“If I don’t return, at least you won’t have to deal with the King in the North any more.” - Jon Snow , S07E05

“I’ve gotten used to him ..” - Daenerys Targaryen , S07E05

• The Wolf And The Dragon •

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Jonerys Fanfic • An Unbreakable Bond

Since the trailer has confirmed 99% of the Jonerys leaks, I thought I’d give their last scene one more go, with all of the details we know so far taken into account. Their love scene was confirmed to have little to no dialogue (presumably only two lines) with Jon visiting Dany’s cabin and initiating it. The first paragraph is from Dany’s POV, for the second one I switch to Jon’s and the last one is written from both POVs.

Proceed with caution !

Thanks to @jxlight for encouraging me to write this !

So without further ado, here it is, my crown jewel of fanfics - the last fanfiction I’ll write until the new season airs !

So sit back, relax & enjoy !

🔸The light of the flickering candles dressed the cabin in shades of red and gold. Daenerys shed her heavy garb and put on a silk nightgown that was as light as a feather, in the colour of Viserion’s scales. Her loss consumed her still, night after night she would fall asleep crying. A broken heart is how she knew she was capable of feeling. ‘He wasn’t the first to love you, and he won’t be the last.’
Tyrion’s words were still so vivid in the back of her mind. Whatever sense of humanity was left in her, she was determined to hold onto it until the end, no matter the cost. She was not her father, n'or would she ever become him. There was kindness in her still, and compassion, heart burdened with love … so much love to give and weary with longing.
Her cabin was luxuriously decorated. A massive canopy bed made of bloodwood on the right side of the room, silk courtains tied onto persimmon arched collumns that pierced the ceiling, blood red linen and black furs and a pile of embroided feather pillows, fit for a Targaryen queen. A myrrh wood vanity sat on the left side of the room and an exotic perfume lingered in the air. She would always have Missandei light scented candles and oils wherever they went, the subtle aroma of spiced flowers and lemon, lotus and evening star that Illyrio brought from Westeros when she was no more than a child were still so clear in her memory.
But now, on her vanity was a bouquet of frostfire flowers. As they were travelling North, the choice of dwelling on dreams and living in the past was no longer before her. A sadness encumbered her thoughts. Daenerys approached the vanity and lifted her hand, gently touching a frostfire flower.
She suddenly remembered Jon Snow telling her of the time when he saw a meadow in the mountains filled with bright scarlet frostfires in the Skirling Pass near the Frostfangs.
She couldn’t keep herself from smiling. Whatever she did, wherever she went, somehow her thoughts would always wander back to Jon.
Why was she smiling ? Why would he openly pledge himself to her again, at the Dragonpit for everyone to hear ? Cersei made no effort in hiding her disdain. He must have known he was putting himself and the North in a precarious political position. He must have known it was a terrible idea. He must have known …
She leaned forward, breathed in the scent of the frostfires and closed her eyes, blushing, disheveled.

*knock on the cabin door*

Daenerys: ‘Yes.’


Jon’s hand started shaking. He withdrew it from the door and for a brief moment, he thought about leaving. No, he would not run away. Not this time. Not now. Jon took in a deep breath and exhaled, clenching his other fist. He turned the door knob and stepped into the cabin, leaving his fears and doubts behind him.
He closed the door and raised his gaze, searching for hers.
Dany’s eyes bore into his and he melted away, like ice under the warmth of the sun. There was so much he wanted to say, nights and nights on end lingering on his lips and the weight of the words burdened him.
She was so beautiful.

Daenerys: ‘Jon. What is it?’ she mouthed sweetly. ’ Are you alright?’

The tenderness in her voice overwhelmed him. She cared for him. Deeply, unconditionally. Jon said nothing but took a step towards her. There was such power in his silence. The sound of the ship breaking the cold waves of the sea got quieter. Another step. Now only the sound of his boots on the floor and the candles crackling could be heard. One last step. Jon stopped, their faces inches apart. There was no sound left, nothing else, just the two of them, alone in the world. Their eyes locked, an unbreakable bond. Dany’s lips were no longer smiling. Instead, they were trembling and in that moment, Jon knew there was no armor left on either of them - they had stripped it off of each other.

Jon: ‘Daenerys …’


Jon lifted his hand and caressed her face with his fingertips. There was so much to say. But not with words. He turned her around, both now facing the vanity mirror, him standing behind her. She looked into the mirror, first at him, then at the both of them and she chuckled, her eyes tearing up. A wolf and a dragon, a king and a queen and it felt so right, so perfect.
Jon embraced her. He kissed her silver hair, gently. It smelled of perfume, spice and fire. Jon kissed the back of her head, then her left temple, then her ear, slowly making his way forward. Dany closed her eyes and lost herself under his touch. He pulled her hair aside unveiling her neck. Jon breathed in her scent going up and down her neckline and Dany bit her lip, overwhelmed with desire. Their fingers clasped as Jon kissed her neck softly, once, twice, three times, losing count as she let out a sigh of relief. Dany lifted her left hand and clasped onto his dark curly locks turning her head, Jon could feel she was searching for his lips. He showered her neck and her jawline with kisses, determined to make her wait. His hands undressed her expertly, her skin warm and velvety underneath her nightgown. Naked and exposed in his arms, Daenerys turned around to face him. There was a boldness in her that was unparalleled and it was one of the things he loved the most about her. This was no ordinary woman. Jon felt overwhelmed and stood still letting Dany pull the tunic off of his shoulders. He watched her as she reached for the laces of his breeches, untying them. She looked into his eyes once again. This time, there was fire in her gaze. She stretched her neck and stood on her toes so her lips would be nigh an inch apart from his. It was more than he could bear and he leaned in, hungrily closing the gap between them. His kiss was full and his hands were ambitious and Dany broke apart in his arms, the taste of longing on her tongue. Jon led her to bed in small steps, never breaking the kiss. He pushed the pillows aside with one arm and led Dany on her back, into the sea of silk with the other. He pressed his body against hers kissing her collarbone and breasts, making his way down and Dany’s back arching under his touch. She grabbed his face with her palms, pulled it back up next to hers again, nigh an inch apart and Jon understood. She led him inside her and opened for him like a flower, giving him her everything. Body and heart, they lost themselves in each other and for a perfect moment, there was no more fear of tomorrow, nothing else that mattered - just the two of them.
Just love. 🔸


• Jon •

Even with Ygritte sleeping beside him, he felt alone. He did not want to die alone. (Jon V, ASOS)

• Daenerys •

She sat up with her hair disheveled and the bedclothes atangle. Her captain slept beside her, yet she was alone. (Daenerys VII, ADWD)

Another great book parallel ❤