Request : can I request a Dad!seungcheol ? Your AUs are so adorable /love your blog/

Thank youuuuu

• W Oah when scoops got the news that you were pregnant he spaced out
• you have to snap your fingers infront of him to get his attention like helloooo earth to seungcheol
• I-I’m going to be a D-Dad, IM GOI NG TO BE A DA D ! :’D
• fires so many questions to you like “what colours are we going to paint the wall ? Green ? Yellow? o R maYbe lilac ??” But before you could even answer him, “hmm what kind of stroller should we get ???” It was really cute seeing him so excited
• “ honey,seungcheol I’m only 2 weeks and all of that can wait lets go eat lunch first ? ”
• really like kids
• you remember the first time you saw him was when he was with his nephew, he was so adorable, “you’d make a really good dad seungcheol ” and that was the first thing you said to him
• A Nd because of that he LOVES to make fun of you for it
• “ sweetheart, Y/N, what did you save my contact as when we first exchanged numbers ? ”
•" I saved your contact as ‘mine’ “
• you wanted to dig a hole and hide because it was so cringey
• ” AWwWWWww so you put your stamp on me the moment you laid eyes on meeeeeeeee ??? :)))))“
• [cringingsohardbecauseofseungcheol]
• when you guys found out you were having twins, seungcheol was over the moon
• there were so many things to be prepared for like the baby room that had to be up before you twins arrived
• you would wake up to him tinkering with the bed for your lil bun, he would be sweating and frowning, turning the instruction manuals around while he hold it up. You couldn’t help but giggle as he scratched his head in confusion, he looked so cute like a boy who got asked a really difficult question
• tip toeing towards him, you gently wrapped you arms around him, “babe, how is the baby beg going ? It seem.. Good ?”, the parts from the bed were still scattered across the floor, “want me to help seungcheol?”, before you could even lift a finger, seungcheol had lifted you up into the air and placed you on your bed.
• you understood that this bed was his gift to you baby, “you got this babe, love you”
• /shoots you love bullets/
• he was so cheesy sometimes but you loved this dork
• when you guys came home with you twins, a little boy and girl that were so precious
• the moment you stepped into the house with seungcheol with your babies in your hands it felt so different, you guys have a new additions to the family now
• seungcheol would try his best to wake up to check on the babies when they cried but he WAs a heavy sleeper so you ended up waking up most of the time
• but you couldn’t blame him, he looked so peaceful sleeping and you knew how tired he would be after coming back from his schedule
• OooOoOOh bUT he was in charge of nappy duty, since it had become a deal you guys had made when he lost a bet
• ‘how could tiny little babies poop so much’, but he didn’t complain about it and even though he didn’t say it, he felt like he was being a REal dad doing dad stuff
• doing the temperature test like how you taught him by dropping some milk on the wrist to check if the milk wasn’t to scalding hot, so that it would be too hot for the babies
• #dadmaterial
• would try to make you breakfast but ends up hurting himself while cutting toast, “ CHoi SEUgchOl what happened to you :0”, this would end up with you taking care of him, him wanting you to kiss his boo boo, “Y/N babe, kISS my boo boo Oooowwww KiSs it :(((((”
• you have 3 babies to look after, 1 giant man baby and two precious kiddos
• him playing house with your son and daughter
• getting ‘shot’ when your little princess attacks him
• sending your kids to bed with stories of how you two met
• “appa, why did mummy marry you ?”, your son who looked like a miniature seungcheol with curious eyes and chubby cheeks looked expectantly at his dad for an answer
• “well.. Your mummy married me because I was the most handsome,kind and charming man in the world”
• your kids just giggled at your husbands explanation
• seungcheol pls
• ends up telling the kids how you guys met, where you two had your first date etc.
•" Y/N, since the kiddos are sleeping do you think we should-“, he would definitely try to convince you,” but Honey, we already have 2"
• “I already take care of 12 boys what makes you think I couldn’t handle 4”
• without meaning to fall asleep, your eyelids felt like they weighed a ton and you started to dozed off but you could feel seungcheol carrying you to bed, “good night Y/N, don’t dream of me too much” before planting a kiss on your forehead

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