Baby Baby Remix. by Himchan Youngjae & Daehyun in Malaysia.(Fancam)

so cool Himchan!♥ ><

Okay, so you’re tired of eating all the traditional western fast food (like McDonalds, Burger King), Lotteria, or you don’t want to try to figure out yogiyo (if you can’t Korean lol), here’s a site that I stumbled across one day and have frequented since. It’s especially good for us lazy people who don’t want to leave our dorms or apartments. 

It’s called Bird Riders. It’s a food delivery service completely in English with English speakers! GASP! A rare treat in Seoul, right?

It’s pretty straight forward. You enter your area and neighborhood, then it’ll find restaurants nearby that they can deliver to you. These restaurants are typically the ones that normally don’t deliver so you may not be able to find them on other delivery apps!

For my fellow Ewha students, you just selected [Seodaemun] in the first drop down box and [Daehyeon] in the second.

Once you push the [Find Food Now] button, it will bring up a list of restaurants that can be delivered to your area. They will be sorted by delivery fee. The further the restaurant is from your area, the higher the fee.

When you select a restaurant title, it will tell you a bit about the restaurant and it’s operating hours. You can easily tell if a restaurant is open or closed by it’s opacity. The closed restaurants appear to be less opaque. 

Some menus will have descriptions for the items and some may not. If there’s a website in the restaurant description, you may have to check that out to see pictures or descriptions of the items you’re interested in. 

Once you’ve selected the items you want to order, just click on [View Order] and it will take you to the checkout page. You’ll need to enter your address (you can do this in English!) and valid phone number. If you need to pay by credit/debit card, make sure to select the option~ You can also customize your order or make a note in the message box. (I’ve used this before to order something from On The Border that wasn’t on Bird Rider’s menu but was on OTB’s menu). Then click [Order]! It’s that simple. It will give you an pop-up box to allow you to make a small donation to a Korean charity. 

Note #1: sometimes, the desktop version of the website won’t work but will on mobile. because of this, I’ve just defaulted on using my phone each time.

Note #2: I suggest registering on the site because it’s quicker the next time you order. you won’t have to input your address again or other information.

Note #3: as stated in their faq section, they will pick up things from the grocery store if you put in the memo box. they’ll charge you a small delivery fee and just add it to your order total

Note #4: if they’re busy or the restaurant is closed, they will call you! make sure you use a valid phone number. but don’t worry, they’ll speak English and they’re very nice!

I hope this help some people out there. The delivery fee is sometimes hard to swallow but if I’m really craving something and don’t want to leave, I always go to this site. It’s been a real lifesaver. lol

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