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It's a bit of a strange request, but can you do a deaged Obi (who's fairly young) and gets discovered/adopted by Vaderkin? Slight role reversal ensues?

“…You’re sure its him?” Lord Vader stared down at the pale and tiny, tiny shape on the bed of the medbed of the Executor.

“All blood samples come back as a match, fingerprints match and eye scans match.” The clone medic confirmed almost nervously, looking between the Sith lord and the boy on the bed. “This is Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

Vader looked back of the boy no more then four, feeling confused before he focused back on the medic. “Is he healthy Gum?”

“Yes sir. He’s as healthy as any four year old can be.” Gum nodded.

“Leave us.” Vader finally settled on, waiting until the clone was gone before sitting down on the bedside of the little boy.

This was not what he had expected when he caught up to Obi-Wan again, he had expected an old man, ready to fight and try to kill him in that temple ruin. He hadn’t expected an unconscious child in need of care.

Vader wondered if Obi-Wan remembered anything at all.

He looked so young too.


Baby fat in chubby cheeks and a rosy color. The slight upturn of a nose. The start of a beauty mark (a mole! Obi-Wan had insisted) beneath the eye with soft copper hair fluffed out against the pillow. Unable to resist, and why should he honestly?, Vader reached out and picked up a chubby little hand.

No saber calluses, no scars, no marks at all.

No Jedi Master.

Just one incredibly vulnerable young boy.


Obi-Wan was two and a half, not four like they had assumed, big for his age.

He couldn’t speak cleanly and was scared of the dark.

The little boy would twist his hands into Vader’s shirt and hide in his shoulder as he was carried, hiccuping a bit now and then when upset. Which he was often as he didn’t know anyone or recognize things as familiar on Vader’s flagship.

But he cuddled into Vader because the Sith felt ‘good’ to him, safe. Another word for protective that little Obi knew Vader would guess.

And Vader would tear anyone apart if they touched his little one, that much he knew.

He had lost his mother. He had lost his Padme. He had lost his babies. He had even lost his Jedi Master and brother in a manner. But he had a new child to look after and claim as his own, a little one who needed someone.


And his Master could suck a rotten egg if he tried to take Obi-Wan from him again.

‘Palpatine is starting to outlive his usefulness.’ He thought grouchily as he rubbed Obi-Wan’s back, listening to Tarkin’s report. ‘He couldn't’ even save Padme…’

There was a little tug on his shirt and Vader instantly moved his eyes to Obi-Wan, the boy looking at him. “Yes little one?”

“Need to loo Ana.” Obi-Wan whispered shyly even as his stomach gave a hungry little rumble, hmm it had been a few hours since they last ate and Obi-Wan was a growing child.

Vader smiled a bit and nodded before giving Tarkin a long look. “I’ll hear the rest of the report later.” He turned, not waiting for reply as he walked away with the little redhead. “Lets find the fresher and some food for you, how about it?”

“Wation bar?” Obi-Wan’s little noise scrunched up and Vader couldn’t help a small laugh.

“No, no ration bar. I’ll find something else for you.”

“Yaaay…and Cody time?”

Cody was Obi-Wan’s favorite person after Vader and since it allowed Vader time to do his work, he didn’t mind it to much since it gave him some alone time.

But not to often.

After all, Obi-Wan was his boy now. Not Cody’s and not anyone else.

“Did you like the soft nexu I got?”


“Yes, the kitty.” Vader chuckled, stroking the feather soft red hair from Obi-Wan’s face.

“BIG wmile.”

“Very big smile.”

“Soooooooft kitty.” The boy yawned a bit.

‘Perhaps a nap after the fresher and food. He is just two.’ Vader felt himself soften, tucking the child more against his chest as Obi-Wan sat on his arm, cuddled against his chest. “Yes, soft kitty.”

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In that deaged Obi adopted by Vader verse you mentioned Obi wan hanging out with Cody---What does Cody think of this whole situation?

There was a soft noise and then a thump against shin that caused Cody to look down, letting out a startled noise as he saw a mop of copper hair and big green eyes staring up at him. “Obi-Wan.” He knelt down and quickly picked up the child, holding him. “What are you doing here?” The clone looked around the room quickly but there were only vods in the training room.

No Vader.

Just vods and Obi-Wan.

The chubby two year old pouted at him. “Wo’e up alone. Noms?” Obi-Wan requested hopefully before putting his thumb in his mouth.

Cody made a low noise then looked to Appo, nodding to the captain to make sure he had taken over. “Alright Obi-Wan, noms.” He agreed, moving from the training room with the chubby little boy.

He smiled a bit as the other rested his fluffy head on Cody’s chest armor, still sucking on his thumb. “I don’t think you’re suppose to suck your thumb little one. Didn’t Lord Vader tell you not to?” He questioned as he stepped around an officer.

Obi-Wan just giggled around his thumb.

“Did you wake up alone after Lord Vader put you down for a nap?” Cody suddenly realized what may have happened and Obi-Wan wrinkled his nose.

‘Guess I’m going to have to comm Lord Vader so he doesn’t rip the station apart.’ The commander thought dryly.

He could still remember his disbelief as the Lord had arrived at the Executor with a tiny body wrapped both protectively and possessively in his arms. He had at first assumed that his former General had a child but no, no it was actually Obi-Wan Kenobi, two and a half and not a Jedi.

Cody still didn’t understand the whole thing.

Vader hadn’t really explained.

Something about a temple, ruins, weird Force shenanigans and…just stuff Cody didn’t understand. What he did understand was that they now had a two year old to look after because this was not a traitor and needed to be cared for.

He passed his hand over the others fluffy hair, smiling when Obi-Wan gave a little meeping coo around his thumb.

“How does bread and yam sound Obi-Wan?” Cody questioned, settling Obi-Wan down on a chair in the little breakroom.


“I’m sorry but there is no apples on the stations at the moment, we’re going to have to wait until we go planet side again.” Cody offered while pulling his helmet off and placing it on the narrow table, chuckling a bit at the pout he got. “The yam is apple though?”

“…Nut bread?”

“I’ll see if there is any.” The trooper promised, rummaging through the packages of bread powder rations, frowning a bit as the best he could find was a seed based one. He wondered if Obi-Wan would notice hmm…

He glanced at him as the boy swung his legs back and forth slowly, watching Cody with big green eyes.

‘…No I don’t think he will notice.’ He thought as he smiled at the other. “Okay, just let me grow the bread little one.”

“No wittle.” Obi-Wan pouted.

That just got a small laugh out of the clone as he started making food for him, typing a quick message to Lord Vader.

By the time Obi-Wan was chewing on his meal rather happily, Vader had obviously read the message and found them in the little breakroom, the yellow eyed man looking relieved as he stood there with a nexus in his hand. “There you are.”

Obi-Wan looked up and beamed, yam on his cheeks. “Ana!” Then he zeroed in on the soft plush, dropping the sandwich on the plate. “Kitty!”

The little one squirmed out of his seat and toddled over to his guardian, smacking into Vader’s shin like he had with Cody earlier, looking up hopefully while reaching up for the soft toy. Cody watched as the blonds face softened before he knelt down, the plushie kept out of the way in midair as the man reached into his belt and pulled out a package of wet napkins.

“Noooo!” Obi-Wan pouted when he saw it.

“You’re sticky Obi-Wan. If you want kitty you’re going to have to let me clean up your face and hands.” Vader said patiently, smirking a bit when he was given a pair of reluctant hands that he carefully wiped. “Good, its unsanitary to have sticky hands you know.”

The boy just huffed and pouted more before whining as his face was cleaned too, Vader being careful.

‘I guess little kids just don’t like being cleaned.’ Cody mused.

“There we go.” Vader threw the wadded napkin towards the disposer, hitting it without even looking before he picked Obi-Wan up in his arms and gave him the kitty, Obi-Wan instantly burrowing his face into it with a happy giggle now that he had his reward.

Vader then focused on Cody and nodded. “Thank you Commander. I forgot to set the security when I left him for his nap.”

“It was no trouble sir. If you want I can see about stationing someone outside his room next time in case it repeats?”

“Perhaps.” Vader hummed while cupping the back of Obi-Wan’s head gently, feathery red strands escaping between his fingers. “We’ll see.” He then turned on his heel and marched for the door, Obi-Wan waving at Cody over the mans shoulder with a big smile on his face…and the ear of the cat in his mouth.

‘Is he gnawing on the plushie ear?’ Cody blinked then shook his head, amused despite himself as he started to clean up.

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Okay, last time imma try this bc I think it may have gotten eaten. sorry if this is a repeat. But for vader raising baby obiwan. With Obi Wan no longer protecting Luke, what if vader finds Luke too? And ends up taking care of both boys? And maybe Obi Wan sort of remembers Luke so he ends up being really protective of Luke? Thank you.

“He’s fat.” Obi-Wan announced brightly and Anakin almost started to laugh at that, smirking down at the redhead.

“He’s little. You’re chubby too.” He responded instead, shifting Luke to settle him on his left side before reaching down to lift Obi-Wan up too, having both boys settled against him.

“Nuhu, I’m awesome stuff.” Obi-Wan beamed at him before peeking at Luke. “Is he going to be my brother?” He wiggled a bit.

“Yes. And yes you can play with him, but you have to be careful with him. He’s only three and you’re bigger then him.”

That got a slow and serious nod out of Obi-Wan who reached out and promptly poked Luke in the nose.

Startled blue eyes opened and the two stared at each others before Luke started to giggle and hid himself in Anakin’s chest, peeking at Obi-Wan from the dark folds of clothes ever so shyly.

“Yup, he’s mine now.” Obi-Wan beamed.

“I think you have to lick him to claim him.” Anakin chuckled.

There was a contemplating silence.

“…Don’t lick him Obi-Wan.”  

“You’re the one who suggested it.”

“I was joking little one.” Anakin added dryly as he finally reached the quarters that had been prepared for both kids. ‘I’m going to have my hands full between these two, Palpatine being a melted ass and the Empire, aren’t I?’ He thought dryly as he settled Obi-Wan down.

“I’m sharing with Luke!?” Obi-Wan beamed when he saw there were two beds.

“Yup, you’re going to look after Luke when I’m not around, just like how the troopers look after you when I’m not around.”

Obi-Wan nodded seriously at that, beaming happily.

“Now, behave, play together, I’m going to send Cody and Rex to you two and they can stay with you both and help you. I need to work.” He gave both a little hair ruffle, smiling when they both giggled.

He had been so surprised when he had landed on Tatooine, feeling that presence that felt so alike Padme. With Owen and his wife he had found his and Padme’s son and he had wondered if this was where Obi-Wan had placed Luke.

Perhaps it was and perhaps it was someone else.

But Luke had been safe.

Speaking with the boy it hadn’t taken him long to get his trust because Luke knew Owen wasn’t his father. And here his father was and that was something Luke desperately wanted.

Anakin wondered if Luke would ever miss Tatooine but banished that thought.

That rock was only sand and despair anyhow with a strong slave trade.

He felt his lips twist at the thought.

Palpatine had not given him many of the promises Anakin had fallen for.

None of them really.

‘Is this the galaxy you want them to grow up in?’ A voice so alike Padme’s whispered mournfully in his mind and he took a deep breath.

‘No…’ He pinched his lips together.

No this was not the galaxy he wanted Obi-Wan and Luke to grow up in.

‘…I’m going to have to do something I don’t want to if I want to change that.’ Anakin pressed his lips together, eyes glowing yellow.

‘Palpatine has ruled enough, three years is more then enough…’ Lighting flickered over his hand. ‘Long live Emperor Skywalker I guess.’

He was going to make everything better.