daehyun's princess

What it’s like to stan b.a.p:

- 6 Dorks
- talented af
- underrated af
- they are all visuals
- Deepest music videos
- Derpest interviews
- Great fandom, and with great I mean, being there for each other, laughing and crying together, sharing memes and photos of the members best hair styles, discussing moral topics, helping through hard times, accepting everyone no matther what religion, origin, sexuality or bias
- lack of “on crack” videos
- greatest leader of all time
- Zelo will forever be a baby altough he is tall af
- 3 shy and quiet members and 3 loud, chaotic and 24/7 screaming members so there is a perfect balance
- Jongups progress
- half of the members have abs so no need to suffer
- Hiatus will forever be a topic
- Him Chan will forever be a diva  princess
- Daehyuns solos are lit af
- Youngjae has an incredibly great voice
- ‘Wake me up’ is the first time Him Chan actually got lines
- Acting on point
- You can’t chose a bias, and If you think you did, you get bias wrecked in like 0,00362 seconds
- No worries, you will get used to them getting shot regularly
- Getting eng sub on a vlive takes ages
- No one supports b.a.p as much as b.a.p does
- B.a.p and babyz are cheering for each other on a daily basis


Welcome to the family (Kihyun)


“Relax, baby. My family will love you.” Kihyun whispered and kissed my cheek lightly. I never thought I would be this nervous, I never thought Kihyun would be this calm. I felt his arms wrap around me and he pressed his face into his neck.  “Geez, I can feel your heart pounding. Calm down.” He chuckled and I looked at him. “I’m sorry.” I whispered and he just smiled, before knocking on his families’ front door. 

In a rush the door opened and Kihyun’s mother stood there with a huge smile. “Oh! There she is. AAAAhh you’re so beautiful! Kihyun said you were bbeautiful but his words didn’t do you justice!” She hugged me long and hard and I listened to Kihyun’s laugh. My heart rate automatically slowed down at her warm embrace. “Mom let her breathe.” Kihyun said and his mother let me go. “I can’t help it. I’ve heard so much abbout you it was about time I met you. Come in, come in, everyone is dying to meet you.” She said, pulling me into the house gently.

“She totally just ignored me. Her son. I think she’s going to adopt you.” Kihyun said and I let out a giggle as we walked through his childhood home. 

We made the round of introductions and sat down for dinner. I was still a little nervous, but Kihyun and his mother were taking care of that slowly. His hand would squeeze mine reassuringly as we ate. “So Y/N, maybe later we can look at old pictures of Kihyun. As his mother it’s my job to embarrrass him.” She said and clasped her hand over mine. “Ahhh, moooommmm.” Kihyun whined causing me to giggle. 

I didn’t what I was so anxious about, his family was amazing and so comforting. It made me feel kind of bad for being nervous. 

Sitting in the living room after dinner, I felt a tug on the hem of my dress. “Will you play with me?” Kihyun’s niece asked and I felt my heart warm up. I loved kids. “Of course.” I answered and let her pull me to her doll house. Kihyun ws helping his mother with the dishes so it wasn’t like I was disturbing anything.

Kihyun’s POV

“So mom, what do you think of Y/N?” I asked, pretty sure of her answer already but just wanting to make sure. “She is lovely, you should have brought her around here earlier, she fits right in.” Mom said, while handing me a dish to dry off. “I was really hoping you’d like her. She was so nervous.” I sighed in relief. 

I wanted my family to love her as much as I do. 

“I’m going to go check on her.” I said and placed the now dry dish in it’s place. I wlked into the living room where I let her and saw her sitting on the floor with my niece. They were playing dolls and the smile on her face was uncanny. 

“What’s her name?” Y/N asked, holding up the doll. “That’s Daehyun, she’s a princess.” My niece answered and then sat up quickly. “Can I braid your hair?” She asked, smiling brightly. “Sure sweetie.” Y/N answered and at that moment I knew she belonged to the family. 

Imagine B.A.P when they first ask you out


“Hey beautiful, you look really pretty today. I was wondering if maybe you would want to go and see a movie or something tonight” *smiles shyly*

“You. Me. Dinner. 6pm. Tonight. At a diner. I’ll pick you up. See you there, princess” *winks*

“Hey sweety, I was thinking if you’re not busy tonight… Maybe we can go and get some coffee… If you want” *looks at the ground shyly*

“Hello sugar, wanna go and eat? I know a great place. It’s cool if you say know I completly understand but I mean like, yeah, I think it would be really fun and-’ *rambling on and on nervously*

"Uh… H-Hey… D-Do you wanna… Uh… Do you like… Wanna go out sometime?” *palms get sweaty and becomes extremly nervous*

“Hey baby, want to go to the park? I can push you on the swings and join you going down the slide if you want” *side smiles and twiddles his thumbs*

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I’m back! Seeing all the beautiful pictures and the fancams of Daehyun singing has slammed me back so hard into this fandom, my heart cannot take it. I’m also finally going to give myself one more chance, but no excuses. I need to up my game and make my dreams happen, and this blog happens to be one of them. Now that I’m back, I encourage you guys to send me messages! It’ll be nice to see the blog alive again with our interactions, and I hope everyone has a great day. Much love, Commander J ♥ Let’s not talk about Daehyun’s speech because that made me cry a little too hard and he’s so perfect, and I hope B.A.P will find happiness soon and be back together, with us. And this gif happens to be one of my favorites of this beautiful person. So hopefully I wrote a story to do it justice ♥ I love you~

           “Daehyun!” You opened the door to the dressing room slowly and smiled brightly. Looking through the camera lens, you saw him look up from his iPad, startled at first, but then a shattering smile replaced it.

           “Hey, what are you doing here?”

           You weaved skillfully through the tables and chairs to continue filming. “I have something to tell you.”

           You stopped the video then. This remains to be your favorite memory and you smiled, trying to stop the tears that were already forming in anticipation of what you knew was about to come. You leaned forward and pressed rewind until the video started from the beginning. You paused at every second, trying to drink in every detail. There was Daehyun with his head bent, his hair curly from all the stylists’ teasing. He was concentrated on the pad in front of him and even when others noticed you, you had placed a finger to your lips. He was not supposed to know yet.

           You had stared at him for a good few seconds until, as if sensing a new presence, he had finally looked up. He looked surprised, almost confused and you stopped the tape again. The emotions were overwhelming now and you had to fight down the lump in your throat. It slid down to settle painfully in the middle of your chest.

           As if addicted, your hands went once more to the remote to press play again. Now, millimeter by millimeter, you saw recognition light in his eyes and staring into those dark orbs had the hard rock shift back into your throat. His eyes were round and you remember teasing him, calling them hungry begging puppy eyes. A smile tugged on your own lips at the same time a trickle of tears cascaded from your lower lids.

           The video continued. You watched hungrily as his eyes turned up and his chipmunk pouches appeared as Daehyun gave you his signature smile. As hard as it was, you rewound the tape to examine everything in slower detail. It was as if you were seeing it all for the first time, rather than being the one to witness it all from behind the camera in the first place.

           Again and again, his smile went up and his eyes welled as recognition lit his features and finally, once you have reabsorbed his smile and the light in his eyes, you allowed yourself to continue.

           “Hey, what are you doing here?” His voice. That honeysuckle, slighting husky tone. The laughter that could never be hidden even when he wasn’t actually doing it. It has been too long since you’ve heard his voice in your ear. You hugged yourself tightly and started to replay again.

           “I have something to tell you.” From here, you settled back into the couch and watched. He glanced down at the iPad, turned it off and put it next to him.            

           “What’s up? Must be important if you’re going to be recording my reaction to it,” he teased.

           You stuck your tongue out at him, and even showed him your face so he could see. “Aren’t you the wise one?”

           Daehyun leaned back and spread his arms across the back of the chair. “Alright, come at me. What did I do wrong?”

           “Do wrong?” You were confused.

           “Aren’t you here to scold me about the dishes I forgot to do this morning?”

           There was a sharp gasp that had you cringing. The you in the video had clearly forgotten you were so close to the recorder. “Jung Daehyun! You didn’t do the dishes?” Your voice went up a full octave that would put his high range to shame. The comic relief was much needed and you laughed and wiped your tears as you watched his face change into one of horror and then anger, at himself probably for giving himself away.

           “Oh no, that was a joke,” he protested hastily, and the camera’s angle settled from the awkward tilt it had been to focus fully on his face again.

           “No it wasn’t. I washed them already. But that wasn’t why I came here although I admire the force of a guilty conscience.”

           He smiled sheepishly and it took all your control not to stop and stare at the screen again. You were going to see the video to the end. “Alright, so what is it? Do you want to get someone else to film? Come, sit here,” he patted the seat next to him invitingly.

           You shook your head. “I’ll tell you through this.”

           “Ayyy,” he gave you his disapproving look. “Youngjae, take the camera, remember my good angle, and you, Princess, you come sit here.”

           Suddenly the view shifted as Youngjae took the camera and his distinct mutterings were not lost as he adjusted the screen. “Good camera angle, my butt. You have nothing but ugliness.”

           Now face to face with your husband, you were nervous and your face showed it. You clearly remembered the feeling as the words you wanted to say were forced to the front of your mouth before inching back away. “Daehyun,” you began.

           He took one of your hands. “What’s up?” And now you wanted to cry. At the time you were too focused on your own panic to notice the look in his face but now you saw. He was worried. Somehow, your hesitance to speak had made him so worried, his eyebrows had drawn together unconsciously and he was searching your expression for a clue.

           “I,” you took another deep breath and then everything came out because there was no point hemming and hawing. “I’m pregnant.” Two very simple words, but a lifetime of meaning. A couple syllables, sound traveling through the air, but a permanent change.

           He was slow on the uptake, and even though you had witnessed his reaction already, knew what was happening, you still slid to the front of the couch, and held your breath. The camera swung wildly as Youngjae also took in the surprise.

           Daehyun’s eyes widened and then in a split second, he was shouting. He let out an almost dolphin-like bark and pulled on your hand as you toppled over into his arms. The hug he gave you wasn’t a proper one; in his excitement, he was half jumping out of his seat. You saw yourself turn red. Soon you were surrounded by people and there was noise everywhere and then you heard a small wail next to you.

           You looked down and stopped the video. Your baby had woken up. She sniffled and coughed as her mouth opened and closed, clearly hungry. You picked her up, wiped some of the tears off your face, and placed her in your lap.

           “Do we miss daddy too?” you asked her softly. Her mouth tightened around the bottle and she sucked vigorously, until the contents were almost done. She turned her head away and kicked her feet.

           You kissed her cheek and let her nibble on your finger. You looked up at the screen and saw that you had paused with Daehyun’s face right against the camera, bright-eyed and exhilarated, his mouth open as if saying something. Jaylie turned her head and maybe it was your imagination, but you saw her squint her eyes, as if identifying the person frozen in front of her.

           She has met Daehyun before, and you wanted to believe that she still remembered him. You missed him with an ache, a pain that dulled but woke up with a fresh vengeance whenever you chose to relive memories. It would be perfect if he could be here, next to you, gazing down at your daughter, and making the family complete.

           It had been a lonely eighteen months, with who knows how many more months in your future. You stared down at your baby and rocked her as you tried to picture his features again. Again and again, you would see the bright eyes, the cute pouch in his cheeks when he smiled. Jaylie turned her eyes on you and at least, she took after him there. At least you could have her to remind you of him.

           A tear dropped down on her cheek and her mouth puckered into a frown. Her fist went to wipe it away and she held out a hand to you. Her expressive eyes were downturned now, as she tried to take in the sadness you were showing.

           “I’m sorry,” you whispered as you hastened to wipe away the tears. “Daddy wouldn’t like to see mommy sad, right?”

           “I don’t think daddy would like it to see his two girls sitting lonely, staring at an image of him when he’s right here.”

           You looked up, and time took a while to catch up to you. He was standing in front of you, smiling and two strides forward he was right there, all you had to do was stand. Daehyun held out his arms and took you by the elbow, gently standing you up. His eyes went to his daughter and a proud smile spread across his face.

           “You’ve taken good care of her.”

           There were no words. Daehyun on the screen was nothing compared to this. This was beautiful. This was real. He took Jaylie from you, gave her a second to familiarize herself before staring into your eyes.

           “I’m back, Princess.”