He swore he only took his eyes off from his son for one minute to speak with some customers and now the two year old child had seem to ran off somewhere. He agreed to meet the clients at a nearby park as a birthday party was going to be planned there and he was to take pictures throughout the event. Soohyuk had told his son to stay close as he was afraid of him running off and who knows what would happen. He let the child play in the park with the other children, as long as he wasn’t going to be getting into any trouble. Finishing speaking the clients, he couldn’t see his son in the playground and this worried and caused him to panic. He ran around looking and then saw him walking with some stranger. “Daehwan!” he called out and rushed over to the stranger and his son. Hearing an ‘appa’ from the child and seeing Daehwan rush over to him, Soohyuk picked up the child and carried them on his hip. He looked at the stranger and bowed apologizing before looking at them once again. “I’m really sorry about that. I looked away for only a minute and he decided to run off. He didn’t cause you any trouble did he?”