Hello my incredible and beautiful followers!! For those who doesn’t know my name is Lolo and I am the girl who runs @mylifeiskpoptrash and @imhoseoktrash

Well I am here because today I’m celebrating three major events!!! I wanted to do only a post for my anniversary but then I reached my 9k and 3k in the two blogs and honestly I think it would be annoying to be tagged in three different posts, that is why I am making this big ass post, so be prepared because this is going to be hella long!!!

Also If you are interested in my new giveaway please read bellow the information about it!!!!!

First my first mylifeiskpoptrash anniversary!!!! I can’t believe I have a year here, it’s been a beautiful experience and I’ve met so beautiful and amazing people, I have friends here that are like my family and now I can’t live without them, so thank you for being here with me, thank you for all your support and thank you for being so amazing.

The second event is that I finally reached 9k+ here on my main which I really don’t get because I don’t deserve it, my blog is just trash and I don’t know what I did to make you follow me to be honest. I remember when I reached my first milestone and for me it was like a crazy dream and I never dreamed of having the number of followers that i have now. Thank you! I dont have enough words to say it.

And last but not least I reached 3k+ in imhoseoktrash, which is amazing because I only have a few months with my sideblog and because a lot of people love Hobi and that makes me so happy! I also have met a lot of beautiful ARMYs and Hobi stans!! thank you for following me there too!!!

**Also, I know I promised you a really big Giveaway! So I will give you a big opportunity here, I will reveal the prices and for all the ones who reblog or like this post I will give you 10+ entries and if one of you win my giveaway I will send you a signed price of the group you want (only of you reblog this post).The prices are: **

The first album of the group of your choice (photocard + photobook + cd) + The last album (photocard + photobook + cd, also if the last album has more than one version I will give you all versions) + a poster + some official merch (whatever you want) + unofficial merch (jewerly, clothes, charms, etc.) + a draw or a fanart. 

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Thank you for all

Pour Up

Summary: EXO Mafia AU ~ Yixing is an operative for his crime family, the Kims, and his next mission is to kidnap you, an heiress, for a ransom. He’s been doing this all his life, he’s prepared for this - or so he thinks…until he meets you.

Pairing: Yixing x You

Note: Slight influence of The Godfather

Rating: PG-13 

Tagging these honeys: @tousdae, @kpopfanfictrash, @imperfectmalik, @lxrixna, and @nine-daedreams

SPECIAL FEATURE ALERT: This is a reader-interactive fic, so in the box below, if you enter a name (yours or a character’s, for example), and click “submit”, it will swap out “Y/N” for that name. Y/L/N stands for “your last name.” None of the information entered is stored. This feature does not work on dashboard/feed/mobile app unfortunately.

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Originally posted by dailyexodose

“Care for a drink, sir?”

Yixing glances over at the waiter who’s appeared by his side with a tray of champagne flutes, and he bites back a sigh. No, he doesn’t want a drink, no matter how ridiculously expensive and perfectly aged – but he has to keep up appearances, so he pushes off the wall that he’s been leaning against and nods, accepting a glass. Done with his job, the waiter diffuses into the crowd of people, and Yixing takes a sip, raising a brow with reluctant approval. It’s very good. But then, he expected nothing less from an event sponsored by business moguls.

He hates these kind of things – charity galas. He loves the charity…he just hates the reason they’re hosted. So the obscenely rich can flaunt their wealth and mingle with other blue bloods and pretend to care about issues that actually matter. They’re just here for the publicity. Even now, Yixing casually steps out of the frame as hired photographers snap “candid” shots of these generous benefactors opening their hearts and wallets for the betterment of humanity.


He raises the glass to his lips again and does another sweep of the place with his eyes. They’re in the ballroom of a five-star hotel and the lights are low, which is good. What’s not so good is the tight security posted at the nine exits and the cameras casting a constant, watchful eye over the whole place. There’s even a man with dark glasses and a headpiece behind the bar. Nice.

The crowd of donors doesn’t notice this, however. They’re alive and loud, people in dresses and suits worth as much as small islands, drinking and chatting and dancing on the floor to jazz music humming from hidden speakers. But Yixing is only here for one of them. His gaze lands on her and he settles back against the wall, observing.

Y/N Y/L/N. Daughter of a multimillionaire philanthropist. Her father is a pillar in the wine business, with his own line of assorted nectars demanded by a global market. Nectars. That’s what her father calls his wine. How pretentious can you get? So pretentious that he can’t even be bothered to show up apparently – which is why Y/N is here, on his behalf, and Yixing watches her expertly socialize, all charming smiles and polite physical contact. She doesn’t spend more than five minutes with each person she talks to, but they all greet her as if she’s an old childhood friend, someone dear. Even those she seems to be meeting for the first time. She’s a pro at this, that much is obvious.

Well, Yixing is a pro at his job too, and it’s time to go to work.    

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I generally don’t do this stuff but I wanted to show my appreciation to the awesome people I’m following mutuals or non mutuals. Thank you all for making this blue hell hole of a site a much better place to be! 

There are more cool blogs that I do follow which you can check out in my blogroll page

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nine-daedreams  asked:

38, 47

Thank you so much <3

Originally posted by whenindoubt-blogitout

38. What store would you be the least likely to be found in?

any store with stairs… no but seriously now, apple store! Yeah, after some thought it hit me, even though I don’t have any valid reason I would be the least likely to be found in apple store.

47. Do you collect anything?

let’s go… CDs, DVDs, Books and my speciality - cobbles. I have small collection of cobblestones  from my favorite places  :D

anonymous asked:

favorite b.a.p blogs? ♡

FAVE BLOGS IN GENERAL: @junhongiee @ab1004 @b-124a-p-224 @kitty-dae @bapofficial @himdaes @bbangception @brainboxy @zainbap @daefsoul @thediebutterfly @s-kydive @bxngster @stanbap

Squad: @bap-time @daehyuns-beautiful-golden-skin @soooldout @jion-a @youngjaaes @eotteokhaji-s @tensxgirl (not B.A.P blog but shes lovely please love her) @minareen (also not B.A.P but fight me best girlfriend)  @diamond4yamv @bored-wayward-dragon @beebeecee (not B.A.P either but I’m trying to convert her through er himchan love so like go spam her with himchan and make a new baby)

Honorable mentions: @seungsuka @acuteproficiency @aegyo-chan @unorthodox-senpai @cheeji-burger @tigerbaby @y-ngguk @himchans @shut-the-jongup @fluffyjae @reinbownom @yoonqjae-s @daedreaming @daehyuns-uneven-buttcheeks @bestabsoluteshitposts @bestabsoluteperfectcrack I can’t believe I forgot @choimomo

The Power of Fangirling. You can do everything MORE than you think it is!👍
🚫Just Visit her YouTube channel to know the process how she got this fancam! Aaa.. she’s awesome.. just like a SPY!😄❤
B.A.P’s JAPAN 7th SINGLE【WAKE ME UP】Release Event in KOBE and TOKYO JAPAN 🇯🇵 170430~29
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Link: http://youtu.be/Vbw8XN9lOIk 🛬
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EXO Fake Texts


That Time You and Jongdae Got Lost 

2016 Comeback Alphabet

When He Misses You

When You Get Lost Trying to Surprise Him

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

One-Man Support Squad 

[COMING SOON: Ring on His Finger]

[COMING SOON: Mall Match]

[COMING SOON: Are You Trying to Make Me Cry?]


Test Anxiety 

When He Has a Bad Dream about Breaking Up

[COMING SOON: Wrong Number Fools]


When Kris Wants to Spend More Time With You 

When You Get Mad at Him bc of a Dream (ft Galaxy Man)



When You Think Someone is Following You 

2016 Comeback…Well, at Least He’s Happy

Weekend Visit

Worries and Alcohol

How Much Do I Love You?


[COMING SOON: Toll Both]

[COMING SOON: The Man You Married]

[COMING SOON: Admit That I’m Cool (Cross-Listed with Jongdae)]


Requests [OPEN]

2016 Comeback: Rock n ROOOOLLLLL

Part Time Hope (Baekhyun’s POV [part one] [part two]) [part three]


[COMING SOON: Mall Matchmaker]

[COMING SOON: Paper Feedback]


Job Interview Anxiety/Baekhyun Encourages You

Part Time Hope [part one] [part two] (Yixing’s POV part three)

2016 Comeback: Do You Feel Lucky Now?

When Your Store Has Been Robbed 

The Struggles of a Future 3rd Wheel (ft Chanyeol) [part one] [part two]

Birthday Surprise (Gone Horribly Wrong) (ft Chanyeol, ft Junmyeon) 

[COMING SOON: Burnt Out]



He Lost a Rude Bet!!

Okay, so He’s Not the BEST at Lying on the Spot

2016 Comeback: Rocker Chen, Right??

Jongdae Texting You While You are Working

When He Has a Weird Dream

When He Sends You Flowers…and a Surprise?!

The Booger and the Tomato’s Confession [part one] [part two]

[COMING SOON: A Tux for the Replacement Guest]

[COMING SOON: Admit That I’m Cool (Cross-Listed with Junmyeon)]


Re First Date with Jongin Fail

2016 Comeback: No Spoilers ;)

When You Can’t Sleep and He “Helps” (istg its not smut)


Midnight Blogger 

What is Love??? 

[COMING SOON: Epilogue]

[COMING SOON: What Not to Bring Home]


…One More Episode, I Promise

2016 Comeback: Angelsoo

Accidental Confession - Part One (Cross-Listed; Jongin’s POV)

Accidental Confession - Part Two

How To Cheer Up (On a Bad Day)

Family Fun <2 <3 <4

Sour Patch Couple   

How We Became Friends (Cross-Listed with Tao)

[COMING SOON: Lunchbox Secret]

[COMING SOON: Why You Want to Go]


When He’s Late for His Flight but Misses You Already (featuring Candy)

Tao vs Your New (and Tougher) Manager

How We Became Friends (Cross-Listed with Kyungsoo)

[COMING SOON: The Trainee]

[COMING SOON: Wing-man]


Accidental Confession - Part One

Accidental Confession - Part Two (Cross-Listed; Kyungsoo’s POV)

2016 Comeback, Seven Days of Theories = No Sleep, No Food, No Dates

When You and EXO Spy on Suho’s Date

When You Want to Cuddle

[COMING SOON: Cancelled Date]


When a Cat is in Your Home…You Don’t Own a Cat

11 Minutes Humor, The Absurd Anniversary Text

Sales Royalty

Who Turned On The Lights? 

Crushes and Crashes (ft. Junmyeon) 

How to be The Best BF (A Guide by Oh Sehun)

Tag and Cheer Up!!   

Home Alone (again) 

[COMING SOON: Cheer Up!]

[COMING SOON: Meaning of a Side Hug]

Fandom Pains and Feels

aka: what happens when I’m in a particularly shit-post-y mood –> HERE

Partner Blog

@pen-of-a-daedreamer - also me, longer fics and scenarios (x Reader) are [HERE]

Tagged by @nine-daedreams Thanks *-* I needed something like this to get away from A levels

But Im warning ya, 90% of my playlist is SuJu

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your mp3 player, itunes, spotify, etc. on shuffle, list the first 10 songs and tag people.

Super Junior-Bonamana

Bii (search him up!), Dino Lee, Ian Chen, Andrew Tan - Epochal Times

NCT U- The 7th Sense

Super Junior- Miracle

Yesung- Between

Super Junior - Mamacita

Bii- Come back to me

Super Junior- Andante

Super Junior D&E- Growing Pains

Super Junior- Sorry sorry

Tagging- @suju15, @elfyesungiecloud, @thewanderingelfstuff, @yiaah

anonymous asked:

FMK BestAbsoluteShitposts, BestAbsolutePerfectCrack, DaeDream :-)

can i kill all of them

fuck @bestabsoluteperfectcrack, mostly figuratively, but if I were to attempt to do the sideways tango with any of my mutuals it should be the one who is QUITE CLEARLY THE KINKIEST ONE WAKE UP AMERICA AUSTRALIA

marry @bestabsoluteshitposts, now I’m not a homewrecker and I don’t intend to become one anytime soon so when I say I will marry BASP I mean that I will travel over to England this mythical dragon country known as Wales, put a ring on their finger, try having some marmite, crumpets and English Welsh cakes, before I leave to go back to my snackwise-superior home country (we can discuss filing for divorce once we’re married)

kill @daehdream, OH WHAT A SURPRISE THAT I WOULD CHOOSE TO KILL THE PERSON WHO HAS SENT ME SEVERAL FMKS THROUGHOUT THE DAY. as for how the murder would be comitted there is only thing I can say. Drinking game rule: whenever Daehyun screams on-or-off camera every Daehyun stan has to take a shot.

10 Biases Tag!

I was tagged by @jadezx <3 I don’t know how I’m gonna do this but here we go (also, after Jimin, not in order)

  1. Park Jimin (bts)
  2. Choi Youngjae (got7)
  3. Boo Seungkwan and Vernon (seventeen, they’re the same person shh)
  4. Bang Yongguk (bap)
  5. Jooheon (monsta x)
  6. Amber (fx)
  7. Zico (block b)
  8. Sandeul (b1a4)
  9. Jung Taekwoon (vixx)
  10. Do Kyungsoo (exo)

This was so hard how did I even do this omg Does this change every time someone asks me who my biases are? Probably. Do I want to put 30 more people on here? Oh, definitely xD

Tagging everyone who likes torture xD Jk Actually tagging @namjoonsbby @xoyixing @xiao-dan @use-your-imajination @swindle-r @nam-cute-joon @uniqs-topp @daedreaming @iam-abangtangod @jiminieee95 @hoseoksariesgf <333

Tagged by @nine-daedreams 

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your mp3 player, itunes, spotify, etc. on shuffle, list the first 10 songs and tag people.

1.  Take Me To Church - Hozier

2.  Drag me Down - One Direction 

3. Beautiful Accident OST - Suho and Chen

4. Twinkle - Girls Generation TTS 

5. Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes

6. One Last Time - Ariana Grande

7. Hush - Miss A

8. Worth it - Fifth Harmony (ft. Kid Ink) 

9. For Life - EXO

10. Evanesce - Super Junior 

Tagging (people that i didn’t tag in my last thing) @sooranghaes @marklees-eyebrows @notweirdbutunique @milky-waee @pcyxo-xo @squishy-do

Tagged by @nine-daedreams Thank you!

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your mp3 player, itunes, spotify, etc. on shuffle, list the first 10 songs and tag people.

1. Burning Desire - Lana Del Rey

2. 사랑이었다 - Taeil (Block B)

3. Hot-n-Fun - N.E.R.D. ft. Nelly Furtado

4. 봄봄봄 - Roy Kim

5. 돈돈(Don’t Don) - Super Junior

6. A-Oh! (Korean Ver.) (Studio Ver.) - Super Junior

7. 사람들이 움직이는 게(HOW PEOPLE MOVE) - AKMU

8. 갈증 (A Man In Love) - Super Junior

9. Devil - Super Junior

10. Winter sleep - Olivia Lufkin

Tagging (because I’m curious  what are you listening to guys!): @itishebihime-samaforyou  @chekonoko @lifelovekorea

Tag Game

tI got tagged by that cutie patotie ;) @8bityeol

name: Sofia

age: 20

height: 5’‘3

ult bias: Hobi Hobi <3

nicknames: Soso is by far the least embarassing so let’s just stick to it

zodiac: Leo

ethnicity: French algerian

favorite fruit: watermelon, melon & raspberry

favorite season: Autumn

favorite color: purple, deep green & pink

coffee, tea, hot cocoa

favorite animals: cats

dream trip: Hawaii, China or Ireland 

number of blankets i sleep with: 2

dogs or cats: cats

side blog: is sparkle coated ;)

when did you start your blog: June 2013 

tags : @crimsoncosmicdust @park-thatasshere @pen-of-a-daedreamer

hi everyone~! so, in celebration of the new year i’ve decided to make my 1st follow forever!! this consists of blogs that i avidly reblog from and blogs that i love in general^^  i appreciate you all and i hope this year is nothing but kind to you.♡♡

Psst! side note: i highly recommend you follow these blogs bc they are amazing and the people who run these blogs are even more amazing, ok? ok.

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[How to be The Best BF] - A Guide by Oh Sehun

Description: Ok, so the title doesn’t quite cut it hehe, but your bf has some extra time off and he wants to see you, but you don’t have any time off to see him.  (But the conversation is still pretty lighthearted).  


Pairing: Reader x Sehun

Warnings: None~

A/N: I’m in such a good mood, it’s raining cotton candy over here right now.  I plan on using this mood to get some new content up.  

*Also, I promise I haven’t forgotten Yixing, I’m just being picky about how I write him since I’m not 100% satisfied with how I portrayed him in the first few texts.  I have two that are WIP and a few loose ideas, but if I write them when I’m not inspired….they don’t turn out as well.  So I’m not going to force it.   

**ALSO, one of the reasons I’ve fallen behind is because I posted my first one-shot on @pen-of-a-daedreamer …in case anyone wants to check it out. I hope to have the next one-shot up on that blog for Minseok next. 

Series “I Miss You” (list not up yet since this is the first).  


so it’s been quite a wild year with the lot of you. i’ve met so many crazily sweet, intelligent, amazing people and it’s been such a treat being able to interact and talk to so many new people ! thank you for both laughing and crying with me, and i’ll truly treasure our good moments on this hellsite. 

i also have a sideblog @jinnova, and thank you to those who support it !! 

cheers to having a wonderful 2017 and to more good memories ! 


i love each and every one of y’all ! please talk to me !!! i’m not scary just bad at social interaction 

if we’ve talked before i’m throwing a little heart by your name bc i appreciate & love u so much !

# - h

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