#4: caramelo
info: best viewed in chrome
(preview ; pastebin)

  • 250/400/500px posts
  • title/subtitle
  • icon 50x50 pixels
  • 4 customizable links
  • updates area
  • show/hide captions
  • yes/no fade photosets
  • yes/no grayscale photos
  • yes/no show tags
  • optional infinite scroll

how to use it: don’t forget that this theme has a weird title effect as you can see, so both your title and your second title (that you can edit in “abouto” in the customize page) have to have the same number of letters and in order to have a better effect, they haven’t to be more than 8 letters long (8 letters would be perfect).

don’t redistribute or copy, don’t remove the credit.
reblog/like if you’re gonna use it.
if you find some errors, feel free to tell me what’s wrong.


some of you asked for the codes of my info box, so here you can find two codes you can easily install. it’d be cute if you credit me somewhere or link my blog if someone ask for codes, thank you.

dropbox pack (#1, #2)
optimized for chrome {pastebin + how to

—- if you don’t know how codes work please customize just the parts that have a /*customizable*/ on their right, this will prevent any possible huge mistake so you don’t have to mess up your code or reinstall it again :> enjoy!

don’t repost or claim as yours.
please like/reblog this post if you are gonna use one of them, thanks.