daenerys x jon snow


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“A blue flower grew from a chink in a wall of ice, and filled the air with sweetness.”
-Daenerys [A Song of Ice & Fire : A Clash of Kings]

Because HBO totally deprived us from any Jonerys scenes in the trailers i decided to take matters into my own hands and make this video lol
and coz there was this fanart I stumbled on that inspired me [and left me dyin’ LOL]
Am I the only one who thinks the song is like totally GOT material if it was a lovestory?? haha.



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anonymous asked:

It's clear Jon doesn't mean Starks and Targaryens. You think a little snippet about a short period in such a long history would be on D&D's radar to the point of having Jon make note of it? Something that's not even mentioned in the main story? 'Fighting together against a common enemy for centuries' wouldn't even fit in with that excerpt. And I'd think he would mean WWs as the enemy. They'd been gone long before Targaryens even existed. Those two families had little in common in the past.

Hi anon,

Is it clear? Not to me or a lot of other people who instantly thought he was talking about the Starks and Targaryens. 

The Targaryens rules Westeros for 300 years, so yes, the use of the word centuries would be applicable. Being as how the Starks were loyal to the Targaryens the whole time. 

Also, and I cannot believe I forgot this (I’m almost embarrassed) Maester Aemon [Targaryen] was a man of the Night’s Watch and while he didn’t fight, I’m sure he worked along many Starks, at least two from the current series. So, yes, their families have been united against a common enemy. 

OMG!!! This conversation will be a prelude for Jon and Dany talk about MAESTER AEMON!!!!!! 

Thank you anon for jogging my memory. Much oblige. 


what i want in got s7 vs what i need

what i want:


arya and gendry reunion

jon and arya reunion

in fact just a full stark family reunion

edmure to get his family back


jaime x brienne

jaime to kill cersei

daenerys on the iron throne

happy sansa

hodor NOT returning as a white walker

tyrion and sansa reunion

*that* tyrion davos and gendry scene

rhaegar lyanna and elia flashback scene

what i need:

petyr baelish to fucking die

dany: *asks Jon to kneel but he refuses it*  You … you don’t? wTF? What does that even mean? don’t you think I deserve this? You have no idea what I went through to get here, northern manbun!  I have walked in the desert, overthrown governments, faced rebellions and dealt with fuckmen everywhere. Boy, I even walked through a flaming pyre tWICE