*Daddy is playing his game station in the living room*

Me- *walks in and starts looking under pillows and in drawers"

Daddy-“what you looking for buttercup?”

Me- “oh just the attention you should be giving me, I’ve still not gotten it yet”

‘Good girl’ 😍

Am I the only little that feels like they accomplished something when their daddy calls them a good girl? For example daddy went ‘since you’ve been such a good girl for daddy tonight princess … ‘ my heart just fluttered and I felt like I did something right.

Daddy/Mommy/Caregiver Things 😍💟

  1. They make your favorite food after a rough day 😩❤
  2. They chase away the bad dreams and monsters 👻😮
  3. They handle the toughest situations that you are just too little and softhearted to do by yourself 😭😚
  4. They’re your biggest cheerleader or supporter when you set your mind to do good things 😄💖
  5. They keep you safe and guide you if you go astray 😳😝
  6. They help you build your blanket fort with the softest blankies, pillows and stuffies 😁😻
  7. They buy the stuffie you’ve had your eye on but never said anything about when you’re on your best behavior 💝😃
  8. They cuddle you with monster hugs when you least expect it; because they need to feel your love and let you know you are loved by no one more than them 😍😘
  9. They hold your hand when you cross the street, buckle your seatbelt on outings, and order for you when they know your favorites ☺😛
  10. You catch them staring at you, not just because you are beautiful and worthy of all the love in the world, but because they can’t imagine their life without you. They need you as much as we need them, tell them you love them everyday, even when your slightly grumpy 😉😎


⭐Tell me I can’t do things because I’m too little

⭐Pat my head and tell my how sweet I am

⭐Call me your shy little baby

⭐Give me one finger instead of your whole hand

⭐Color with me

⭐Hum to me when I’m the sleeps

⭐ Purposely put me in little space

⭐Play with my hair

⭐ Continue being the best Daddy in existence

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