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121109 BIGBANG NJ - Encore (GD, TOP, Taeyang & Daesung - Water Fights and Ripping Shirt) (by RikaxHikari)

1 : gdae with the water revenging..

2 : gd said “Yeah, i know” right before dae was  pooring water on him..(how perfect timing)..

3 : thank you to top and tae (i know everyone know what i mean)..

4 : R.I.P. Dae’s shirt.. R.I.P. vips soul..

5 : perfect body, perfect smile, perfect KANG DAESUNG and absolutely perfect BIGBANG..

cr. the owner of this fancam clip who got the perfect view.. 

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do you write for bigbang? if you do then Daesung-Green

Don’t Ban Me:

“— are you going to go home today?” My best friend asks me and I squirm I as I sit on her bed nodding my head. 

“It’s been two weeks since I have seen him or heard his voice. I’ve text him but that was it.” I say my cheeks heating up. 

“I still can’t believe you banned that gorgeous man from sex.” She says sitting in front of me pulling on my dress. 

“I had to. I was either late for work or to sore to go. But since I’ve stayed here I’ve gotten caught up and really took the time to love him and get to know him. He’s a great guy and I don’t think his retaliation will be all that bad. He sounded fine this morning.” I say standing up as I grab my phone purse and kids stepping into my high heels. 

“Be careful. And tell me how it goes.” My friend says to me laughing and i nod my head a blush on my face walking out of the door. 

I walk to a taxi that’s already waiting for me due to the call I made. It takes me a good thirty minutes to get to my house but the time to drive makes me more anxious then anything. When the guy pulls up to my house I pay him money and I get out walking to the house. I unlock the door and I put my keys on on the table in the hall. Before I can even shut the door properly I am slammed into the door and I feel a shirtless Daesung. 

“I hope you know your in trouble.” Daesung says grabbing onto my dress pulling it up my body as he presses himself harder against me. 

“Y-you said you w-were’t mad.” I whine and he growls biting into my neck as he grabs my wrist twisting my arm and he makes me palm his erection. I gasp as he rolls his hips into my hand and he growls biting me harder. 

“This has been here since you left me. I’m going to make sure you don’t walk right for the next to weeks.” He says and I nod my head grabbing his dick softly. 

He turns me around crashing his lips against mine his hands roaming up and down my body as he kisses me harder his teeth biting hard into my bottom lip. He licks on my bottom lip and I know better to deny him. I open my mouth and he shoves his tongue into my mouth sucking my spit into his mouth as he pulls my dress up. 

He spreads my legs wide with his legs, his hand slipping into my panties to rub up and down my slit. I whine into the kiss my hands trying to lock around his neck but he stops me pinning my hands above my head with one of his hands. 

He breaks the kiss trailing licks and bites down to my neck. He finds my favorite spot easily nipping and sucking into my skin as he rubs two fingers against my clit my moans drawing out long and harsh. 

He finally plunges two fingers into me curling them making quick work of them. He starts to suck hickeys into my skin marking me for everyone to see. He moves his fingers quick into me reaching my spot, my legs trembling as I shout his name. 

“Do you want to cum?” He asks deeply into my ear biting roughly on my earlobe.

“P-please!” I whine and he growls slipping his fingers from me sucking on them as he leans his forehead on mine making me want him more as I watch his plump lips.

“If you want to cum then you have to prove it. I haven’t forgiven you yet.” He says deeply and I nod my head watching him. 

“Strip.” He commands and I nod my head reaching for the hems of my dress lifting it over my head and dropping it to the ground. He watches me his tongue darting out over his bottom lip. I slowly take of my bra looking at him as I drop it to the floor. I reach for my panties slowly taking them off. When I reach for my shoes he barks out.

“Keep them on.” He says and I nod my head watching him. 

“Come make it up to me.” He says as he stands in the middle of the hallway. 

I slowly walk to him and I look up at him leaning in to kiss him. He repays the kiss as I grab the hems of his shirt only breaking the kiss to pull it over his head. I kiss him again letting his tongue come into my mouth as I rake my nails over his abs and I grab at his belt. I undo it before I break the kiss dropping on the floor looking up at him.

I unbutton his pants and pull the zipper down with my teeth hearing a gasp for him and that makes me happy. I pull his pants down and I look at the wet spot in his boxers. I dart my tongue out sucking on the wet spot creating a bigger wet spot in his boxers. He tangles fingers into my hair grabbing at it harshly. 

“Don’t fucking tease me or you won’t cum.” Daesung says and I whine nodding my head. 
I take off his boxers and he pushes my face into his cock, his flesh hitting my face. I grab his dick at the base swirling my tongue around the tip pulling another moan from him. Before I can tease for too long he is shoving his cock down my throat quickly pulling out to thrust back into my mouth. 
His cock always hits the back of my throat tracing against my tongue and teeth thrusting deeply into my throat. He groans as I swipe my tongue across his length finding and paying attention to the veins that throb inside of him. I look up at him seeing him with a thrown back head a heavy panting chest and eyes closed. I graze my teeth against his cock and he shouts a curse word pulling out of my mouth and dragging me to my feet.

He picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist as he presses me to the wall. He looks at me pinning my hands back above my head. He rubs his dick up and down my slit wetting his tip before he pushes into me roughly. 

“F-FUCK!” I cry out loudly as he starts to pound into me not giving me enough time to adjust. He groans as he digs his nails into my skin pounding his thick cock into my tight pussy without restraint.

“You’ve been so a naughty girl. Leaving me without your pussy. Do you like making me want you until I lose my mind?” He asks giving me short quick thrusts that leave me panting so hard I think my chest will pop out. 

“I-I d-didn’t.. Think you needed me!” I say getting it out when I force myself to concentrate on anything but how he pounds hard into me fucking me into oblivion. 

He pull out of me turning me around and I place my hands on the wall. he pushes back into me landing on my spot fucking me harder and faster drilling into my walls. You can hear how he slides out of me easily due to how wet my pussy is for him. I scratch down the wall my legs trembling as he holds me close. He wraps an arm around my waist. His balls start to smack my ass as his fingers start to relentlessness rub my clit fast in time with his thrusts. 

I try to tell him that I am close or at least give him a warning. But he starts to smack my ass hard his hand turning my skin ready as he cock starts to pulse hard inside of me. I squeeze my pussy around him as I feel my orgasm approaching me my head starting to spin as my eyes roll back. My legs give out and Daesung has to hold me against the wall as he brings me to my release. 

“DAESUNG!!!” I shout out loud my body convulsing under him as I cum for him.  He groans pounding hard into me taking his fingers from my clit and threading them in my hair. He turns my face to him kissing me roughly our teeth clashing as his thrusts become sloppy. 

“—!” He shouts my name out with a growl as he breaks the kiss cumming inside of me holding me. He thrusts lazily into me for a few more strokes before he pulls out of me letting my slide down to the floor. 

“Welcome home baby.” He says picking me up and kissing my lips softly a dumb smirk plastered on his face. 


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Pairing: Daesung x Reader 

Genre: Fluff with a little smut

Word Count: 1222

Requested: Yes “Hiya! Can I please request an imagine with Daesung? Your horse was acting crazy on the lunge line earlier and your shoulder muscles are tight now so he has you sit in his lap and he gives you a massage and you accidentally moan because it feels nice 🙈 I love reading your stories, you all are such great writers!”

- Admin Juju

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The Relationships in Major KPOP Entertainment Companies Uncovered: YG Edition

The YG Dynasty

To start this all off we have YG who is the current emperor.

Then we have his first child who cannot fully be acknowledged because he’s a bastard child, Teddy.

Se7en was the real eldest son who fell out of favor with the emperor and the court.

Gummy was the eldest daughter that got married off.

2NE1 are the favored daughters. YG will do whatever it takes to protect them. Though he may not wish it, the court really wishes that Bommie and Dara would get married already.

Bang Yedam, AKMU, and Lee Hi are all children of YG’s favorite consort. So he dotes on them and always treats them well.

Winner are the children of YG’s youngest consort and have just recently been accepted into the royal court. They don’t have much status or power as of yet but they are slowly getting there.

Team B are the bastard children of a poor mistress. All except for B.I. and Bobby who’s mothers are of noble blood. But YG wants them to prove their worth before he will allow them into the royal court. (Though there are a great deal of court members who already wish to accept them as princes)

(I saved the best for last guys don’t worry, I didn’t forget)

Big Bang are favored sons. TOP is the eldest but he prefers the battlefield more than he does the court. Taeyang is more priest like, he often goes off and does his own thing (like meditating under waterfalls shirtless). Daesung is the funny middle child who has good connections with the foreign courts. He doesn’t have much ambition to move up from his current spot in favor, much like his brothers TOP and Taeyang. The real competition is between GD and Seungri. GD is the YG’s most favored son, but he has no ambition to follow in his father’s footsteps, but rather create a new path. As for Seungri, he’s probably going to be the prince that ends up the next emperor. YG doesn’t have to take care of his other sons in the way he does with Seungri. The amount of time and energy spent on the still pretty young but not that young prince will eventually make YG realize how far the young prince is willing to go in order prove himself.

[Probably going to JYP next. As for SM, I’m still trying to figure out what the f**k is up with them (still haven’t forgiven them for f(x))]