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Head scritches are the way to her heart.

My Game of Thrones Theory


Okay this is actually just my theory so maybe it’s a spoiler and maybe it’s not but I’m pretty sure about it and I think the show will prove it true so I put up the spoiler warning.

Here’s my theory: Daenerys will turn out to be a Targaryen. Evidence:

  • She has blonde hair, like the mad king
  • She’s fireproof
  • She can control dragons like the Targaryens are said to have once done
  • Her brother is named Viserys, a name used by the Targaryen family
  • Actress Emilia Clarke has herself suggested that she may be a Targaryen
  • She often introduces herself as the heir to the Targeryen throne
  • Her last name is Targaryen
  • She is said to be a Targaryen in the show many times

Whether this will prove accurate only time will tell but I think it’s a pretty safe bet given the clues. What do you think?