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First question is where do some of the supporting characters(Stoll brothers, Clarisse, Reyna, etc.) stand in the Dark au Second would be that I am curious to hear some of Nico's motivations before and after the fall of Olympus that you mention as being unknown to Annabeth Please and thank you, also your writing is amazing!

Sadly i don’t know or remember anything about the Stoll brothers, but after Silena’s death and what happened to Chris, Clarisse is defos team Fuck The Gods. Although i think as Percy’s (in particular) morals start to Slip A Bit, they probably hella get into it, to the point of a physical throwdown. She might be the first to defect back to team Protect Demigods once it’s clear that they’re no longer fighting on behalf of the gods themselves and are just focussed on keeping demigods protected from the whole debacle.

Reyna is probably one of the few demigods that start out on Team Gods? Just because she’s always been about Duty etc, it’s deeply ingrained. But I also think that once she sort of saw the direction things were going in (more and more demigod death) she’d probably be one of the leaders in shifting the focus towards just bunkering down and only attacking those who attack them. Her goal is ultimately to get as many of her people through this as alive and intact as possible.

Nico’s motives aren’t really clear to Annabeth because at the end of the day, she’s not really great with people? And because she and Percy walked so much of this path together, whereas Nico and Will pretty much immediately split ways when the battlelines are being drawn.

Like Nico fought so hard to win acceptance for Hades and Other Gods and Demigods and then turns around and is like, actually fuck it and fuck you, she just doesn’t one hundred percent understand what it is that he wants out of this whole thing.

and in the end what Nico really wants is peace, and he doesn’t think that can exist while the gods are still in power. A lot of the characters in this verse experience something of a morality shift when they turn against the gods, but i think Nico is the one character that really stays true to himself and his roots and what he wants. Which is sort of why he…doesn’t stop Annabeth when she goes up to kill Percy in that one fic (which is not necessarily a canonical end to the verse incidentally, just that it builds from the same situation as the Daek!Annabeth fic did). I think he knows what Annabeth is there to do, and as much as he loves Percy (in a….leader/second in command sort of situation rather than romance), he knows what needs to be done to stop this being another world-ending situation.

Basically Nico is more in the middle than any other character, as he always is, and Annabeth has difficulty recognising and computing that just because she’s a little more extreme in her own beliefs and morality in this verse. When she’s dark, she’s destroying ancient monuments and bringing down the gods. When she’s not, she has the potential to kill her lover. She’s more of a catalyst, whereas Nico is just trying to find some goddamn balance.