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the post in which i can't figure out my priorities

lol. And my queue is broken still…

I’m so nervous about tonight’s GoT. I mean, I know what I think would be cool if it happened. (And last night, I wrote 5,486 words about it (WIP as it is)), heh, but since what I like to see happen on TV is usually the total opposite of what does really happen, I’m not too hopeful. 

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ashadowonthewall-deactivated201  asked:

So, would you say that Dany/Doreah is your OTP so far?

Very much so. And so I really must preemptively apologise to all their other shippers cos usually my OTPs go down in flaming balls of shit – to put it lightly– once i start to get excited about them. D/D were doing so well before I got involved. Ugh. Why can’t one of my ships just not get fucked over? *sigh*