At its apex Valyria was the greatest city in the known world, the center of civilization. Within its shining walls, twoscore rival houses vied for power and glory in court and council, rising and falling in an endless, subtle, oft savage struggle for dominance. The Targaryens were far from the most powerful of the dragonlords, and their rivals saw their flight to Dragonstone as an act of surrender, as cowardice. But Lord Aenar’s maiden daughter D a e n y s, known forever afterward as D a e n y s   t h e   D r e a m e r, had foreseen the destruction of Valyria by fire. And when the Doom came twelve years later, the Targaryens were the only dragonlords to survive.

In light of Jon Snow’s death I think we forgot a lot of the awesome stuff in the season finale:

-Sam and Gilly are on their way to safety.
-Sam is gonna be a kickass maester!
-Drogon had a good supper.
-Daeny was reunited with the Dothraki…?
-Stannis is DONE.
-Brienne & Pod still live!
-Theon is still Theon!
-Arya crossed one off her hit list. And it was gory and nasty and enjoyable.
-Cersei was humiliated!
-Melisandre is still on the Wall and may be able to revive Jon. Hopefully she doesn’t barter sex for his soul.


Well something I drew yesterday and finished today.Well, it’s a lady of House Targaryen.And the most unlikely?It’s Daenys Targaryen or as known as Daenys the Dreamer.If you’re not familiar with her,she’s the daughter of Aenar Targaryen and sister-wife to Gaemon Targaryen, the Glorious.Daenys foresaw the Doom of Valyria.Her hair is like Rapunzel’s for some reason because I like to imagine the Targaryen ladies with long,long,long,long,*adds more longs* hair along with being beautiful,*adds more beautifuls and a lot more* and magnificent,*adds more magnificents and a lot more*.

Daenys Targaryen © George R.R Martin

art © me,BB-CBS-Fan 2015

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Tools: Classic ol’ MS Paint because MS Paint is amazing


1. I’m glad that Cersei was forced to do the walk of shame but I don’t think that it should have been because of fornication alone. She had a brother and sister in law jailed basically over nothing. She tried to have her brother murdered on multiple occasions and she murdered her husband. These are the kind of things that kind of punishment should of been enforced for. I still don’t feel bad for her though because she’s just plain evil.

2. That Jon Snow scene WTF!!!! But I don’t think that he’s dead. I feel like Melissandre paying all the attention to him will play a part in him surviving.

3. I don’t know where they are going with Daenys’ storyline but it is will be interesting to see her interacting with the Dothraki again next season.


5. Thank you Theon for finally helping her instead of being a constant pain in the ass.

6. Myrcella being poisoned was crazy but I have to admit that it was a smart move on the part of Oberyn’s wife.

7. So glad Arya killed that creep but I’m sad that she’s blind now. She still has one of the most interesting story lines in the show so I’m excited to see what in store for her in the future.

8. Tyrion’s (my favorite character ) story has a lot going on as well. It’s definitely something I’m looking forward to seeing next season as well.