daesung was amazing that night

Meeting Your Parents (BIG BANG)

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Author: Laymedown

T.O.P: Seunghyun wouldn’t act much different than how he already is. He would rather want your parents to see the man he truly is than another character he he’d try and act out. He would quickly win the approval of your parents doing so, making a great impression on them

DAESUNG: He was always wary of meeting your parents. Who wouldn’t, though, with the stories you tell about them. It also didn’t help that whenever you said the words ‘powerful CEO’ and 'stern mother’ his mind would immediately think of some sort of drama scenario. The amazed look on Daesung’s face all night would be priceless when he realized they weren’t at all what he thought they were going to be

TAEYANG: Youngbae would make sure that he planned the whole evening the day your parents came. He treasures you and (even before meeting them) respected your parents for raising such a wonderful woman. As soon as they knocked at the door, he would greet them as if they were his own parents, telling them as well that it was an honor to finally meet them

G.D.: Damn he would have a hoot when he met your mother. He knew how important it was when you finally asked him to meet her, as she was all the family you had left. At first Jiyong would have been very formal, worried about making a bad impression on their first meeting. That didn’t last long however, as the funny and weird charms of your mother brought his out as well

SEUNGRI: He would be so formal throughout the whole night. He would even have the black pants, white button up shirt, and tie thing going on as well. He wanted to make sure your parents saw that he was suitable to be your boyfriend without having to really say much, and of course it worked. You have never seen as much approval (especially from your old man) for any of the men you dated than you did that night