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THIS IS SO CUTE JONGUP’S FACE REACTION IS SO CUTE JUNHONG GETTING SHY IS SO CUTE THESE 2 ARE SO CUTE 😭💕 © jongupsangel206 (Follow this account for more photos & videos!)

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10 reasons why you love your bias ~

10 reasons why I love Mr Jung Daehyun *^*

  1. His heart! He genuinely loves and cares for fans and the members. He does so much for us ;^; 
  2. His voice is silky smooth honey sent from the gods! It’s heaven to me, I float on a cloud (no joke his voice calms me down when I’m feeling panicky)
  3. His laugh, cutest giggle in the universe! His big ol smile when he’s happy and his cheeks! KITTYDAE! Lights up my world
  4. The wrinkles on his face when he hits a high note! #nosewrinkle
  5. The way he’s flirty/cheesy/greasy with fans. Treats us like we’re the loves of his life
  6. HIS TATTOOS!! the ‘hold’ tattoo for babyz and the ‘BAP’ tattoo because the group mean so much to him ;o; I had a dream of what it looks like, imma draw it
  7. the passion that emanates from him when he sings, the emotion he puts into his voice! He has so much charm and charisma on stage. I CRY
  8. He’s so beautiful. The boy is a true visual. He can pull off any hair style, his eyebrows are lovely caterpillars, he’s mr sparkly eyes *^*, I LOVE HIS NOSE, his lips are so glorious holy hell, I really like his jawline?? His tummy is so cuuute I wanna blow raspberries on it, he has the cutest uneven daebutt
  9. When he does aegyo and cringes at himself lol. lashglashdg
  10. The way he’s a soft floofy prince that often looks so cozy and huggable that I wanna tackle him with cuddles! it’s too much for my heart ;o;

I love everything about him. He means so much to me.
He was a massive source of happiness when I needed it the most.
He’ll forever have a place in my heart for that.
I genuinely love him very much.

okay real talk tho, my fave pics of Daehyun that surface on the internet are the pictures that show his bad skin. I can sit here and tell you he’s perfect and stunning and gorgeous and he is, like 100%. But when I see his bad skin every once and a while I remember that he’s an actual human that suffers like everyone else from shitty stuff but still can be so cute and still can find all the love in this world and honestly it’s just really important to me. 

Her Calling Them Cute: B.A.P


Can go two ways. He would either become a mush of sap in your presence or would just sternly tell you to not call him that in public because he ad to up-keep his villainous image and then become a mush after he thought you didn’t see.


His face, from stern, would quickly turn into a relaxed expression, eyes wide with surprise and then he would smile with genuine fascination. Because of his line of work, nobody dared call HimChan cute- nobody. It was then that he realized just how much he loved and adored you.


He would enjoy it so, so, so very much. Literally smile so big that you’d think the smile will split his face in two, and then go up to you and hug you tightly, muttering that he loved your view on the world, and that he loved you.


Instant denial with those cute little actions that make him look even cuter in your eyes and you’d be just like “??? Stop rejecting that. It’s true.


He will get very defensive and try and deny it with a serious expression but in his head I think he’d worry a bit.

1) Instead of cute, he wanted to be manly in front of you;

2) Your words made him wonder whether his enemies think of him cute, as well.


“I’m smol. I’m cute. Love me. Rub my belly.”

What is a image???? ;’)


Someone’s done with Daehyun (。・_・。)