daenerys burnt


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Request: Dickon arrives in the North and meets Sansa

Sansa Stark is good at noticing.

She notices the awkward reunion between Sam and Dickon Tarly, as awkward as the reunions she had with her own younger siblings. It is familiar to her, the way they don’t seem to know what to say to each other, the ghosts that seem to follow them, the way they try in spite of everything.

She sees how the younger brother treats Gilly with the respect most men deny women. She hasn’t seen him be disrespectful yet. Not with anyone.

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Game of Throne’s Fandom Reaction To Episode 4

When Sansa and Jon were finally reunited:

Anytime Jon and Sansa interacted:

Tormund and Brien being awkward dorks and Edd totally shipping it:

When Ramsy killed Osha:

When Daenerys freaking Stormborn burnt down a house, killed the khals AND EMERGED FROM THE FLAMES LIKE THE FREAKING QUEEN THAT SHE IS!!

Oops, forgot about my drawing challenge. 
Day 3: Draw your favourite TV show. I went for Game of Thrones, but went a bit closer to the books*.
Daenerys, Sansa, Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, and Ghost.

*In the books, Daenerys’ hair was burnt off when she did the walking in fire thang. And Drogo got her a white lion pelt. And the Lord Commander has a raven. BUT ALL O Y'ALL PROBABLY KNOW THAT.