I love the pictures, my three favourite of course are Dany/Drogon, Arya and Jon.

I love the Dany and Drogon picture, they look so awesome together in their own kind of field of fire though personally I don’t know why Drogon would be on the ground, dragons are much more effective in the air. we can’t see much of Dany though it looks like she’s wearing the same outfit from the Long Walk but not too sure if she’s wearing the cape and her hair kind looks like a low ponytail of some sort. I love my baby Targaryen embracing her dragon side and getting so involved in battles, Dany has always been much happier being a doer instead of  a sitter.

Jon Snow riding from Winterfell on his way to Dany to romance her with his talk of Ice Zombies, the perfect start of a love story. Can’t wait for Jonerys😍😍😍

I adore the parallel between Jon and Arya both riding their horses on the way to somewhere, they both look incredible. Jon leaving Winterfell and Arya on the road, she’s not at Winterfell though i’m guessing yet as I don’t see any snow and I imagine as Winter is here now it’s pretty much gonna be snowing constantly in the North but also her clothes while warmer than Essos aren’t quite warm enough for Northern weather.

Loved the set photo’s, in the Brienne one behind her is Sansa and Littlefinger so i’m guessing she is part of that scene perhaps just watching them closely. 

I still am not a fan of Sansa’s wig, I know it’s never gonna look good because all the other seasons she had natural hair and now it’s fake but it looks too straight and thin so I think they should of given her either a wavy wig like Dany had in S1 and S2 or braided it like it was in BOTB, still love Sansa though girl is just gonna have a few bad hair days.

In the Tormund picture I can see Brienne and a young girl with brunette hair on the side i’m guessing Lyanna or perhaps even fingers crossed Arya but then again it could be just a young background Northern girl.