly voice.

“Well , I hate you” you said obviously , not amused at all.

“I love you” he repeated making you smile this time.

“Go away” you said with the same voice you answered him minutes earlier making an effort to not sound happy.

“That’s what I’m doing” he laughed.

“You have a gay girlfriend” You said not thinking on your own words, he just laughed really loudly, dragging you more attention than before… pfttt , who are you kidding with? As if being carried by a six foot man, with your pj’s and cute bunny slippers on, didn’t give you any attention from everyone, more attention was impossible to get.

“I mean no, you’re gay!” you said in a rush making Dan’s laugh eventually die down.

“Fair enough” he chuckled.

“Now, are you gentle enough to tell me where are we going exactly?”  You asked tiredly.

“I HAVE NO IDEA” he screamed. You faced palmed internally, why are you with this dork?

“That’s not helping shit”

“Shut up and enjoy the ride you silly.”

“Oh if I’m enjoying! Nice butt, love” you tapped his butt and laughed.

“Yeah I know I’m pretty sexy and manly” He answered clearing his throat at the same time.

“HA HA HA, fuck you, you can stick that “manliness” up your ass, Howell” you retorted

“I sticked it in yours last night! HA! ZING!” you only laughed there was no words to your bitch… BOYFRIEND you meant BOYFRIEND.

“We’re almost there!” he said tightening his hold on you. You were recognizing this path, was he bringing you to McDonalds?

“Are we going to McDonalds?” you asked a bit excited because believe it or not, McDonalds is always a great idea.

“You wish” 

The rest of the way to the mysterious place was full with laugher, luckily you both arrived fast and Dan put you down. You were comforted by the view of the beautiful sign which said McDonalds.

You looked over at Dan; he was just smiling like an idiot to the bright yellow and red sign.

“Not going to McDonalds eh?” you asked obviously amused by his dorkiness.

“Hey I was hungry, what’s wrong with that?” he asked pouting.

You shook your head in disbelief “And it was necessary to actually carry me here, at 11 p.m.?”  you crossed your arms over your chest.

“Of course” he smiled and extended you his hand.

“Ma’am?” he asked politely making you smile. You placed your hand on his.

“Sir?” you asked in the same tone as him, making you both giggle and walking inside hand in hand. You ordered two big ass hamburgers, neither of you care how you look eating in front of each other, the place was empty too, so it had no problem to eat how you two usually do, and if you’re being honest, you both eat like starved pigs.

You sat at the table, obviously eating without even taking a second glance at your food. You couldn’t stop laughing at Dan because the food was actually falling from his mouth.

“What are you laughing at?” he asked his mouth still full with food.

“You can’t keep the food in your mouth Dan , Jesus Christ.” You giggled.

“Look who’s talking Miss. I have my nose with ketchup” he said making your laugh stop and your expression getting serious.

“I came here to have a good time and honestly I am feeling so attacked right now.” You said trying to contain your laugher. Dan lost it completely and laughed till his cheeks were bright red.

“I keep wondering where did I found you , geez” he smiled wide showing his cute dimples. You lowered your head and smiled too, feeling your cheeks heat up. You met his gaze.

“Is that a good sign?” you asked , you know your cheeks were bright red now.

Dan leaned over the table, his lips were inches apart from yours.

“Yeah because you’re the dork who makes me happy, and I love you” he said pecking your lips.

“You’re so cheesy.”

“I know “ he smiled.

You both got up from your sits and headed home, your feet were freezing even though you had your slippers on, you didn’t have socks. You got home, and the film was probably over by now, you didn’t care though , because all you really wanted was Dan to spend time with you.