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GOOD JOB YOU CUTIE PIE! I know you passed your finals with flying colors. Now go get like a week full of sleep, something delicious to eat, and CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON! DUN DUN DADUN DUN DUN DUN DADADUN ♥♥

omg THANK YOU I love you!!!!! ❤️

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So I was reading Ad Hominomnomnom again for the 10000000th time, when noticed it's a series now. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT FALLACY?! *suspicious*


•slips on shades•



Maybe you’ll find out this Saturday, who knows; maybe, maybe not.


Maybe not.


Or not.


Perhaps not.

Or so?

•drives off in fanback boat• DUN. DUN. DUN. DUN. DUUUUUUN.

So let me get this straight

Sasuke is

  • Asexual 
  • Abusive
  • Mentally ill
  • Emotionally retarded
  • Not a prodigy
  • Dead beat dad
  • Unable to love like everyone else

Coincidentally all these started coming from certain people right after Sasuke was the only male in his generation confirming his feelings on panel with SS being canonized mutual and then later again after him being the only male yet again confirming his love in Gaiden, oh I wonder why.

Though they are right with one thing, Sasuke indeed does not love like everyone else, he loves more than everyone else.