I’ve always found Yongguk to be one of kpop’s greatest band leaders, but ever since their absence I feel completely abandoned by him. I just need reassurance from him cause I feel like when he says something I just feel so much better. I still love Yongguk but sometimes silence is not better than bullshit, silence can hurt a lot more than lies. Anyway, thanks to Daehyun who has kept us up to date. I think he’s dealt enough with the bull thrown at him. (Anon)

150829 - Daehyun - Replies to fans

@BAP_Daehyun 욕심쟁이… 하나만 오빠꺼하지ㅡㅡ 예를 들면 나라던지 나라던지 나라던지..


FAN: @BAP_Daehyun Greedy person… Only have one as yoursㅡㅡ For example me, me or me..
DAEHYUN: Youyouyouyou-uh-uhng-you

@BAP_Daehyun 고마워요 😭😭😭 보거싶다~~~


FAN: @BAP_Daehyun Thank you 😭😭😭 I miss you~~~

@BAP_Daehyun 신뢰할 수 있는 친구는 좋겠네요 👍 ✨

baby and you 

FAN: @BAP_Daehyun Freinds who can fully trust/depend on you are lucky 👍 ✨
DAEHYUN: baby and you

FAN: 평생 오빠거하면서살께용❤ 성별다른사람은오빠들말고안만날께용~~

에이~~~ 진짜로? https://twitter.com/dh_0628/status/637628592457838596

FAN: I’ll live forever being oppa's❤ I won’t meet different gendered person except oppas~~
DAEHYUN: Ey~~~ Really? https://twitter.com/dh_0628/status/637628592457838596

@BAP_Daehyun 오빠 평생 사랑해도되요? 난 정말 오빠들은 놓으면 안될거같아요 엉엉

난 죽어도 안놀거에요  

FAN: Oppa can I love you forever? I don’t think I’ll be able to let go of you guys ungung(T/N: crying noise)
DAEHYUN: I won’t ever let go even if I die
(T/N: daehyun actually wrote “i wont ever play even if i die.” We know its spelt as play but based on the context of the tweet to him he meant let go.)

@BAP_Daehyun 오빠 보고싶어요ㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠ 셀카올려줄 생각은 없으신지…?

@hcsm0102  자  좀 예전이지만 ㅎㅎ 

FAN: @BAP_Daehyun Oppa I miss youㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠ Is there any thoughts of you putting up a selca…?
DAEHYUN: Here, although it’s a bit old hehe

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150829 - Daehyun - Twitter

다들 걱정하지말아요 술은 무슨 술이야!    보고싶어서 그래요 내가. 다들. 즐거운하루보내요~!

Everyone don’t worry drinking what do you mean drinking! It’s because I miss you. Everyone. Have an enjoyable day~!

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150829 - Daehyun - Instagram

내절친태웅이와 우리형 배재형. 👍  @bigshow9161 @honeymuzik #허니지#ost#잘못된만남 #절친 #대박나자모두 https://instagram.com/p/6-FAvoJNrU/ 

My bestfriend Taewoong-ie and my hyung Baejae hyung. 👍  @bigshow9161 @honeymuzik #HoneyG#ost#AWrongEncounter#BestFriend#Let'sAllHitAJackpot https://instagram.com/p/6-FAvoJNrU/

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