Just listening to one of my old guitar demos because why not?


Patterns are paths you need to know, to be aware of the land you’re on; a map. The next step might be avoiding them. And finally, when you know the land so well, they you don’t have to follow any paths, nor to avoid them, your intuition is truly free. In music, as in life… Both not knowing the paths and knowing them makes us blind in a way.
I don’t really use my guitar for composing songs. I do play the sounds that come to my head on it to hear them “from the outside” from time to time, but I hardly ever start writing a song just playing guitar. This is, I guess, for two good reasons: first of all, the sounds usually come to my mind unexpectedly. I don’t look for them. I only have to figure out, how to combine the puzzles; or, sometimes, how to make them fit (if They do…) into a planned structure. The other reason is, that it’s so terribly easy to fall into patterns and start following the sounds created by your hands, instead of the sounds that come to you…
But I do get lost. And I do start running in circles. And sometimes very simple “tricks” can break them. And there comes so much fun with it!
When I first started using DADGad tuning, playing the basic scales seemed difficult. But after a couple of minutes the patterns became clear. I like this rich, open sound. Yesterday I found myself running in circles playing similar chord structures all day. I changed the tuning of my guitar and suddenly completely new melodies came to my head. That simple, that obvious, but… Why not?
This short movie is not really a finished composition, nor a great piece of musical work. It was one of the first structures that came out of my yesterday’s DADGad improvisations. It is very simple. It is in “d”. And it is based on simple patterns. But it did open a new space in my head, that day. So, before You get to listen to what I wrote after, just… Enjoy the simple patterns in DADGad…! :)


Here is a video lesson i made - How to play Kashmir by Led Zeppelin - DADGAD Tuning


One of my greatest inspirations! Pierre Bensusan, playing Wu Wei live.


I write the majority of my songs in DADGAD.

Thanks, Page.

Invocation Cover
Adam Mussell

Adam Mussell - Invocation Cover

So, I covered Hans York’s song Invocation. I think this is one of the first purely acoustic things I’ve done ever. I’m proud of how clear the guitars sound. I realize some things like the occasional guitar phrase or harmony aren’t quite as tight as they could be… but this, like most of my covers are just for fun and I don’t spend too much time making them perfect.

Anyhow, tell me what you think! I had a lot of fun with the random vocal improvs, guitar solos, recorder melody, and other things I added to this song to fill it out (since I didn’t really want to sequence drums, bass, or a brass section)… the highest note on the recorder was a bitch to play though.


Andy McKee’s Drifting (DADGAD)… so happy to see the new generation of finger-style players are keeping it alive.


Me and my friend Jason reconnected last night and created this song together. Hope you guys enjoy it and stuff.


Starting to love these guys - fantastic mash-up of Zep’s Kashmir with Rihanna’s Man Down - who’d ’ve thought it would work?


Hans York - Natural High

The things this man does with his voice… damn. Anyhow, I should try to learn this song before I see him at Sweet’s Mill. Maybe I’ll get to be on his next album if I’m fast on the uptake? I can dream I suppose. We’ll see what happens. :)

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Day 6: Listen

Feeling a bit weary today, so I picked up my guitar and just played it for about half an hour. I didn’t really have anything to say, but I felt I really needed to spend some time on my own in peace. Playing music and writing songs is my way of getting in touch with what’s going on in my spirit and helps me find peace. 

I suppose this song is just about taking time out of a busy hectic life and trying find some peace, and to listen. I’ve purposefully only sang a few lines, and the rest is instrumental. I hope you feel refreshed and peaceful when you have a listen to this.

I tuned it to a celtic type open D tuing (DADGAD) and put a capo on the 4th fret to get a nice sparkly tone. I just played around with a few melody lines and finger picking with mostly a drone (of open strings) loosely based on D major, Gmajor7 and Bm chords.

Here are the words:

Hold your breath
Don’t speak a word

Just listen

About the instrument:
This is one of my most treasured instruments. I’ve always dreamed of having a vintage guitar, and this is a dream come true. It’s a Guild acoustic guitar which was made in 1974. This mostly stays in my bedroom, as it’s really precious (and cost me a lot of money).

Over the past 3 years I’ve worked in a really stressful and busy job which has has been really hard for me. However to me, this guitar represents something good that’s come out of the last 3 years.

The guitar has a beautiful mellow and woody sound. I love this guitar.


As my new band start gigging this week, have some (awful) pictures of my gear!

Fender Jazzmaster (black, drop D tuning), Squier Jazzmaster (sonic blue, DADGAD tuning)
Boss V-wah (used as a filter), Boss Ds1 (modded for output and no bass cut, used as boost with gain down and volume up), EHX Small Clone (set low for use on choruses/cleans), Boss BF-2 Flanger (Police type flanger/chorus setting), Marshall Echohead delay (Analog setting)
Orange Tiny Terror and Orange 1x12 closed back cab. Set crunchy, with guitar volume to clean up and pedal for solo boost.