How GoT season 5 should open: 

We start off with Daenerys, still trying to control her dragons. All of a sudden, we see this new character. He is introduced by Daario Naharis as an expert he brought in to help her. Daenerys asks him to introduce himself. The character bends the knee to swear fealty and says, “I am Hiccup Horrendous Haddock, the third of my name, son of Stoick the Vast and Valka the Wise, chief of House Haddock of the Isle of Berk, and the Tamer of Dragons. I have come to teach you…how to train your dragons." 

Daenerys accepts his help and then we have a gratuitous sex scene between Hiccup and Daenerys because it’s HBO.

Daenerys & Hiccup - Mercy

words: 529
warning: Spoiler for Game of Thrones 4x4 Oathkeeper.
note: before I pity myself just let me tell you, that I never wanted to write Daecup. Because though I really love that couple and characters I don’t think I do them any justice (I should use another word here, but I can’t because it’s the truth). But after watching Oathkeeper, I couldn’t help but think how Hiccup would react. 
note2: Saying this, in my head they speak Valyrian, thanks to the influence of AvannaK’s drabbles about them, which made me totally ship these two because they’re perfect. [also saying that my little piece isn’t likely as good as hers are and her knowledge about the both]. Enough babbling from me now.

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DaeCup Soundtrack!! Just as promised: A soundtrack devoted to the pairing of Daenerys Targaryen (of “Game of Thrones”) and Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (of “How to Train Your Dragon”).  Thank you for all of those who helped me decide on songs to include!

• Hopeless Wanderer Mumford And Sons • Sail AWOLNATION • Gods and Monsters Lana Del Rey • Lovers in a Dangerous Time Bruce Cockburn • The Story So Far Flogging Molly • Where Are You Going? Dave Matthews Band • The Old Ways Loreen McKennitt Fire With Fire Scissor Sisters • All That I Am Rob Thomas • Secret Smile Semisonic • Rise The Frames • Take The World She Wants Revenge • Dragon Attack Queen • Heroes David Bowie 

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Zip Me, Daecup. :) please!

“Leave,” Daenerys commanded of her handmaidens. 

The girls obeyed with slow steps and purposefully blank faces.  Daenerys knew they questioned why she would summon the Newcomer only to dismiss her company.  She knew Missandei was just beyond the door, unwilling to fully yield her Kahleesi to the presence of the stranger.

That was fine.

Daenerys pulled her fine, white hair over her shoulder and looked back at the young man left to her mercy.

“Assist me.”

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what are your thoughts on daecup?


Dude… just check my #daecup tag. I love them.  


  • Their worlds can crossover well; dragon-riddled medieval world vs dragon-riddled medieval world. That is how you crossover.
  • Their occupations collide because, hey, Daenerys is in need of an actual dragon trainer.
  • They both have an understanding of political/heir pressures
  • Despite this, Daenerys is still leagues above Hiccup. There’s totally a gap between the Kahleesi and Viking prince (who’s under her employment to train her dragons).
  • Imagine that happy family. Imagine it Imagine dragons
  • Their dynamic is fantastic.  From professional, to inappropriate sexual tension, to lingering looks and quiet touches, to bedroom trips… GAH
  • A little taboo, a little just rightquiet and classy, passionate and hot. Dayummmmmm
  • Okay, gonna roll around in emotions for a bit

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How would Daenerys react to coming across feral!Hiccup?

Ah haha, she would TRAIN HIM!

Actually, it would be fabulous because Hiccup would be even more in tune with dragons.  He’d have her babies like kittens in no time… playing and crawling and scratching around with them.

Although, I don’t think feral!Hiccup would end up in a sexual relationship with her.  What she had with Hiccup was half based on status and regal… ness. 

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I've been going over the Daecup tag, very convincing crack ship and it's fun to place the Barbaric Archipelago even farther north than the North of Westeros, cause now all I can picture is Stoick coming across a White Walker, going "Get yo weak ass shit out of here" and smashing it with his head. White Walkers aren't coming south cause Winter is Coming, they coming south cause Vikings are coming, and they have dragons.

Awww sheet yeah <3

Holy crap, Vikings vs Whitewalkers. Now that’s a show I’d watch.  

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Daecup, Ancient Egypt

They said a pale woman conquered the fiery lands of the West with scaled beasts rumored to have nursed from her own breast.  It was the sort of tale with just enough verve for a starving writer to brave the mountains and seek truth himself.

Hiccup realized too late that they hadn’t called her the Pale Woman for her snowcapped skin or starlight hair, but because, upon meeting her, everything in life suddenly paled in comparison.

rosieramblings replied to your post “Do you watch/read GoT? ‘Cause I was thinking, while reading the first book, that Hiccup would kind of make a good Daenerys - if you tweaked some of her lines to be more… Hiccup-esque. This is mostly just an excuse to see Hiccup screaming, “WHERE ARE THEY?! WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?!”



Valka would be the Mother-in-Law to the Mother-of-Dragons

What a family.

I Won't Say I'm in Love - Daenerys/Hiccup

She was out of his league.  More than any woman who ever caught Hiccup’s fancy.

Daenerys’ wealth and beauty were of fairytales.  Her youth and power of legends.  Her dragons were of dreams.

She was a queen.

Even if Hiccup retained his stature on Berk, even if he someday accepted the title of Chief… a chief is nothing to a queen.

So he ignored the looks she fixed on his profile and the way her hand would linger on his.  He wouldn’t read into the ease in her eyes when she stood near him, how she could stride into a room, fabrics billowing, and then truly smile at him–weariness and irritation melting from her features.  He would suppress his reactions to her.  Like how the smell of her hair would leave him with a clenched stomach and breathless.

She was a queen and he was a Viking, and if he let his guard down, if he indulged in his heart, he would never go back.  Daenerys Stormborn had become his home without Hiccup ever realizing it and it scared him.

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Fanfic I'd like to see you write? Basically like Hitchups except that instead of heading south to Grikkland/Miklagard he ends up in Westoros and meets up with Dany Boo Boo. Idk how it'd end though.

I would be so into that.

So, so into that.

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Daecup. :)

Oh snap - SHIP IT

Because they both have a passion for fashion dragons.  They have this amazing, powerful and poised chemistry. There’d be status boundaries and culture barriers and all this intensity between them.

alsdkfjasdfl Just the magical potential is enough to make me giddy thinking about it.