Thank you for that constant warm smile no matter what situation you are in and the adorable cheesy things you do that we all love tbh (yes to boyfriend selcas, v lives and cute tweets). It’s a blessing to witness your talents not only as a vocalist in B.A.P but also as someone who is bound to leave a mark on kpop. Here’s to many more years! :)

#HappyBabyHyunDay  #대현이다  💖


Happy birthday to beautiful, precious Daehyun who works tirelessly doing what he loves, is so humble about his incredible talents, is so dedicated to his team and adores his Babyz so much. 

I love this moment even though I tear up even thinking about it everytime; he sang a song on this show that his father sang at karaoke to cheer him up during the hiatus, and he was so thankful to be singing on stage again in front of his fans that he couldn’t hold back his tears. Being an artist is his life and you can see his passion in everything he does. We’re so grateful to have him and the rest of B.A.P back together again ❤️❤️❤️

Happy Birthday Daehyun!