daenerys x doreah


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a night on the dothraki sea when the lysene girl had taught her secrets.


get to know me meme [1/5] relationships → daenerys x doreah (game of thrones)

doreah took a fever and grew worse with every league they crossed. […] jhogo said they must leave her or bind her to her saddle, but dany remembered a night on the dothraki sea, when the lysene girl had taught her secrets so that drogo might love her more. she gave doreah water from her own skin, cooled her brow with a damp cloth, and held her until she died, shivering. only then would she permit the khalasar to press on.

» all the things she said ; dany/doreah {game of thrones}
yes, i crossed the line :: you can use my body do what you have to

1/johnny cash: hurt (hobbz remix) ; 2/the crystal method: i know it’s you ; 3/t.A.T.u: all the things she said (hmdp remix)* ; 4/elizaveta: odi et amo* ; 5/saint saviour: this ain’t no hymn (ghettoscraper zombie drone remix) ; 6/ jess mills: vultures (photek’s dub remix)* ; 7/ bishi: miri it is ; 8/eddie vedder: the wolf ; 9/the cure: trust ; 10/adam stafford: walking for 2 hours ; 11/superspecter: o queen* ; 12/kiyoshi yoshida: dragon ; 13/neverending white lights: always ; 14/broken fences: song for you* ; 15/coal: stay*

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so, i have my own headcanon-y, speculative idea of what i want to/think could happen on sunday and on, and this mix surrounds that. cos i may or may not write a fic to accompany it, i don’t want to say too much but i do think doreah is more complex than we’ve seen and their complicated relationship/arrangement isn’t simply fluffy/sexy times. yeah, i’m a sucker for angst, i suppose. please enjoy the tunes all the same.

but dany remembered