daebak b1a4

[Listen to the #B1A4] 140405 YOKOHAMA: SETLIST&FANACCOUNT


  1. Beautiful Target
  2. Bling Girl
  3. In the Air
  4. Yeppeo/Pretty
  5. Because of You
  6. Yesterday
  7. HEY!
  8. Angel Eyes
  9. Believe in Love
  10. Lonely
  11. Oh My God
  12. Empty Mind
  13. Beautiful Lie
  14. The Time Is Over
  15. Tried to Walk
  16. Starlight Song
  17. Good Night
  18. What’s Happening?
  19. Baby I’m Sorry
  20. Remember
  21. OK [ENCORE]
  22. Who Am I
  23. You’re My Girl
  24. If… (End)

Rules todays are so strict. Even the flower stands for #B1A4 may not be photographed

Although many of #ListenToTheB1A4 goods are in blue-black-white incl the towel, the penlight is still pastel apple lime

Today all levels of Yokohama Arena (Center, Arena, Stand) are used for #ListenToTheB1A4 #B1A4ライブ. So many BANAs come today!

Individual #B1A4ライブ member goods bear specific colours: CNU blue, Gongchan pink, Jinyoung lime green, Baro moss green, Sandeul orange

B1A4 was backed by a very powerful live band. And of course they sang live throughout the concert!

The mic of each member was also marked by their individual colour

Most of the songs performed were from Who Am I and 2, with of course their old, beloved hits also

Jinyoung introduced himself as kawaii leader then acted aegyo a bit!

Sandeul introduced himself as the supper supper supper oppa in everyone’s heart

During Yeppeo the music suddenly stopped. B1A4 praised everyone in the Arena as kawaii, then began singing again

Gongchan shocked everyone then by saying “I have a girlfriend!” >>> Gongchan: “My girlfriend’s name is Ba.. Ba.. Ba..” (Everyone expecting him to say BANA) “..BARO-SSHI!!" 

Hearing that, Sandeul chased Baro to the edge of the stage while screaming with a high pitched voice "BARO-SSSSHIII!”

Gongchan then smiled and said, “My girlfriend is BANA..”

Sandeul said that he’d eaten delicious food in Yokohama like yakisoba.But since there are many delicious food in Yokohama, B1A4 asked the audience’s recommendation. Their answer was shiumai! Jinyoung said they hadn’t eaten that

When asked what Gongchan had done in Yokohama, he began singing.. The jingle of Yodobashi Camera (electronic store) Gongchan said he went to Yodobashi Camera to buy earphones

The boys looked charming in white costumes and dancing with ties during Lonely

B1A4 also charmed with heartbreaking songs: The Time Is Over, Tried to Walk, Starlight Songs

But B1A4 also made BANAs dance with songs like Good Night. In What’s Happening, excited Gongchan shouted his parts

The boys sometimes ran around the alleys that circled the arena, touching the hands of fans who sat near the alleys

Once CNU even ran up the stairs to the upper seats, causing fans to scream!

The live band made old songs sound fresh! We really love the live version of Baby I’m Sorry

When it’s time to say goodbye Baro read a short letter. He said, they came to Japan when beautiful sakura is blooming

sadly they couldn’t go to do hanami (sakura-seeing). But everyone today bloomed in Yokohama Arena, so thank you

Jinyoung reminded everyone not to forget their meals. He asked whether everyone had eaten before they went to the concert

Main setlist was closed with O.K., which of course made the whole Arena explode again

B1A4 left the stage. Fans began chanting “Jinyoung CNU Sandeul Baro Gongchan daebak B1A4!” To ask for encore

B1A4 returned with Who Am I, You’re My Girl. Then they did MC again for the last time

Jinyoung asked BANAs to shout after him, “say Yeah yeah! Sat Wah wah! Say Woh woh!” And everyone followed him

But then CNU cut in “SAY BA—” suddenly everyone fell awkwardly silent. CNU looked embarassed…

His friends laughed but helped him anyways. “I say BA you say NA!” “I say YOKO you say HAMA!”

Then B1A4 truly closed the concert today with If. Gongchan & Sandeul ran up the stairs to the upper stage holding hands

As the floor they stood upon descended, B1A4 kept on waving to the fans until they completely disappeared. B1A4 daebak!

security was very strict. Throughout concert they went back & forth checkin every row. I got my phone out once &a staff approached me^^;

cr: jw2718@Relawan_kONser 




B1A4 -Lonely - English cover