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You know, as a new Baby I can only say that I am actually so proud and happy for the Babys that stayed with B.A.P during their hiatus. I get lonely and sad when they don’t update SNS for weeks or even days and when they go quiet for a bit I get unusually upset, like I’m missing a part of my family. 

Babys that stayed dedicated with B.A.P through their hiatus I feel like kept B.A.P alive. They hyped them up for their return and worked really hard to get them back up there. Without some of you guys blowing up my tumblr feed when I was in another fandom I would have never fallen into this group and never realized how amazing beautiful worthy precious they were and without B.A.P I don’t think I’d be as happy as I am now. 

Like hella thanks to the Dedicated guys that stayed with the kings for so long, yall are the real reason B.A.P is still B.A.P and I’m sure without you guys we wouldn’t be were we are today, I wouldn’t be this carefree and excited about life and honestly just bless.

B.A.P as Fathers
  • Yongguk: He is always interested in his children's activities! He goes to every sports game and every recital; he is always cheering his kids on and is oh so encouraging in troublesome times. He is really patient with them and will always hear them out.
  • Himchan: Music is important to him so he will always encourage his kids to study traditional music like he did. He loves having breakfast with the kiddos before school and he always gives them hugs! He never lets a day go by without them knowing his love and support.
  • Daehyun: Creative papa! He loves to build pillow forts with his kids! He'll read them books and have tons of snacks ready for them. It's always a snuggle fest with the kiddos and he never forgets to invite you too. Family time is his favorite time.
  • Youngjae: He is a very studious dad. He'll help his kids learn the alphabet before they even go to school and he'll teach them how to use honorifics properly. He teaches them manners and how to act properly in public! But at home...they're wild. Just like he is.
  • Jongup: He loves taking his kids out to the park to play! He always has a ball to kick around or to play catch. He kinda coaches them when playing but he loves seeing his kids trying their best and striving in activities he loves to do too!
  • Zelo: This playful dad loves playing hide and seek with his kids. He'll Hide behind obvious objects like a lamp or a chair. He loves carrying his kids on his shoulders on family outings but you constantly have to remind him about his height! The kids have bumped their head too many times ;;

Guys I know I say this a lot but honestly lets be real. Daehyun would be the best boyfriend. 

I honestly believe that Daehyun would go out of his way to take care of you and would send you good night and good morning texts even while on tour, He’d make it a point to know the time zone of where you were at when he was across the world so he could text you at reasonable times to tell you he loved you, making sure it was the first thing you saw during the day and the last thing you saw before going to bed. 

Daehyun would be the man who would hold you in his arms for no reason other than because he missed you and would hold you so tight like it was the last time he was seeing you. He’d nuzzle his face into your hair and just enjoy the scent of you, or nuzzle his face in the crook of your neck and give you light kisses every now and then, like this would be a recurring thing that you’d actually start getting annoyed with how long he held on to you and how often he did. 

Daehyun would be the type to drop what he was doing if he found out you were in a bad mood or something were to happen to you and go straight to your place with cheese cake and movies so you two could just lay on the couch in a big fluffy blanket and eat. He’d probably pick you up into his lap and wrap his arms around you from behind and rest his head on your shoulder and ask for bites of cheese cake, and you’d feed him a spoon full every now and then or vice versa.

Daehyun would be the type that would come home late and see you sleeping on the couch, he’d take off your shoes for you and carry you to the bed. He’d make sure to either try to change you into your pj’s or at least take off your day wear so you could sleep comfortably. He’d tuck you in and leave you to rest while he made himself dinner or something, He’d crawl into bed with you and tho you’d be dead asleep he’d make sure to cuddle you so hard. 

Daehyun would be the type to show you off to all his friends, making sure that everyone knew you were his and that you were actually perfect and beautiful, His friends would rag on him sometimes over how much he praised you, but to you they’ed continually tell you how lucky you were to get such a charming sweetest man in your life. He’d constantly remind everyone of your good traits, how hard you worked, how much you did for him and how much he loved you. 

Daehyun would be the type to go on long car rides with you and sing along to your favorite songs so loud and so annoyingly it was actually adorable. He’d hold your hand or have his hand on your thigh while he drove, He’d bring you extra pillows so if you got sleepy you’d be able to sleep comfortable. He’d be the type to dodge pot holes in the road to make sure they didn’t disrupt you. Daehyun would be the type that on long car rides would stop at pretty scenic areas to take pictures with you and would keep them all in his phone so he could look back at them always to make himself smile. 

Daehyun would be the type to sing you to sleep. Really soft songs in your ear while he played with loose strands of your hair that sprawled themselves on his pillow. He’d lace his fingers into yours and beat his fingers along to the tune of the song while he sang. He’d give you soft kisses on your cheek in between really cute lines, and wouldn’t stop until he knew for sure you were asleep and happy. 

Daehyun is perfect boyfriend material and just wow. I love him.

Listen no matter how many comebacks B.A.P have I don’t think I can ever get over Skydive… that shit was legendary and was a cinematic masterpiece that showed us that the only group that can one up B.A.P is B.A.P themselves!!!!

B.A.P’s reaction to seeing their partner stressed

With finals and deadlines coming up for many people, I thought it would be a good idea to write this. Don’t forget to take breaks and relax every now and then, no matter what you are doing. Your mental and physical health are the most important :)

Bang Yongguk

When he sees you anxious and stressed, he would approach you slowly and carefully. He would gently rub your back and hug you, talking as little as possible in order to give you a sense of calmness. Yongguk would simply be there for you and tell you how beautiful and capable you are, and that you should believe in yourself. He has been in the same situation before, many times, and would do anything to make you feel better.

Kim Himchan

He is not used to seeing you stressed because Himchan is usually the one demanding attention. After making a tactless joke and realizing that you were not in the mood for joking at all, he would notice that something is wrong and try to make you feel better by being goofy around you and happily cheering on you. Himchan would hope that his smile and positivity would eventually get you in a good mood, too.

Jung Daehyun

There would be some tension between the two of you because your negative mood would affect him quite a bit. The fact that he would be angry at himself for not being able to relieve your stress immediately doesn’t make the situation better. He would probably leave you for a bit, and then come back with your (his) favorite snacks to cheer you (and himself) up. Be careful, he might just end up eating your share too!

Yoo Youngjae

He would immediately know that something was off and hurry to your side and be with you. He would talk to you in a calming, soothing voice and try to relieve your stress by finishing small tasks which you would have to worry about otherwise (wash the dishes, get you food, do the laundry, …). Youngjae would listen to the reasons why you are stressed and try to give you his best advice on how to tackle the stressful situation.

Moon Jongup

He would slightly panic and feel a little bit helpless seeing you stressed. He usually does not worry about things because he tries to calmly analyze the situation before letting the pressure get to him. Jongup might be a little awkward around you at first, not knowing what to do. But later he would try to distract you by preparing a snack, telling you a joke or giving you a soothing hug. He might even do a little dance for you because he knows how much you like to see his body move.

Choi Junhong (Zelo)

He would probably give you space to think about or work on whatever you are stressing about. He would offer to help with whatever you are doing and make sure that you are getting enough rest. If you don’t feel like sleeping, he would force you to go to bed by giving you his cutest puppy eyes look. He doesn’t like aegyo very much but would do it for you if it means that you will rest for even just a few minutes.


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