daenerys x doreah

>> all the things she said ; dany/doreah {game of thrones}
yes, i crossed the line :: you can use my body do what you have to

1/johnny cash: hurt (hobbz remix) ; 2/the crystal method: i know it’s you ; 3/t.A.T.u: all the things she said (hmdp remix)* ; 4/elizaveta: odi et amo* ; 5/saint saviour: this ain’t no hymn (ghettoscraper zombie drone remix) ; 6/ jess mills: vultures (photek’s dub remix)* ; 7/ bishi: miri it is ; 8/eddie vedder: the wolf ; 9/the cure: trust ; 10/adam stafford: walking for 2 hours ; 11/superspecter: o queen* ; 12/kiyoshi yoshida: dragon ; 13/neverending white lights: always ; 14/broken fences: song for you* ; 15/coal: stay*

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so, i have my own headcanon-y, speculative idea of what i want to/think could happen on sunday and on, and this mix surrounds that. cos i may or may not write a fic to accompany it, i don’t want to say too much but i do think doreah is more complex than we’ve seen and their complicated relationship/arrangement isn’t simply fluffy/sexy times. yeah, i’m a sucker for angst, i suppose. please enjoy the tunes all the same.


dany x doreah, the sun

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Burned out flames should ever re-ignite, but I thought you might… (Download)

Porcelain - Helen Jane Long

Home - Daughter

Lick the Palm of the Burning Handshake - Zola Jesus

To Darkness/Kripa (ft. Laura Marling and Dharohar Project) - Mumford and Sons

Cosmic Love - Florence + the Machine

Pride - Lana Del Ray

Firewood - Regina Spektor