My All-Time Favorite Korean Dramas (so far/in random order)

1. Daemul/Big Thing - This drama is intense. I love the character of Seo Hye Rim. I love her speeches and the acting is superb from Ko Hyun Jung and to each of the cast.

2. Queen Seon Deok - This sageuk (period drama) is one of my most favorite. I love the mind battles, tactics, strategies and the transition of our dear Deokman. I love each character from Deokman, again, to Mishil to Yushin, Bidam and Chunchu plus the couple. :)

3. Shining Inheritance - My most played Korean Drama next to Full House. Imagine rewinding 28 episodes and watch it over again because you simply love it. Han Hyo Joo and Lee Seung Gi. I want them together plus I love the character of Moon Chae Won.

4. God of Study - This drama inspired me but also depressed me. Not recommending to watch it over again but watch your favorite parts and not the depressing parts. Still, one of my favorite.

5. Full House - My most played Korean Drama ever! Though the story might seem uncomfortable but the acting, the chemistry and the feelings you can relate on. Song Hye Kyo!

6. Dream High - I love this series. I like IU more because of this. I love the plot. It is not the old drama you know but a lovable drama which will make you sing, dance, and relate to the characters. Not to mention, I have all of their songs, even their covers, here in my cellphone.

7. Secret Garden - The fantasy melodrama has the best soundtracks. I love the plot of fate that was slowly building up. And the lines… the scenes… and everything! The characters were just too natural though the soul swap is not natural. And I love this drama!

8. Sassy Girl Choon Hyang - This drama made me go sad again. I love the attitude of Choon Hyang but she keeps falling down when success is already on her hands, no thanks to her leading man. But I still love the couple!

FOR NOW, this is the best for me.

He is a Prosecutor. She is a Presidential Candidate of South Korea. 

One of the most romantic scenes in Daemul aka Big Thing :“>

Her answer? "I can’t accept this DoYa. I’m sorry :( ”

And he said, “I know. You are not some man’s lover but you are a lover of Republic of Korea. I will be here waiting for you.

Can you just give this guy to me? :“> PLEASE. HAHA



I wonder when can Philippines have a person like Maureen Seo/Seo Hye Rim.

Not too long ago I have received a person’s proposal. When I was tired, he encouraged me. When I was sad, he showed me his loving care. When good things happen, we always share together. Later, I knew he liked me for a long time. I don’t know when it started. I also discovered that I liked the opposite party. But I decided to keep his sentiments aside. I believed no matter until when, he’d be waiting for me. Compared to one man loving me, I thought that it is more important that I need to share laughter, anger, sorrow and happiness together with the citizens.” – Hye Rim
—  asiandramaquotes
I'll miss Big Thing!!! :'(

Two weeks!! Two weeks!!! *ugh* I’ll definitely miss this show, yes i know its not the typical show that we, teenagers watch but, the show is very good. Its showing us how to believe in ourselves that we, ordinary people can run a country through love and passion. Omg, i can’t believe i am saying all of these stuff.. I just want to share this because when i woke up today, its the first thing i remembered.. :| i’m so attached to this show.. lol!! :D 

well i just i want to say GOOD MORNING to all of you guys and have a great day!!