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The envelope contained a detailed analysis of the levels of water and the pressure building on the edges of Octovalley. "The water levels are fluctuating quickly, at home sector 23 had to be evacuated..." He paused as he remembered the other octoling. "It was a pleasure to meet you Miss Daedia. For now though i must take my leave, be seeing you Octra."

The Octoling’s tongue clicked against her beak, studying the numbers closely. She didn’t pay any attention to her Mother who was inching nearer.

“Mmm.. Hopefully we should be fine. However, if what you are showing me is true, then I will have to keep watch and warn the other Generals. I do thank you.”

“I can say the same for you, dear. I do hope to see you soon.~”

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Soar stood still and watched, sensing that the revealing of his race would be a bad idea. "I see I may have come at a bad time... At any rate, i have reports on the water levels." Soar put an envelope on a nearby desk. "Well ma'am, tell me, you don't look like the regular octolings around here, what kettles are you from?"

Octra nodded quickly, glad to distance herself from her mother.

“I am indeed from this Kettle, handsome-”


“..Soar, and I am the late General Cephalon’s wife, Miss Daedia. I am also Octra’s mother. You don’t have to worry about me; the Octarians and Octolings here know very well not to tamper with me.”

Octra couldn’t help but roll her eyes, turning to Soar once more.

“Soar, what was that about the water levels? My Kettle is located very close to the ocean as you know. Have they been rising again?”

She swiped the envelope from the table, taking no time in ripping it open.