How To Crip:

Sell your bike for tattoo money
the bike you picked out in 9th grade
the one you rode every day 
until you couldn’t

With the fenders your dad installed
the Thanksgiving he didn’t know 
any other way to say 
I love you

And the lights he gave you
the brightest he could find
to say
I still worry about you

Sell it to a man 
who says it’s not worth 
what you’re asking
& throws in an extra $20
when he sees the wheelchair

Watch him drive away with
the last 7 years of your life
on the back of his car

Tell yourself you are more than
an object of his pity, pretend
this is not the most pathetic
you have ever felt

Believe that you will find new language for
I love you
I am still worried about you
You are worth what you’re asking for 

Reblog this in the next ten minutes or your father will get deadly heart burn.

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A really evil guy but a really good dad pt. 2

  • waitress:how would you like your eggs?
  • you:um, over easy.
  • waitress:and how would you like your eggs, sir?
  • your dad:do you think you can just throw them into my mouth from across the room?
  • waitress:?
  • you:?
  • your dad:because I like my eggs over difficult.