This is for both waffyeols unnie and daeateit. Hi Len ^^ These are two of my favorite people on tumblr and so I decided to dedicate this Dae to them. Mwahaha, I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote it. I guess I like torturing our bias :P It’s love ♥

            The moment Daehyun woke up and read the note his wife left him, his heart sank. Of course her cousin had to give birth and take her away on the day of their anniversary. “I trust you to take good care of my babies,” she wrote.

            Before he got out of bed, Daehyun grabbed his phone and texted her. “You better be prepared to reward me tonight.” His phone buzzed immediately. “Yeah and you better prepare that twenty karat diamond ring. I take care of them every day.”

            He smiled to himself. Ms. Feisty indeed, He propped himself on one elbow and took a selca just for her. “Mwah~ Who needs diamond rings when you could have this all night, every night?”

            Once again her response was immediate. “Hush. My babies are calling.” And as if by magic, he heard the pattering of feet and a tiny wail. Daehyun pushed himself off the bed with a groan and prepared for a long day.

            He decided he might as well get the house cleaned and do some shopping so she wouldn’t have to be burdened later. Daehyun silently applauded himself. He was a good husband. He made breakfast, made sure Daemin was properly dressed and changed before dressing his daughter. Jaylie was restless and eager to find something to amuse herself as he buttoned her coat.

            “Come on, Jaylie, don’t be so squirmish. Daddy needs to make sure you’re warm.”

            “Where are we going?” she asked as he pulled her hat over her head. She pulled at the side strings and stared at him.

            Daehyun placed his son in the car seat and took Jaylie’s hand. “We’re going out shopping today.”

            The little girl’s mouth pursed and she nodded. “Oh, but what about mommy? Where will mommy be?”

            “Mommy went to be with auntie so she can bring back a new friend for you.”

            “A new friend?” Jaylie’s dark eyes lit up and Daehyun nodded.

            “But first, we need to buy lots of food for Jaylie’s tummy and make sure that we buy pretty things to decorate our house for Christmas.”

            His two children sat in the backseat and squealed as he sang lullabies to them in the car. As Daehyun maneuvered Daemin from the car seat and into the shopping cart, he admired all the mothers who had to take care of multiple children as they shopped. They really had it hard. Daehyun made sure his daughter walked by the cart as he steered.

            Jaylie pointed at the gummy bears and the various candies, giving Daehyun sad puppy eyes when he rejected her. She pouted and shook her tiny body, threatening to cry. Daehyun squatted down next to her, keeping an eye on the shopping cart and trying to plead with his daughter.

            “Jaylie, we’re going to stock up on a lot of ice cream and then whenever you want, Daddy will make for you, yes?” She nodded reluctantly but grabbed a bottle of gummy vitamins, without knowing that they were actually healthy for her. He looked at it and nodded. “This will do.” It was only with a slightly guilty conscience that Daehyun felt great about tricking his daughter.

            Daemin had picked up the belt from his seat and placed it in his mouth. He gave a tiny gasp of distaste and Daehyun grabbed it out of his hand. “No! This is very dirty.”

            Jaylie laughed a little and clung herself onto her father, dragging on his arm as he tried to place the belt around Daemin so he couldn’t pick it up. Daehyun huffed a little. Taking care of two kids who were at similar ages was tiring.

            It was after they’ve circled the entire market that Jaylie tugged on his sleeve. “Daddy, I need to go to the bathroom.”

            “Can you wait until we get home, sweetie?”

            She shook her head, her lower lip sliding out and her cheeks being more pronounced as she stared up at him through her lashes. “It’s an emergency,” she said in a quiet voice.

            Daehyun sighed. This was not how he imagined spending his anniversary. He steered the two of them to the restrooms and pointed at the female door. “Go in and come out quickly.”

            Five minutes passed and Jaylie still didn’t come out. Daemin was now fidgeting in his seat, face scrunched as if about to cry at any moment. Daehyun picked him up and bopped him up and down, singing softly to him.

            “Where did noona go?” As more women exited, Daehyun began to get worried. He stared at the door and realized he had no more options. He held his son against his chest as a barrier and walked in.

            The women at the sinks were startled and he flushed scarlet. Daehyun bowed to them and frantically walked around, shouting, “Jaylie! Jung Jaylie! Where are you?”

            Daemin clung onto his neck and he cursed the fact that the public restrooms had to have so many stalls. He peered under, trying to see if he could see his daughter’s shoes. The women looked after him curiously when he finally heard small sobbings from a stall.

            He knocked tentatively. “Jaylie?” The door swung open and he saw his daughter’s tear-stained cheeks as she sniffled. “What happened?”

            She pointed at her overalls. “Daddy, I can’t reach.”

            In front of the gawking women, Daehyun deftly held onto his son and clipped the button of her straps together. She wiped her eyes and hugged him tightly. An elderly woman stepped up to him and said, “Being a single parent is difficult, isn’t it?”

            Daehyun stared at her a little dumbly before gathering his wits. Being in the woman’s room was affecting his brain. He needed to leave. He picked up Jaylie so she was in his right arm and shook his head. “My wife’s cousin is giving birth so I’m taking care of them today.”

            She nodded and patted his arm. “Children, take care of your handsome daddy and don’t cause him too much trouble.”

            Jaylie sniffled again and Daehyun kissed her cheek. “I’ll take care of them for now, watch them grow up.”

            That night after watching Jaylie polish off a small bowl of cookies and cream ice cream, Daehyun made her brush her teeth and put her to bed. He flopped onto the bed and forced himself to stay awake. His wife had texted him, telling him that she would be home “soon.” He scoffed a little. Soon for women was normally a long time after.

            He just barely heard her walk into the room but the moment she approached the bed, he reached out to grab her wrist. She let out a tiny squeak and then her face came into focus. She was smiling at him. “Had fun?”

            One side of his lips lifted into a small smirk. “Yes, but not as much fun as we will have one you shower and get back to bed.”

            She looked away and rolled her eyes. “And here I was, thinking that you would be exhausted after taking care of our two little demons for an entire day.”

            Daehyun decided to cut to the chase. He pulled her on top of him and circled his arms around her waist, lightly tapping her lips. “What are you talking about? They’re absolute angels.”

Thank you all for the birthday wishes ♥ I won’t be on until tomorrow, so just know that all my gratitude is here. I really, really, really, love you guys and thank you so much. Haha, entering my final year as a teenager :P This is the year to be a kid and still get away with it. XD I want to thank each and every one of you who have stayed by me, who talk to me, who support me and who are just here. You’re all amazing and there are no words to describe you all. This was really awkward to write, so I treated it as another request, haha. I’m so lame. And here’s at you, Len. I have you mentioned in here somewhere girl ♥d

            “No! That does not go there!” You pulled the cheese away from Daehyun’s mouth and glared at him. He gave you a sheepish smile.

            “Just trying to test out the ingredients.”

            You stared at him for a beat too long before realizing that no¸ you should be staring at his stupidity and not at his lips. You shook your head to get rid of any remnants of digressing thoughts and took the egg beater from him. “You can just sit and watch.”

            “I should be the one making this,” he insisted.

            “If you made this, the ingredients would be done before you finish. So no. My birthday, my rules.”

            “And my cake surprise you ruined,” he grumbled. You smiled sweetly at him and proceeded to whip the eggs.

            You gave him the bowl with the cream cheese. “You can mix the cream cheese though. Now that you’re not hunkering to eat it, I trust you enough. Be sure to add two tablespoons of sugar after you do this for five minutes.” You sat down and watched him. “Don’t tire yourself out.”

            Daehyun pouted and started to mix the cheese, looking dejectedly as he did so. “You know, I have better self-control than you think. I wasn’t actually going to eat the cheese. It was one hundred percent for humor purposes, to make you laugh.” When you raised an eyebrow, he looked even sadder. “It’s true!” he insisted. “When it’s your cake, I can refrain.”

            You narrowed your eyes at him. “Are you quoting Len’s tweets again.”

            He placed a hand over his heart. “That girl understands my heart.”

            After beating and placing the sugar, he drizzled in the vanilla and looked at you. “What are you doing?”

            “Watching you.”         

            “Oh. So I’m the one making the cake?” He looked unbelievably happy when you nodded. “Alright! Time to check on the crust then.” He peered into the oven where the graham cracker crumbs he had mixed with butter was slowly smoothing over to form a flat layer of crust. You inhaled.

            “Smells good.”

            He nodded and casually reached for one of the leftover graham crackers and when you looked at him, defended himself with his mouth full. “Therse arm the lefoers,” he mumbled.

            You laughed and took a small piece for yourself. “I know, silly. I wasn’t going to stop you. I was just going to help you add the milk into the filling.” He nodded and allowed you to assist him. But when you wanted to add the eggs, he grabbed your wrist.

            “Let me do it. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you make a perfect cheesecake. You need, as I have previously shown you, all the right ingredients, tested of course.” You let out a tiny snort. “And then, you need to have a beautiful assistant next to you because they always make the cake better.” You slapped his arm.

            “Be quiet and stop with the Reporter Dae.”

            He squinted his eyes together and furled his lips into a cat-like smile. “This is the Jung Daehyun food channel. And what you’re viewing is the steps to the perfect birthday cheesecake.”

            He carefully lifted the filling and poured it into the crust that he had taken out. You watched him gently smooth things over with the back of a spatula and he placed the cake into the oven to bake. Daehyun looked at you and smiled.

            “Well, I guess that’s it. Once it’s done, we pop it into the fridge for a while, and then we wait for the guests to arrive.”

            You grabbed a bit of the frosting and dabbed it on his nose. “Here, reward for the hard work.”

            He smirked and winked suggestively. “How about I eat that off of somewhere else instead?” The look you gave him had him backtracking. “Okay, kidding!”    

            It was after dinner, and after everyone had settled into the living room that Daehyun asked to turn off the lights. Jongup went with him to help carry the plates and everyone waited. There were small dots coming your way from out of the kitchen and you saw that they were the light from the candles.

            “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,” Daehyun sang. “Happy birthday, my dearest, happy birthday to you!” And in front of you, was the large cheesecake that he had put in so much effort to make.

            You looked around you and bowed. “Thank you for everyone. I don’t even need to make a wish because everything I could wish for is already here.”