“Hi!” Correy said in friendly tone, smiling a bit. She liked to be friendly towards the people around her, she had an odd quirk where she felt it would be better if she at least got acquainted with those around her. “I’m Correy. And you are?”

Zerachiel wandered across daddysxlittlxhuntress

With a sigh the ex-angel continued laying down on the bench, his stomach growled again and the hunger pangs returned before he could will them away.  Groaning, Zerachiel sat up and, looking around the small park, he wondered how he would be able to eat today.  Another town and he had yet to see another one of his brothers or sisters which brought him no closer to regaining his memories but, as always, he held hope that someone helpful might come around.

Taking matters into his own hands Zera stood up and started walking back towards the entrance.  Following the path he smiled as he noticed someone walking towards him.  "H-hello.  I… I was hoping you might be able to help me.“

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