daedreaming  asked:

5, 8, 18 and 25 :D

B.A.P asks

thank you so much for sending these in ^_^

5 - Favourite Album

Noir and First Sensibility because they are the best albums in existence honestly I’m never getting over how amazing they are.

8 - What song got you into B.A.P?

One Shot!

18 - Favourite moment

omg this is hard since there are so many to choose from. Right now the one that comes to mind though is the VringU where Daehyun fights Youngjae and Himchan about the recording order and honestly it’s such a mess but it’s hilarious and makes me smile every time I watch it because they’re such dorks and I love it. But I also lowkey love the moment when Youngjae livestreamed for forty minutes okay that was beautiful.

25 - Favourite outfit on your bias

how do you expect me to choose when he looks good in literally everything he wears?

but honestly…..i scream whenever he wears pink. this honestly wasn’t that hard because pink youngjae is youngbae

okay huge pink sweater youngjae spam under the cut mostly previews sorry

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And so I drown in inexplicable joy as I take the first step of the journey that is only mine

I was tagged by the gorgeous and wonderful @95s for this selfie tag <33

It was an unbelievably long day but my makeup managed to still look good so I decided to take some selfies tonight instead of blessing you all with more pictures of my haunted past xD A lot of people have already done this tag and I don’t know who is comfortable with posting selfies so I’m just going to tag a bunch of people to spread the love <333

Tagging @hunniedae @b2utifularmy @uniqs-topp @nam-cute-joon @ash287 @strongastitanium @alyssaherdon @dansphil @colorfuloblivion @wearejiminproof @kimyoujinis186cmofpuregoodness @iam-abangtangod @owlcitybvbarmy @regularangst @xoyixing @yoon-jeonghoe @daedreaming @pyemul @yeunji @preencessjin @xiao-dan <333

I hope you are all having a beautiful day <333


I was tagged by @beebeecee (shes so cute omg babe) for Homescreen/lock screen/last song/selfie and like yeah here ya go Still Daehyun trash :o

I’m GOING TO TAGGGGGGG @mrsjungdaehyun, @daedreaming, @idontknowibangtagon, @wnhosgirl, @daehyuns-beautiful-golden-skin, and @mxbebes (ofc yall don’t have to <3) 


Lock Screen / Home Screen / Last Song / Selfie Tag !

I was tagged by the absolutely beautiful @daedreaming​ (I think someone else tagged me as well but I can’t find the mention so idk…?)

So, you all know that I’m Youngjae trash, there’s no point hiding it. As if my lock screen wouldn’t be him in his cute lil pink sweater that makes him look adorable and fluffy. Last song was Crash, because it’s a feel good song and I was feeling down. Selfie is an old selfie because I didn’t want to leave my bed. Also, cropped face for reasons I guess??? 

I’m gonna tag a lot of cool peeps whom I love and who have great blogs (i love you all): @daehyunny, @fluffyzelo, @actualyoungjaetrash, @daehnii@absolute-vendetta, @younqjaesthetic@perfectlyimperfectme86, @kitty-dae, @daefluffs, @daehyuns-leggings, @jun–oppa, @tigerbaby, @himchaans, @jion-a, @daehdream, @scentedmoonobservation, @dont-rain-on-my-rainbow, @yoonqjae-s

You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to or if you’ve already done it :3