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Is there anyway were I can beg you to draw more merstuck dirkjake????? Do I have to get on my knees??? Cause I will!!!!!

when I have more ideas for it I will but I have other stuff to draw for that au first either way;;

Anon:Would you ever draw DadJane?? :0 Or have you already??

BR u h but no I haven’t and I doubt I wil l hahaa

Anon:Sorry to bother but, are you going to consider drawing johnkat in the future maybe? This is in no way saying that you have to sorry. Thanks for your time!

Anon:what if…what if su au dad is GAMZEE. think happy hipster clown


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John's dad should obviously stay as dad, there is no better character to fill the role. Joke's aside, love your art.

Dadjane tHO

and thanks! <3

Anon:Who would be Jasper and Peridot In your homestuck / Steven universe crossover

you’ll see soon enough (I hope?) :^)

Anon:your gemstuck is cute! I love their outfits!

glad you like them! they’re sorta like their regular outfits for the most part hah a

Anon:Maybe you could consider a gem kanaya looking after a young gem karkat

maybE but I’m noo sure how Kanaya would fit into all of this role-wise;;

Anon:Would Dirk pull his sword out of his gem Davesprite style?

lmao yes