1st photobook: BAP Debut Teaser CF

Firstly, i want to apologize to Jongup’s fans. His face couldn’t be scanned no matter how I tried to adjust the page. T.T sorryyy… Next, the second part actually has some words by the side, but my naughty scanner decides to crop it out by itself =.= sighh

Mind-reading perhaps is not such a gift for Himchan when it accidentally turns him into a criminal while at the same time lands him a ‘job’ of dealing with hardcore convicts as the police find him ‘could be of some use’. Himchan can’t ask for more, though, because what is better than getting properly fed without fear of being chased after day and night. But this very man, this notorious Bang Yongguk somehow doesn’t make Himchan’s life any easier as his eyes don’t give himself away like others but instead do things to the other’s heart and he is just not sure about all the rest.

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