Song Rec:Home


My head is spinning. I can’t think straight. Where am I?

“Set it on fire and we’ll leave!” Bang Yonguk’s voice radiated through the air. That’s right, we’re supposed to be looking bad ass for the video. But my head is splitting open. I just have to sit down.

“There! Right there!” I look up and see an annoying photographer in front of me. I just want to tell that guy to just fuck off. He’s been annoying ever since we got here. He’s been taking pictures left and right, tripping all over the chords, having his fucking flash on. We had to start the scene over three times because of his fucking flash.

I guess I scared him, because he took the picture and ran. My head is still killing me.

“Zelo! Your solo scene is next!” What about the one on the car? Oh wait, I already did it, I got this head ache because of it. I just want to go home and take some medicine. Is it because I was up so high? Every time I grow quickly, I get sick. Now, with just my body elevated, this happens? But why not when I’m in the dorm? 

Fuck it, it hurts too much to think. 

“Zelo.” I look up and over to the person who called me, but I moved my head to quickly. It hurts, but I try to hide it. It’s Daehyun. “Here.” He handed me some pills and a really cold coke. “For your headache.” I nod slowly, ignored the question of how he knew, and just took the medicine. The Coke did make me feel a little better, and the pain should leave in a little bit.

“Thanks Dae.” He smiled at me, before turning around to go do his shots.

“You’ll be a giant, don’t let a headache tear you down.”