✨Gaster, is that the first thing you say after getting back from the void?!✨
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Daddy's Home! || Clairy (and Anna) & Aleks

Sunglasses were Aleks best friend as he travelled back “home” to Germany to reunite with his daughter and Clairy. He was excited, it has been more than three weeks since he last departed from them and each and every day he was gone he caught himself missing them more and more. Wanting to take the fasted flight back to Germany he didn’t want to wait for the private jet that was being occupied by his older sister, Astrid, who was currently in America so he took matters into his own hands and bought one coach ticket for the next flight.

Aleks tapped his foot impatiently as he waited for his luggage to come out on the carousel, he was just thinking about ditching it and leaving. Just in time though, it slide out and Aleks grabbed it forcefully and began to roll it out to the outside platform where welcoming families had their arms open for the recent travelers. He knew Clairy and baby Anna would be there waiting for him as he told them before he was coming back. As the gliding doors opened, he caught a glimpse of a baby with blonde hair beckoning him to come closer. “My baby girl!” Aleks’ grin became wider as he waved back to her, talking in a thick Norwegian accent. “Jeg har savnet deg så nye Anna.” He dropped his luggage and grabbed his daughter, giving her great kisses as he threw her up in the air. “Clairy, min kjærlighet.” He settled Anna in his arms only then to lean over and give Clairy a deep yet subtle kiss on the lips.