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I’m gonna rant for a very long paragraph, so read at your own caution.

The injustice and unfair treatment VIXX got on year-end shows in 2016 is too much. VIXX is a sunbae group with a well-established fan base. VIXX had 3 comebacks with 9 music show wins. VIXX promoted Kpop in places that Kpop was not popular (I forgot where they went, but they were representing Kpop). Let me show you the injustice VIXX got last year:

1. SBS Gayo Daejun

SBS Gayo Daejun is the worst year-end show this year. I bet every fandom could agree with this. Why VIXX was played dirty here? 1. SBS did not uplaod their performance and reported all of the fancams. 2. VIXX got a short 3:08 broadcasting time. 3. The camera work is so bad. 4. N was part of the contemporary dance group but was barely shown.

SBS, in a Starlight’s point of view, is actually the second worst year-end show. I will tell you why I think a certain year-end show is the worst (it might be shocking for most)

2. KBS Gayo Chukjae

To be honest, I don’t have any complaints about KBS. 1. KBS gave Ken a solo stage, which I really appreciate. 2. The camera work is okay

The only problem is that KBS made the show kind of boring, but it is okay.

3. MBC Gayo Daejejun

MBC Gayo Daejejun is the worst year-end show, especially in a Starlight’s point of view. 1. VIXX got a short 3:30 of broadcasting time, while other hoobae groups got more time. VIXX performed Desperate but it was not broadcasted. 2. VIXX was the only group that did not perform a special stage. You know what that means? They were the only group that performed only in the cold (IDK about Red Velvet, did they perform a special stage? I don’t remember seeing them perform a special stage). 3. The fans at the back did not turn their lightsticks on (I love the Sechs Kies fans at the front, thank you for turning your lightsticks on!), which means there were a very small amount of Starlights. 5. The camera work and stage effects are sh*t. 

I was so fckin pissed at MBC. You may have given time to my other faves (Infinite, BAP), but you did not give any justice for VIXX. The reason why I label MBC Gayo Daejejun as the worst for VIXX and Starlights is because MBC treated VIXX worst than SBS treated them. At least SBS allowed N to show his contemporary dancing. At least SBS let them perform inside. At least the stage effects in Gayo Daejun did not cover VIXX’s faces.

As a general argument:

VIXX worked their asses off in the year of 2016, but gets this kind of treatment. Let’s hope VIXX gets a better year this year. They were totally played dirty.