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Abusive relationships aren't abusive 100% of the time.

Just because they’ve got good moments doesn’t mean that the abuse is any less real.

Edit: I would also like to clarify that this is about any kind of relationship. This applies to anyone in an abusive situation with any person whether it be friendship, sexual relations, family relations, co-worker relations, peers, neighbors, acquaintances, teachers, students, etc… Abuse comes in many forms, but organized into three categories. Mental, Emotional, and Physical abuse are all very real, and it’s very important to understand the warning signs and even more important to get out of the situation as safely and quickly as possible. Things to Remember: - Don’t be afraid to tell someone what you’re going through. Find someone to act as a safety net of sorts. Make sure it’s someone you trust, and someone you know can and will help you. - Have somewhere to go if you need to get away. Make sure to tell your ‘safety net’ what happened, and where you’re going. - If you’re financially dependent upon your abuser then start saving money up as soon as possible. If you’re planning on leaving you will need some funding to do so. (The easiest way to save money is to stop eating out. Sandwiches are simple enough to not need cooking skills, and the price of ingredients will fit nicely in your budget. Trust me I’ve done this myself.) - Most importantly, don’t go back. I know they’ll say they can change, but the terrifying reality is that abusers rarely change. I’m not saying they’re not capable of change, but please be cautious of reentering a toxic situation.

Piper and Annabeth talking and the topic of their boys cooking comes up and pipers like “yah Jason’s pretty hot when he cooks” and Annabeth has flashbacks to Percy wearing a revolting blue apron and those ugly fish oven mitts and she’s just like “Percy’s can be hot sometimes I guess”


Also in June, Liam Payne, the last of the five members to go solo, will release his first single, which is expected to take a more urban direction.

There is excitement around Liam’s launch so soon after he became a dad, with girlfriend Cheryl giving birth last month.

He has signed David Beckham’s long-time PR Simon Olivera to manage him and has already started the hype campaign with a topless shoot for Rollercoaster magazine, where he pleased 1D’s large female fanbase by posing topless. [source]

  • Blake: Mom, Dad, you remember my girlfriend.
  • Ghira: Ahh, of course.
  • Yang: Heya Big Daddy Belladonna!
  • Ghira: Always a pleasure Yang, it's been Xiao-Long.
  • Kali: Oh god no...
  • Yang: Well I guess you're right! It has been a while. So sorry to Blake you worry!
  • Blake: Don't involve me in this!
  • Ghira: No truly, it's been purr-ever.
  • Yang: You're right, last time we were here Blake did some very adventurous things.
  • Yang: Whoops, guess the cats out of the bag now, eh?
  • Ghira: I know, I mean we waited ages! Guess it's more like the cats out the closet, huh?
  • Both: (Snap point at each other) Ayyyyy!
  • Kali: I'll go get the gun.
The signs as things I've done while drunk
  • Aries: stole an entire bottle of champagne from my friends, ran, and drank the whole thing by myself under a tree
  • Taurus: asked my friends parents if I could make weed brownies as a joke and they said yes
  • Gemini: talked to a friend about the universe for an entire hour in some random person's yard at 2 am
  • Cancer: held my friends hair back while she threw up, put pj's on her, and tucked her into bed
  • Leo: danced on a bar in front of a wall that said "fuck yeah" with an American flag
  • Virgo: made plans with a complete stranger to go see Niagara Falls (I live in Florida)
  • Libra: when my dad's girlfriend asked for a lighter, I misheard her and ran to my room and grabbed my weed because I thought she said "light up" let's just say my dad wasn't happy
  • Scorpio: kissed three guys within the span of 2 hours
  • Sagittarius: went driving with friends (a sober person was driving dw) and had a titanic moment through my sun roof by myself (it was magical)
  • Capricorn: destroyed two grown ass men in beer pong my first time playing
  • Aquarius: went to a party with a friend when we heard a girl say "hey are we going skiing tonight?" (aka doing coke). My friend and I just looked at each other and got tf out of there
  • Pisces: grabbed a blanket and fell asleep in about 10 different places in my friend's house
HARRY'S NEW DIRECTION Dramatic pictures show Harry Styles dangling in mid-air during new music video shoot… as we reveal secrets of debut single

Styles is preparing for the biggest pop launch of the decade with the release of hugely anticipated Sign of the Times

IT’S been 479 days since Britain’s most successful ever boy band One Direction took their final bow.

But now the group’s breakout star Harry Styles is preparing for the biggest pop launch of the decade with the release of hugely anticipated debut single Sign of the Times.

And these incredible pictures show the 23-year-old intends to make his entrance in the most dramatic of fashions.

Floppy haired heartthrob Harry is winched from a helicopter above remote farmland shoreline in a secret location in Scotland earlier this week.

In fact, everything has been secret about this project…until now.

I can reveal the meticulously planned debut of the single at 8am on Friday will kick off an Adele-style campaign to establish Harry as the world’s biggest male star.

The superfan of David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney wants to be taken seriously as a songwriter and musician – and will distance himself from the teen pop direction of his former band.

A source close to the star tells me: “Harry isn’t a typical popstar. This is an art rock project – and he wants to let the music do the talking.”

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Mon père: J'ai croisé Chloé ce matin


Mon père: Je comprends pourquoi. Elle à des yeux bleu magnifique et un sourire superbe. Quand elle parle elle à un accent anglais très charmant. Et elle est aussi très belle


Mon père: T'as de bon goût ma fille !!

Moi: Vous étiez pas moches maman et toi, j'ai été à bonne école 😉

Movie idea: two women are stressing over coming out to their family.

One is a woman pushing 50. She’s never been out, scared everyone will be mad and hate her, but tired of living in the closet. Her children are grown, her father (and judgment he would have had) is gone, it’s time. She currently doesn’t have anyone, and her ex-husband is the only person that knows, but she reaches out to her friend group first for support and they set her up on a series of awkward blind dates. There’s a nice moment where she comes out to her mother and her moms like “wow I thought I’d be in a coffin before you were out of that closet.”

The other is a girl in her twenties who went away for college. She grew away from her family (two sisters, one brother - all gone to a state school) and her whole world looks different than what she grew up in. She’s got a pretty good text-message relationship with her dad. But her girlfriend of several years just dumped her. She’s devastated and looking for a change. She goes home, but it’s clear she’s going to have to commit to coming out to them if she’s gonna make this town her home again.

Her sisters and brother find out first (or they already knew, maybe a mix of the two, or maybe baby brother couldn’t keep his mouth shut and our heroine gets to smack him a little.) They are cool with it, of course, because this is a happy movie, and at some point she runs into a high school friend and she has that Adult Gay Realization that “oh those feelings weren’t friendship feelings oh that explains some things” thing. Her sister’s are LIVING. High school crush probably has a brother that dates one of the sisters. Maybe that het couple are getting married. Idk.

Anyway, about this time we learn they are mother and daughter. And we learn they’ve never really connected. Love each other, sure, but never really had a deep relationship. Of course they haven’t, they haven’t opened up to each other, they’ve kept something back.

Of course the ex-husband/father know the ex-wife/daughter are not straight. And he can’t say anything to the other. Or to his other kids who don’t know yet. Basically it’s killing him. His new wife thinks it’s adorable. She’s got kids of her own too. They are that late in life second relationship kind of couple.

I just made a decision that mom has a sister who is stereotypical Wine/Weed Aunt. Never married. Her life is her sisters kids and traveling. Straight, but eh she wouldn’t say no to new things kinda lady in her 50s. She and the daughter always got together before this whole movie started. They bros.

So when mom comes out to Wine Aunt, Wine Aunts like “SWEET” and is the rock it takes for mom to go to pride (where she meets one of her blind dates again and it becomes a thing.

By this point though, okay, by the time the pride parade happens, Everyone Knows about Everyone except mom doesn’t know about daughter and daughter doesn’t know about mom so this whole family is running around trying to keep mom and daughter from running into each other at the parade but simultaneously being supportive of the other family member without them knowing. Of everyone in their family, each other was their biggest worry in coming out to, so they want to do it ~right~ and there are ~plans~ and everyone knows this and is trying to help. It’s a wild good time.

There’s a subplot where dad’s step-son comes out as gay and kinda blows daughter’s thunder for half a scene and the new wife takes a minute to adjust and Dad is like. Listen if this is a problem we need to deal with it right now because if it’s a problem then we’ve got a problem. But it’s only a minute and all is good.


Mom and daughter come out to each other at the same time, but they are so caught up in what’s happening to themselves to realize what happened. They both come out, understand that the other is happy for them, while somehow missing that the other came out to them. One of those “two different conversations” shticks.

Family groans again. The journey is not over.

But at this point all I know is the dad is named “Harold” and mom is played by Jodi Foster and daughter is played by Kristen Stewart. Everyone has a happy ending, there’s two love stories in there: one with the mom having the life for the first time, the other with the daughter rediscovering a high school relationship. But ultimately the real relationship focus would be the mother/daughter relationship that has been struggling but then finds footing in that they are both into ladies. And the absolute fear in the realization you have the same taste in women. Feel free to cast everyone else as you see fit.

— windy days.

Genre: Angst + Minor Smut ➝ Sword Art Online AU

Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader.

Plot: Windy Days: an interactive game for the one’s who are brave enough to challenge it.tackle the 300 levels, select your difficulties, beat the game. Will you survive?

Warnings: Suggestive sexual content, threesomes, could have ended up as a full on gang-bang but I decided to against it, sexual language and character death.

Notes: Take a shot every time I include a meme in a sentence. Any mistakes will be fixed later!

“You’re seriously going to play this game?”

Jungkook leant over the back of Jimin’s chair, staring with curiosity at the neatly packaged video game sitting on Jimin’s desk. Opposed to Jungkook’s crazed stare and the panic in his eyes, Jimin couldn’t help but let out an excited yelp as his eager hands peeled away the packaging, his eyes soaking up the colours of the front of the box.

“You know people have died from this game, right? Already.” Jungkook reminded, trudging away to sit on the elder boy’s bed, letting his back lean against the plain wall. “And you want to willingly go inside of it?”

“Come on, Kook,” Jimin sighed, holding up the package. He couldn’t quite believe that it was in his hands, at last. “I’ve been saving up for this game since it was rumoured. And now, only a day after the release, I am ready to play. Isn’t that cool?”

No! Did you ignore the part about people dying?” Jungkook hissed. “What does your Mom think about this?”

Jimin shrugged, “She didn’t buy it. So, she can’t do anything about it.”

“What did our school say about this?” Jungkook inquired, and Jimin laughed loudly.

“Do you not know how many kids have brought this game, and are living the life inside of it right now?” Jimin reasoned, and Jungkook could only sigh with agreement. “I’d be surprised if more than half of the school returns next week.”

“Make sure you’re one of them,” Jungkook begged finally, playing with the threads in the blanket placed over the foot of the bed, which he had suddenly occupied his time with. “Mark keeps trying to call me, he’s so weird.”

Jimin wasn’t really listening, but nodded anyway and continued to stare excitedly down at the game.

He bloody well hoped so.

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