dade county jail


He was enthusiastic in his phone call to me on the evening of June 28th- a call placed from the Dade County Jail in Miami. Ted sounded confident again and exhilarated. He admitted that he was exhausted, however.                           “They flew me down here in a single-engine plane, rushed me into jail, and we began jury selection the next morning. I lost a little of my momentum. Judge Cowart’s hurrying us through. We work ‘till 10:30 every other night, and we’re going to have Saturday sessions.”

Breakfast in the Dade County Jail was, and God knows why, at 4:30 A.M., and Ted was tired, but elated over his defence team and his budget.                 “The sky’s the limit. The state has given us $100,000 for our defence. I’m glad I don’t have Mike Minerva anymore. I like my defence team, especially the fact I have a woman on my side. I have an expert on jury selection who’s helping me pick my jury. He can tell by their eyes, their facial expressions, their body language what they’re thinking. For instance, one prospective juror today raised his hand to his heart, and that means something to my expert.” Even in Miami, however, most of those in the jury pool had heard of Ted Bundy. One juror selected, Estala Suarez, had never heard of him. “She only reads Spanish language papers,” Ted said enthusiastically. “She kept smiling at me… she didn’t realise I was the defendant!” 

Source- The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule


The lynching of Rubin Stacy, Marion Jones, made a complaint against him (Rubin Stacy ),The New York Times later revealed that “subsequent investigation revealed that Stacy, a homeless tenant farmer, had gone to the house to ask for food; the woman became frightened and screamed when she saw Stacy’s face.”

Six deputies were escorting Stacy to Dade County jail in Miami on 19th July, 1935, when he was taken by a white mob and hanged by the side of the home of Marion Jones.



“The televised murder trial of 31 year old Theodore Bundy started late this morning, Bundy had refused to show up on time, protesting conditions at the Dade County Jail. Earlier, Judge Edward Cowart learned that Bundy had broken a light bulb in his cell and stuffed paper in the lock. The angry judge held him in contempt of court.

Bundy’s jail cell behavior was in marked contrast to his calm courtroom demeanor. He is acting as his own lawyer in this trial, having once studied law in the University of Utah, he has also served as a social worker and political campaign chairman.”

-News Reporter During The Trial


I feel like I have to put a DISCLAIMER on this.  THIS IS FICTION! Despite being inspired by true events, IT IS NOT REAL.  It does not necessarily reflect my opinions on the issue or the opinions of anyone else that i know.  It’s a FICTIONAL story.  Please do not come at me with your attitude because you don’t like how I wrote Justin in this story.  In this particular story he is MY CHARACTER. He is not real. I do not claim any rights to the real Justin Bieber.  Just this fake one. Thank you, enjoy!

Sleeping has been a little difficult these past two weeks.  The tension between Justin and I had been growing to insurmountable heights and we’d reached a point where we needed a break or we were going to lose each other.  Or maybe we were too late.  Maybe we had already lost each other.  The vacation he’d planned with his friends and his father couldn’t have come at a more convenient time.  It was never my intention to go, but with everything that was going on between us, I was happy to kind of have our place to myself for a while.  But still after everything, sleep was hard to come by.  I missed him.  Even just his presence.  I felt lonely in our bed.  And even though things were rough, there were times that I wished he was still here arguing with me because it was my weird and twisted way of proving that he still cared.

Things have changed so much over the last year that I was having a hard time coping with it all.  We both were.  We were both under a lot of pressure and we needed to figure out if this is what we both wanted.  I haven’t heard from him since he left, but even if he had tried to call I’m not sure that I would have answered.   I’ve put up with enough of his shit.  I’m not perfect and it was unfair for him to expect so much from me when I couldn’t do the same.  I just…I just…

I don’t even know.

I roll over for like the millionth time tonight as I doze in and out of consciousness.  It was only when I wasn’t thinking of him or us that I could finally drift off to sleep.

Buzz.  Buzz.  Buuuuuzzzzzz.

Blatantly ignoring the sound of my cellphone vibrating on the nightstand, I rolled over yet again and tried to fall back asleep once it finally stopped.  But I only got a few seconds of silence as it started to ring again.  Then again.  And again.

“Motherfucker,” I groaned as I reached out for my phone, not even bothering to check who’s calling.

“Someone better be dead if you are calling me this late.  And if not, there will be…” I answered angrily, not even trying to hide my annoyance.

There was rapid mumbling on the other end and some shuffling and I could barely make out the voice.  I just heard the words police and Justin’s name get thrown around several times.

“What? Jeremy, I need you to slow down,” I said sitting up and throwing my legs over the side of the bed.   I was worried now.  Justin’s dad wasn’t my biggest fan and I knew he wouldn’t call unless it was urgent, especially at this hour.  I put my glasses on and glanced at the clock.  After 6am.  No, something was definitely wrong.

“Justin is in jail,” he said slowly.  He said something after that but I didn’t hear him because my heart started to pound loudly in my chest.

Jeremy started speaking quickly again and this time the only words I could make out were cars and busted.  Now I was confused.  And I was panicking.

“There was an accident?! I thought you said he was in jail! What the fuck is going on, Jeremy?”

“No, there wasn’t an accident,” he said.  “Justin got busted with a DUI.  Khalil too.”

I felt sick.  “How the fuck did this happen?  How could you let this happen?!” I yelled into the phone.  I knew I shouldn’t blame Jeremy.  I didn’t even know what happened, but I was so angry.  With Justin, if it wasn’t one thing it was something else.

“It’s been a long night, alright? The kid was just trying to have fun,” Jeremy said exasperated.

“Fun?!” Was he fucking serious?  “Fun, Jeremy?!  He could have killed somebody…or himself!!!”

He sighed heavily on the other end.  “Look, I didn’t call to fight with you, okay?  He told me to call you.  He needs you here.”

What was I supposed to do with that?  Was I supposed to come running to his aid yet again?  Only for things to go back to the way they are now?  I didn’t know what to do with that shit.  And my heart was heavy and my head hurt.

“Where is he?  Has he seen a lawyer?”  I wanted answers.  Despite being conflicted about the state of our relationship, I wanted to make sure he was being taken care of.   It was engrained in me now to try and fix his problems, but I didn’t know if I could do it anymore.

“I don’t know,” Jeremy mumbled lowly.  “They took him to the police station and then they moved him.   I called Scooter and he just said he’s taking care of it.”

“Jeremy, I’ve got to go,” I said, getting ready to hang up. He wasn’t giving me any useful information at this point.

“Just…please, come.  He really wants you here, alright?”

“Bye, Jeremy,” I said, before hanging up the phone.

I shouldn’t care.  Justin hurt me.  I should go back to sleep and let someone else clean up his mess this time.  Lord knows I’ve done that enough already.

Yet still I couldn’t stop myself from scrolling through my phone to dial a number I should have deleted a long time ago.

“I don’t really have time, right now.  I’m taking care of it,” the voice on the other end answered.

“Where is he, Scooter?  What is going on?”  Scooter and I had a mutual distaste for one another, but I knew this man busted his ass for Justin.

“He’s in a Miami-Dade county jail and he has to stay there until his bond hearing,” he said flatly.  I wasn’t a fucking lawyer but this didn’t sound good.  “DUI, drag racing, and resisting arrest.”

“Fuck,” I said, rubbing my forehead.  “Where is he?” I asked again.

“I don’t want you going anywhere near there,” Scooter scolded.

Oh fuck, no.  I never even said that was my intention.  Regardless, he doesn’t make that choice for me.  “How many times do I have to remind you that you are not my goddamned manager?! Where is he, Scott?”  I got up to grab a pen and paper so I could write down whatever information he had to give me.

Scooter was silent for a minute.  I don’t know what he had to think about.  If I didn’t get the information from him I was going to get it from someone else.  Despite everything that we were going through in our relationship, the only thing I cared about right now was making sure he was okay.

“Today, Scott…”  I could hear him talking to someone else in the background, but my patience was already thin.

“He’s being held at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.   But I’m serious.  Don’t—”

I didn’t need to hear anything else his ass had to say.  After turning the phone off, I got off the bed and started making several phone calls.  I called any and everyone who might have any information, and that turned out to be very few people.    I knew I shouldn’t get caught up in this, but I couldn’t help it.  I couldn’t just turn my back on him.

So after an hour I had my bag packed, probably with a bunch of clothes and shoes that didn’t match, and I was headed to the airport.  Having called my Justin’s connections, I’d managed to find a pilot to get me on an emergency flight.   Several hours later I was stepping off on the tarmac in Miami with a car filled with Justin’s security waiting to take me straight to the correctional facility.  I’d spent all of my time on the plane and in the car reading up on the media coverage.  There was so much information flying around and I didn’t know what was true and what wasn’t.  But these pictures didn’t lie and I could clearly see the woman, the model, that’d been in the car with him.

Ugh.  I felt like I was going to throw up.  Why was I losing sleep over him? Why was I running all the way across the country to be his hero when he was clearly not thinking about me?  I threw my phone into my bag and covered my face with my hands, screaming into them.  This was all so fucked up.

“Hey,” one of Justin’s security guys, Ronnie, said.  “He wants YOU.”  He put his hand on my shoulder but I just shook my head and looked out the window.  I know he was trying to reassure and comfort me, but I didn’t want to hear it.  This whole thing was a giant clusterfuck.  I was on my way to see my boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend…I didn’t even know what the fuck we were) get out of jail.  My heart hurt for him because I knew that it was going to be him against the world and I had to choose whether I was going to be fighting with him in his corner or not.

We pulled up to the correctional facility and went through several gates and security checks.  I glanced around finding several fans and dozens of paparazzi lining the tall gates, hoping to catch a glimpse of him.  When the SUV stopped I got out, not bothering to wait for anyone to open it for me.  I glanced at Jeremy out of the corner of my eye, but I had nothing to say to him right now.  The sounds of the fans that recognized me flooded my ears but I turned my back to them and leaned against the side of the vehicle.  They knew of our tumultuous relationship or at least how the media portrayed it.  But this, this was a new one for the books.

I waited anxiously for what felt like forever for Justin to exit the building.  My emotions were all over the place as my heart raced.  I didn’t know if he was okay, mentally or physically.  Someone could have hurt him in there.  People were ready to tear him apart out here.  I didn’t know what this was going to do to us, to him.  I crossed my arms over my chest and gnawed at my bottom lip.  Finally there was some commotion and these two big doors started to open.  Several officers filed out followed by Justin and Khalil and a few men in suits.  A smile stretched across his face as he approached, hearing the fans singing and cheering words of encouragement to him.  They were the only ones who could do that.  The only ones that through anything could make him happy.  He continued to walk forward to the car until he saw me.  Justin stopped, his smile faltering.  He stared at me for moment, still, eyeing me through his shades.  It felt like my heart stopped as I watched him carefully, seeing just how drained he looked.  He looked like he knew what was waiting for him out here, the hatred, the lies, the accusations, the people waiting for him to fall, the expectations that were too high.  Suddenly he rushed toward me and I stepped toward him, wrapping him in an embrace.  I squeezed him tight, as if I could squeeze away all of his worries.

“I didn’t think you’d come,” he said, pressing his lips to my ear.

“I could never leave you,” I replied.  It wasn’t a declaration or a romantic exclamation.  It was a statement of truth.  Because no matter what we went through, I couldn’t walk away.  I would always stand and defend him.  I would fight for him always.  I was his soldier.

I didn’t know what it was or how to describe it.  But I could feel it as I held him, cords that kept us bound together, even through all of our shit.  They couldn’t be severed.

With a hand planted firmly on either side of my face, Justin kissed me hard, desperately, longingly.  And I kissed him back, telling him without words that everything was going to be okay.  I didn’t know if that was true, but I wanted him to know anyway.  We pulled apart and were being rushed into the car by security.  I slid into the back seat but before Justin got in he hopped up on the roof of the car to express his gratitude to his fans.

As soon as he was seated beside me his hand reached for mine.  I took it willingly as we pulled away from the correctional facility, grateful for the silence the car provided.

“Are you okay?” I asked finally, but I was sure just by the way he looked out the window, that I already knew the answer.  Without a word, Justin buried his face in the crook of my neck and began to cry.  He sobbed, shaking against me while a soothed the back of his head and let him cry.  Everyone else in the car looked away, giving us whatever privacy they could.  Justin cried against me until he couldn’t anymore, until my neck and the side of my shirt were drenched with tears.  He leaned against me quietly as I ran my fingers through his hair.

When we got to the Miami Beach villa I exited the car first and went straight inside.  As soon as I got inside I saw that bitch from the pictures sitting on the sofa.

“Oh hell no,” I said as I approached her.  Her eyes went wide as I wrapped my hand around her arm and yanked her up.  “You need to get the fuck out,” I said as I dragged her to the door.  She tried to resist but I was not having that.  When she called out for people to help her she got no replies as everyone just watched me kick her out.  As soon as her ass was out the door I closed it behind me and locked it before walking passed Justin to find the bedroom.

“Why do you have to be so extra?” Justin asked and he sounded like he was annoyed.

I was going to lose it.  “Extra?  Oh, I’m sorry.  Did you want her to stay? Go the fuck after her then!”  Fuck him.  I did not just come all the way to Miami for him to say this shit to me.  I needed to take my ass home.  “Next time you fuck up she can bail your sorry ass out!”  I stormed into the bedroom to find wherever Justin’s guys put my bag.

When I turned to head out and ask for a ride to a hotel, I found Justin standing in the doorway.  “Hold up.  I’m sorry.”

I didn’t want to hear it.  It was the same story over and over again.  When shit was falling apart all around him, I was there to pick up the pieces and put him back together.  And every time he would fuck me over.  Not this time.  “Move, Justin.  I’m leaving.”

“You can’t,” he said.

“Yes the fuck I can.”  I tried to crouch under his arms but he kept blocking me.

“Please just listen,” he said as I tried my best to get out of the room.  “Stop.  I’m fucking sorry, okay?” he said as he stepped forward and slammed the door behind him so I definitely couldn’t leave.  “I am sorry.  I’m sorry.  That’s what everyone wants, right?  A fucking apology?”  He turned away and face the wall, slamming his fist against it as he yelled.

“Justin, you could have killed somebody!  You could have killed yourself!” I said with my arms crossed over my chest.

“But that’s what everyone wants right?”

“Don’t say that,” I said, feeling that pain in my chest grow.

“Why?” he said as he turned to face me.  “You know it’s true.  Everybody on the other side of that door would have loved it if I crashed.  No matter what the fuck I do…” He turned his back to me again to slam his fist against the wall once more and I jumped.

“No matter what the fuck I say…” Slam.  “No matter how many times I apologize…” Slam.  “No matter how much I give…” Slam. “Nothing is ever fucking good enough.”

“Justin…”  I didn’t know what to say.  I’d never seen him react like this.  Always, no matter what negative things people had to say about him, he let it roll off his back with a smile on his face.  He always seemed so carefree that I never knew he was carrying around this burden with him.  I felt so conflicted.  My mind was telling me that I’d had enough.  That I was tired of dealing with the shady people, the reckless choices, the selfish actions.  But my heart was telling me to keep my feet firmly planted to the ground.  That I was bound to Justin through thick and thin, no matter how tough shit got.

“I know I fucked up.  I spend all of my time trying to keep people happy.  The fans.  My family.  My label.  You.  And every time I try to do me, to live for myself… I’m just trying to live my life, but I keep fucking up.  I’m a fuck up,” he said as he rested his forehead against the wall.  There was a distinct pain in his voice that pierced right through my heart.  “Everyone is just waiting for me to keep fucking up.  Everyone wants to walk away, to give up on me.  I want to fucking give up too.  I don’t want to do this anymore.  I can’t do this anymore.”  He turned around to lean against the wall and slid down until he was sitting on the floor.  He looked broken, not his usual overconfident self.  Justin sighed heavily, exhaling a slow and shaky breath.

And as I looked in his glossy brown eyes, ready to spill over with tears, I suddenly I felt like maybe I’d put too much pressure on him.  Our relationship was far from perfect, but maybe I asked for too much of him.  Perhaps I could have been more understanding when he couldn’t see me as often as I wanted.  Instead of telling him to go party with his friends alone, maybe I should have been there by his side.  Justin had enough people fighting against him.  He didn’t need me fighting along with them.  I walked over to him and slid on to his lap, resting my hands on his shoulders.

“Don’t go,” he said as the tears leaked from the corner of his eyes.  They rolled slowly down his haggard face and gathered under his chin.  He really did look tired.  And desperate.  And lonely.  “Please.  I need you.  I’m sorry, for everything. I—”

“Shh…” I said, shedding tears of my own.  My lack of support was hurting him and that was the last thing he needed.  No matter how many times I wanted to leave him before, I couldn’t.  And I wasn’t going to start now, not when things had reached their worst.  These were the times that defined us, the times that truly tested us and the only way for me to fail was for me to give up and walk away. “I’m not going anywhere, alright? I love you.  It’s you and me, baby.  I’m in this.”  I lowered my lips to his, kissing him in an effort to restore some of his faith and some of mine.  I didn’t know what we were going to do, but he wasn’t going to have to do it alone.