It hasn’t been long since I last did one of these, yet I felt I needed to do another one. I have followed a lot of new blogs since I did my last one in December, all due to the fact I finally watched Gossip Girl and now I can’t seem to part with it, lol. So, here is my summer 2015 follow forever. And please know, even If I have not mentioned you or your blog below, I do indeed love everyone of you who I follow, you all contribute to my wonderful dashboard and make my day, so thank you. Enjoy :) xxx 

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daenerystargarien replied to your post “Kol & Finn were around when the hunters killed them in 1114. So I…”

We know that Rebekah knew Sage and since Finn was kept daggered from 1114, Finn mustve met up with his siblings with Sage or maybe he was with his siblings when he met and turned Sage… so thats something I guess lol

lol I think you’re right, his siblings probably knew about Sage. The  timeline is kinda vague for the most part when it comes to when they first fled. That’s why I’m excited for that storyline, it might help understand a lot of things. And I’m ready to let go of the humans flashbacks and the NOLA flashbacks in favor of more in their earliest vampire days. 

rosesatwar replied to your post “daenerystargarien replied to your post “Kol & Finn were around when…”

does this mean we are going to get earlier vamp day flashbacks?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing is 100% confirmed yet, but considering the fact that the storyline this season heavily involves the first vampires they ever turned, then it’s very very very likely. Also, in one of the extras “Always and Forever” which we recently got our hands on, JP talked a little about those vampires and said we’d be finding out more about what happened to the family when they first fled back to the old world.