dads inn

  • Ambrose: You can go suck a fuck.
  • Kvothe: Oh please tell me, Ambrose, how exactly does one suck a fuck?
  • Ambrose: You want me to tell you?
  • Kvothe: Please, tell me.
  • Denna: We will not have this at the dinner table.

Today was a good day
-took my environmental science final aka one exam left!!
-my dad drove down to help me move out/head home and he’s never been here before so I got to show him around
-checked out a restaurant I had never been to for lunch and it was super cute, got a black bean quinoa burger with rosemary fries that were really good (im a french fry snob so this is a big deal)
-got to chill out and explore the inn my dad is staying at…its soooo nice and ive always wanted to see the inside but haven’t gotten the chance until now, he’s only here for one night which is why he decided to stay there
-im pretty much moved out of my room aside from a few boxes being picked up tomorrow and it feels soooo good
-ive had a really good time talking and laughing with my dad…i forgot how well we get along, we had a really bad relationship for a long time (basically didn’t talk my entire senior year/freshman year of college) so the good moments mean a lot to me
-in 24 hours I will be on the road heading home and in 5 days I will be on the road heading to the airport !

Lucky Part 32

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

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I love you All! I don’t even know what else to say anymore. You guys are great! Enjoy! Oh, but I do want to say that I mention a couple holidays in here, so I am so sorry if you don’t celebrate these, hopefully it won’t stop you from reading. Just a heads up.

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🌸 little toudou and his big sister

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