Daenerys & Jorah. Second only to DanyxDrogo for me…but getting sweeter every time I think about them. They make me cry.

What would be like if Drogo hadn’t died, and had crossed the sea with Daenerys to take over the Iron Throne.

I love Drogo, but since he’s a barbarian, i always think that he doesn’t understand much about this stuff of the Seven Kingdoms and shit. I think it’s more like “The moon of my life wants to sit on the iron chair, and those motherfuckers tried to kill her so she couldn’t sit on the iron chair? Well, i’m gonna take her there and she WILL sit on the fucking iron chair. I don’t see what’s the big deal about it, but screw it, these motherfuckers have to pay for trying to kill her, and she’s so beautiful when she asks me to go take her to her land… let’s get some wooden horses, ride on the poisonous water and conquer the chair my wife wants.“

And i like to think that Daenerys would be happy in a childish way (since she’s only 14 in the books)

Also, i really loved drawing Drogo with Jaime’s head and their son Rhaego with Joffrey’s head xD