a complete guide to steven universe for someone who wants to join in on the fun without watching 62 episodes

aka a little over 11 hours of footage, given that each su ep is 11 minutes long. you want to watch su but if you just jump in you won’t understand plot-related things or who anyone is. does this sentiment apply to you?

well despair no more, here’s a list of all 10 essential episodes to watch in order to watch currently airing ones with full understanding, plus a character guide and a gem concepts guide under the readmore! although most of the non-plot-related episodes are also amazing, you may just not have the time, and can always go back and watch them if you feel like it.

i’m not including some episodes that are only plot-relevant in that they introduce key characters or concepts, like bubble buddies or giant woman, because i cover that in the guides i wrote.

plot-important episodes:

  • 23 - monster buddies
  • 25 - mirror gem
  • 26 - ocean gem
  • 36 - warp tour
  • 40 - on the run
  • 44 - marble madness
  • 48 - the return
  • 49 - jailbreak
  • 60 - keeping it together
  • 62 - chille tid

and here’s a short list of 5 other episodes you may wanna check out, including my absolute favorites (which are character development centered) and ones that are almost plot-important enough to be included in the above list, but not quite.

  • 35 - lion 3: straight to video
  • 37 - alone together
  • 38 - the test
  • 41 - horror club
  • 61 - we need to talk

please message me if there’s other plot-important episodes that i may have missed! and try to catch up before july 13th, when steven universe comes back again!

keep in mind that ONLY watching these 10 episodes won’t give you a feel for the fun-filled aesthetic of the show. also, there will be a bunch you won’t understand about these episodes if u don’t know who characters are or important gem concepts, such as fusion. because of this, i’ve made a character guide and gem guide, which you can see under the read more:

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Consider this:
  • Henry making up nicknames for Opal
  • Opal and Gansey working together in his Henrietta model (”Is Opal eating glue?!”)
  • Blue making cool clothes for Opal
  • Opal copying Blue’s hairstyle
  • Henry buying for Opal every Steven Universe merchandising that crosses his way just because
  • Opal and Matthew playing with the animals at the Barns while Ronan watches them, all responsible dad
  • Declan mocking Ronan because he’s become such a responsible dad
  • Opal staying at 300 Fox Way while Adam and Ronan have date nights during summertime
  • Gwenllian sticking flowers and things into Opal’s hair
  • Maura and Opal experimenting with infussions and Opal making her dads drink whatever she’s made when they come to pick her up
  • just Opal interacting with everyone (/^▽^)/
  • (Noah would have bought glittery stickers for Opal to put on her shoes)