mom bought me a new felt tip(?) pen~ so i doodled on a sketchbook

…. problem is it’s waterbased lol so watercoloring it will just wash it away -_-

see ukeleon in the corner?

@Sao: sa national~ 10Php lang o/ ~ name “Crystal Water Base Pen 0.4" 

My Entry for daFantasia, just the lineart yet though… WIP

Rasmus fon Nuremberg. He’s gonna be in Adysia. I’ll put his history once I finish him and put into D.A. 

I was kinda amazed that I did this with little preparation and a few hours (research included). And I like it! It’s my first time joining an RP group in DA too. Hope mine’s accepted! :P

Process: Monochrome to Color

First and foremost… NOT a tutorial … just my process XD

Program Used: Photoshop CS5

1. Boring Sketch

2. Boring base colors

3. Boring– whoa! What happened here??? Paintover

4. Boring Duplicate and Blur Effects

5. Boring Overlay

6. Boring Overlay Again

7. Boring Colorburn

8.Boring Screen

9. Boring yet Weird Brush

10. Boring Close Up

now it’s time for everyone to wake up…. which means it’s time for bed for me~~~

fUll pic in DA —> DaF: Royal Portrait

aspio asked:


  • 11. Is there any OC of yours you could describe as a “sunshine”? CAPELLA!!! lil precious bab who just wants to spread joy, often by accident by being adorably brash & simultaneously naive
  • 19. Introduce an OC that means a lot to you (and explain why) CAPELLA, an old DAFantasia oc. she forever reminds me of erin (dat u) <33333

i love costume designing

but i’m afraid iRL designers won’t get it lolol

anyways this is for the upcoming DaF event

yes, get ready for it

LOL i guess this drawing is a sort of clue to what will take place //ihope

g'night o/